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Pleae note that is the main page and main reference page to authors and books regarding this issue. Also note that for many years over one third of Americans and Canadians have constantly regarded 9/11 as a major cover-up (more citizens than those who vote regularly), in agreement with all 9/11 Commissioners who have been calling for years to re-open the Commission! Canoe and kayak safety fraud, and the deliberate killing of over 2,000 citizens since 1993 is relatively less important, but no less morally significant. Today, February 11, 2011, Egypt is slightly ahead of America in political awareness, but only because poverty has affected a larger portion of the population. In America this is changing. This canoe and kayak fraud creates jobs for instructors who enjoy lying and killing people on the water. But the deaths created by this fraud are far more costly to the country, and are not confined to a single group. All school children are at risk. Look at the dead kids on the Suwannee, Florida school trip.

Dear Citizens:

Re: American Life in the Marketplace

Drowning is an agonizing and tortured form of death. CO2 canoe and kayak sponsons and the original 20 year old Sea Wing sponsons have been exhaustively documented in America, Canada, the UK, Australia and elsewhere: easily preventable, agonizing human deaths and lives on sale for profit. You can see the two 10 year old girls in the white canoe pictures, able to rescue any adults in the water without any instruction or practice, paddling them at about 2 knots to shore. Two CO2 floats inflated by pulling a cord can be understood by anyone, without expensive and fraudulent instruction.

The American Canoe Association in the United States has promoted deadly rescue practices for decades, knowing they were killing hundreds of American children by preventing them from escaping the water; where they eventually die of hypothermia even wearing a PFD. "A total of 105 canoeists and kayakers drowned in 1998. Canoes and kayaks have the highest fatality rate of all boat types ñ double the rate of personal watercraft and 4 times higher than open motorboats." (Before the Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation of the U.S. House of Representatives, May 15, 2001, BOAT/US)
Two days ago in Australia (July 1, 2007), twenty grade 12 students nearly died when their sea kayaks capsized. A massive air sea government rescue response thankfully resulted only in multiple hospitalizations. Many students were very experienced. But of course the top instructors in the world cannot reliably rescue themselves with Eskimo rolls or any other "skill" taught in swimming pools to mislead the public.

This event was a very near repeat of the deliberate killing of 2 girls and 2 boys, all 16 years old, on a school trip on Lyme Bay, UK 1994. One instructor was convicted of manslaughter after weeks of outrage in the British Press finally achieved justice. In North America, 1500 canoe and kayak deaths since Lyme Bay have actually been used to threaten and terrorize the public to buy more fraudulent safety instruction to save their lives, but does not work! The most deadly canoes and kayaks, without simple CO2 sponsons, are the most profitable. Most money is made from fraudulent and deadly instruction. A brief history in America is available:

(Normally both Sponsons are set like the lower sponson above, below the gunwale, to permit any adult victims to crawl over the gunwales into the canoe, that can be paddled to shore at 2 knots by these ten year old girls. Sponsons set properly make it impossible for the entire canoe to be flooded as in this picture: The one sponson intentionally set high allows water to always be over one gunwale, to demonstrate total flooding and 2 knot rescue by 2 little girls, even paddling standing up instead of sitting on seats. Getting out of cold water immediately, then sitting on seats, with only feet immersed in water (Sponsons set properly make it impossible for the entire canoe to be flooded as in this picture), is the only means to prevent fatal hypothermia while paddling to shore to safety. This is the life raft concept, similar to the "safe" car concept with seatbelts, airbags, etc.

Simple to transform any ordinary canoe into a superior rescue craft, capable of rescuing many large adult victims at once by ten year olds with no instruction or practice! In fact with sponsons set properly, evenly below the gunwales, the canoe is self-bailing by leaning it toward one side. The American Canoe Association and other instructor lobbies have deliberately murdered hundreds of  American, British and Canadian children in the past 14 years by preventing this simple and inexpensive rescue.)

In America call the FBI, State Attorneys, Police, or any Special Prosecutors in Washington about this child murder scandal. In Canada the RCMP who will not respond because the RCMP has been involved with other police forces in Canada for over 7 years in the deadly "Put a PFD on in the Water" Scam at Transport Canada. This scam is known at the highest levels of government, including the Conservative and Liberal parties. RCMP Commissioner Zaccardelli was recently fired by parliament for this and other wrongdoings (quietly), and the Syrian tortures of several Canadian citizens, flown there by the CIA (in the Press).

Some police in some States and Provinces want to lay numerous charges of criminal negligence causing death etc., but the heads of  federal police bureaucracies in Washington and Canada want to keep their jobs by not charging Homeland Security and Transport Canada officials, embarassing both governments in the U.S. and Canada, who are not supposed to kill adults for profit, let alone children in either country.

These killings are of course against the law and unconstitutional. I have thousands of pages of correspondence with high officials of both countries, in Homeland Security, The US Coast Guard, Transport Canada, the Liberal former Deputy Prime Minister A. Anne McLellan and current Conservative Attorney General Vic Toews. You would expect this, since I am on the US Coast Guard Office of Boating Safety website and they spent $26,000 on the study for me, and in Transportation Safety Board of Canada Report Number M93W0008 They are not bad people. If they do not sell lives to the canoe and kayak lobby, they will be fired by some politicians for "losing jobs", however fraudulent, deadly and criminal. Welcome to current ethics in government.

Call Lou Dobbs or email Jack Cafferty at CNN with this story. CNN has been doing some good work recently, under currently tough journalistic constraints. Forget the CBC in Canada. Canada does what the Bush Whitehouse wants unless there is an extreme price to be paid in the polls! Tim Ingram

Waterboarding American Children

"The Senate Intelligence Committee promised a full review of the situation. CIA Director Michael Hayden said the CIA began taping the interrogations as an internal check on the program after President Bush authorized the use of harsh questioning methods. The methods included waterboarding, which simulates drowning, government officials said..." (MSNBC staff and news service reports updated 11:20 p.m. ET, Thurs., Dec. 6, 2007.)

Waterboarding is a torture technique used by the Spanish Inquisition, the Nazi Gestapo, the Kymer Rouge in Cambodia, in fact almost everywhere the torture of people has been used. It is no surprise that a U.S. government under G.W. Bush (that was not fairly elected), would torture American children, consistent with the the Bush administration's systematic use of terror threats: A systematic drowning program to terrorize the victims and their families. (And presumably to gain votes from the American Canoe Association and their supporters who make money from selling the most deadly canoeing and kayaking possible).  Bush is now planning to bomb Iran, despite a U.S. Intelligence report confirming Iran is no current threat ("Dec. 6: NBC's Andrea Mitchell examines the political effects of the Iran intelligence report.")

Terror threats have been used by the U.S. Bush administration to threaten citizens since 2001, enabling the destruction of Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, and the inflammation of the entire Middle East, for oil and political profits (benefitting Israel's Likud party and their Zionists who would annex the smoking oil fields in partnership with the U.S. Zionists in Washington.) Israeli citizens are threatened as well as citizens throughout the world. Most of the world's citizens are able to see this power grab for what it is. Simple stupidity of the Bush government is not a sufficient explanation.

The Waterboarding of American Children, like the wanton slaughter of American soldiers (it will get worse), shows American citizens how powerless they are against their government, suffering wiretapping and surveillance that exceeds the Nazi Gestapo in scope.

The Drowning torture of American kids in canoes and kayaks is just as threatening as the surveillance and widespread civil rights abuses of U.S. citizens. Normally citizens would expect their government to attempt to save the lives of American children by means of two CO2 airbags, pull a cord to transform any canoe or kayak into a rescue craft in seconds:

Lou Dobbs at CNN speaks out constantly about both U.S. political parties refusing to secure the border with Mexico, enabling drug smugglers and criminals to infiltrate the U.S.  New Orleans knows that the government refused to help them. Read Lou Dobbs and the American Airline Pilots who say no experienced ace pilot could hit the 911 towers or the Pentagon at that speed (even if trained on Cessnas at a Florida flight school), or the architects and engineers who point out the towers were most probably demolished with explosives:

Please note that the US Coast Guard is part of Homeland Security, that denied help to New Orleans (the city is not rebuilt nearly 2 years after Katrina, not even the police stations.) This is the USCG canoe and kayak sponson study:

You will notice that the US Military Sponson Study, quoted in the Minnesota Murders link above, is freely lied about on the US Coast Guard website, to please the American Canoe Association, for profit. You can read more about this sale of American lives to the American Canoe Association by the US Coast Guard at

July 3, 2007 President G.W. Bush pardoned felon "Scooter" Libby, who has worked hard to mislead America into a war in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. These are wars without end to benefit Bush, Cheney and American corporations who make money from war. Worse, they have created more terrorists from desperate people who see no other way to protect their homes and families from American bombing and Israel's geopolitical manipulations of America, Canada and Europe. State torture by America, Israel and Canada (using Syria), is a matter of record. This is a path that will be taken by all sides to the very bottom. Read "The Great War for Civilization" by Robert Fisk. See what has happened in Algeria for a hint of Iraq.

The people of Israel are in grave peril as a result of their Zionist politicians, just as American citizens now suffer from Washington Zionists who profit most from the Iraq war and the creation of even more terrorism. Read Noam Chomsky's books on the state terrorism of Israel (or Robert Fisk on Israel in the above book.)

See a brief analysis of world affairs. Read Al Gore's speech (link near the bottom). Read the 911 architects and engineers, the 911 airline pilots, and the 911 survivors. Read the good people at

Canoes and kayaks are the most simple and most unstable watercraft in the world. CO2 Buoyancy Sponsons transform them into effective rescue craft, used by some SAR groups in rocky surf zones, where cliffs prevent the use of helicopters. See the recent movie "The Guardian" with Kevin Costner and Anton Kuster. The US Coast Guard helicopter rescue of sea kayaks led to the death of poor old Kevin. Kev should not have used that deadly winch. He shoulda simply clipped sponsons onto the kayaks to rescue everyone. No rush, no crisis, no danger, just safe canoe/kayak life rafts, like the 2, ten year old girls in their white canoe. "Macho" is not smart for USCG rescue swimmers like poor dead old Kev. The USCG employees and police know this.

I am a former YMCA counsellor and Scoutmaster. I have thousands of pages regarding the good people who want to save human life. I have thousands of pages regarding the American Canoe Association and their band of what can only be described as "terrorists", who kill American children for profit. In Canada instructors kill just as many children, same scam. In Canada there is a government (Transport Canada) "put your PFD on in the water" scam, that the US Coast Guard does not apparently dare to try. I don't think the American Canoe Association has dared consider this PFD scam either. American citizens have their limits to patience. And there are a few wide-awake members of Congress now (and in the Senate too, unlike Canada.)

Note: No RCMP or OPP officers, or Transport Canada officials will recommend that their own young children should "learn to put a PFD on in the water." Most school boards and teachers act the same, as well, regarding their own young children. They know that their own children could easily sink in cold water searching for a PFD that fits them, after a capsize; the PFDs perhaps underneath the overturned canoe or kayak. They realize that this recommendation risks killing their own children, but this scam is perpetrated in most school boards in Canada by ORCA and other Canoe and Kayak Instructor Organizations, for profit. The 911 murder scam was very profitable for Giuliani, Bush (Carlyle), Cheney (Halliburton), Rumsfeld (Bechtel) and others, even in Canada among the RCMP and OPP who gain budget dollars and more power, and are now courted by political parties for votes. Of course the monetary profit for canoes and kayaks is relatively tiny compared to war: the model for the scam is however, identical. The Canadian military has gained millions for the War in Afghanistan, a war that most sane people realize can never be won, and will regularly kill Canadian soldiers, the perfect targets for this continuing scam for tax dollars.

See the OPP and RCMP deny the means for children to escape killing waters. Just as cruel as murdering Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan for tax dollars and no possibility of conclusion. Historically, interest groups, even police organizations, will happily profit from easily preventable deaths; just as long as it is not their own loved ones doing the dying! Certainly No RCMP or OPP officers, or Transport Canada officials will recommend that their own young children should "learn to put a PFD on in the water."

Canoe and kayak deaths are just as painful as the water-boarding tortures conducted at Guantanamo Bay, that were popular with the Nazi Gestapo. Children cry in PFDs from the pain of cold water and fear anywhere in North America, until they are numbed and eventually die thinking of the families they will never see again. Stop this torture! Two of these Girl Guides were brain dead after The US Coast Guard rescue swimmer dropped from the helicopter too late:

RCMP and Canadian Public Safety Warning

I recommend Anti-War and Anti-Bush marches immediately. The War in Viet Nam was stopped by highly Visible demonstrations that the media cannot ignore. If America can no longer choose voluntary wars for profit then Canada and the UK cannot either. And no-one can then continue to kill for profit in canoes and kayaks, victims dying slowly in pain and terror, thinking of loved ones they will never see again.

Canoes and kayaks are the oldest human watercraft; just as going to war for profit is the oldest scam in history, long before Moses hiked back down the mountain. It is all pretty simple. Do you like the Bush wars, and the canoe/kayak dead making money for the criminals? What do you like?

Water is either the 2nd or 3rd highest cause of death on the planet, depending on the study. The simple means (there are several) to get any human bodies out of the water before they die saves more lives than any collection of heart surgeons. More children are saved and all lives are saved much more inexpensively too. This is a worthwhile cause, like Boy Scouts.

Take care of yourselves people. Real Democracy is a pretty simple concept. Don't take "no" for an answer. March now where the media will notice; take their minds off poor Paris Hilton.

See the US airline pilots who cannot fly planes into the 911 towers at that speed. US Airline pilots need to go to Florida Flight Schools using Cessnas to acquire that skill:

Tim Ingram


Tired of being an American citizen and Shit upon constantly by your own Government? Relax. Citizens in every country are not as stupid as we might think. Here is some great reading regarding America, written by US Patriots and other decent people. The world has more decent, peace-loving people than the opposite:

Call for the re-opening of the 9/11 Commission, as requested by the Commissioners:


Even Fox News saw the Mossad-Israeli Zionist Connection, 2 months after 911. Then Fox "pulled" all of this news, just like the 911 towers were "pulled"; using the exact word "pulled", that was used by towers' owner Larry Silverstein (close friend of Israeli Zionist Benjamin Netanyahu), to describe the decision to collapse WTC 7:

Canoe and Kayak Safety and Crimes Against Humanity Perpetrated by Canadian Police Forces

Re: The Ontario Queen's Park MPP Study

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