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September 1, 2010

Dear Commissioner Lewis:

Re: Criminal Negligence Causing Death: OPP Schlorff, OPP K.C. Smith, OPP Fantino, Hate Crimes Against 2.1 Million Ontario Schoolchildren, Over 100 Ontario Citizens Murdered by OPP Policy

My local newspaper has reported that one of your concerns as the new OPP Commissioner is the large number of drowning deaths in Ontario. Many of these deaths are due to the longstanding fraud endorsed by your Marine Section officer, Sgt. Brad Schlorff, supervised by OPP K.C. Smith and OPP Fantino. Schlorff, Smith and Fantino deliberately lie and trick innocent victims in canoes and kayaks, to force them to die in the water; despite the recommendations at the Canadian Canoe Museum and the most famous names in the canoeing and kayaking community. Of course most of this is common sense as well: Schlorff, Smith and Fantino deliberately denying victims any means to rescue themselves.

In fact, for most of the past decade the OPP has recommended "putting PFDs on in the water", despite being obviously foolish and deadly: PFDs are not one size fits all, requiring victims to swim around and under capsized canoes and kayaks searching for a PFD to fit them. This OPP safety fraud, part of the OPP endorsed canoe and kayak fraud seen at the Halton District School Board    has deliberately killed over 100 Ontario citizens since I first warned OPP Schlorff and OPP Smith years ago. Intially OPP Schorff may have been too arrogant and simple-minded to understand that he cannot rescue himself in a canoe or kayak using the fraudulent "rescues". However Schlorff, Smith and Fantino have now proven that they hold no value for human life while insisting that they can rescue themselves in canoes and kayaks using the fraudulent and very expensive instruction at ORCKA and Paddle Canada. They insist that they are superior to the well loved and very dead Ontario citizens whom they have condemned to death. And of course they cannot rescue themselves, even canoe and kayak instructors admit they cannot rescue themselves using these same rescues at Halton District School Board.

We shall keep these well documented OPP crimes confined to canoe rescues instead of kayak rescues for simplicity's sake in your understanding, although kayak rescues are fraudulent as well. There are many more canoe deaths in Ontario. Nearly 30% of deaths are Ontario school children. This is a hateful OPP crime against children and all Ontario citizens.

Any two Ten Year Old Girls are able to rescue themselves without any instruction or practice (they just clip sponsons onto gunwales in an emergency, within 5 seconds, with 50 cent foam sponsons), then paddle a flooded canoe to shore at 2 knots, even standing up, but normally seated on seats. Both sponsons are normally clipped at both gunwales, like the left sponson, permitting self-bailing of most of the water by leaning to one side. In order to permit total flooding for this picture, it was necessary to clip one sponson 6 inces higher than the other, so water could flow over one gunwale. These girls (or any normal ten year old children) can rescue any other victims in the water, even obese or disabled adults, who only need to crawl over a gunwale, and be paddled to shore at about 2 knots. The canoe weighs at least 2,000 lbs., flooded. Simple: Any suitable buoyancy, like 50 cent foam floats that are clipped onto gunwales in 5 seconds by any two 10 year old girls, who easily rescue themselves and anyone else. Very simple, cheap, 50 cents and a foolproof means of saving themselves, like the universal life rings around any waterfront.

This is what Schlorff, Smith and Fantino have denied innocent citizens and their children, in favour of  $600 Canoe Instruction weekends that deny victims any means to escape the water, despite the sponsoned canoe and Bill Mason's books at the Canadian Canoe Museum. School children and Ontario families are cheated of their money and their very lives.

Recently OPP Fantino stated that simply wearing PFDs would eliminate most deaths; but most dead school children are already wearing PFDs: They die because they can't get out of the water like the Girl Guides and the Temiskaming Twelve. (Ask OPP Fantino why Ontario citizens should pay for a fraudulent $600 canoe instruction weekend if a $20 PFD will suffice!) Also NOTE most victims falling in the water do not drown immediately but struggle on the surface for a while. This is the purpose of  the universal life rings around any waterfront. This is why simple, buoyant 50 cent, 5 second sponsons, like life rings, clipped on in 5 seconds by any ten year old children, is a good idea: foolproof lifesaving. We know that OPP officers consider their lives to be valuable: why not Ontario school children, Commissioner Lewis?

1. The good news is that most OPP officers believe that the 5 major perpetrators, who so easily tricked OPP Schlorff and the others into thinking that they are superior to the public, using fraudulent instruction that is so ridiculously impossible for any normal persons, should be arrested immediately! Prosecution is also very easy due to the fact that so many admit their "rescues" don't work! Just like the Canadian Canoe Museum.

2. No judge or jury in Canada trying these ideas in a swimming pool, let alone reading them described on paper, can be but amazed at the plain and obvious stupidity of the OPP in this fraud. A few officers make money off-duty through this fraud, but most officers are intelligent enough to see this naked criminal fraud.

3. I can help you prosecute these murderers (I know where they "bury their bodies" and how they contradict their explanations to deliberately and very cruelly kill so many innocents for money), to help protect the reputation of the OPP. These murderers essentially blame their victims for their own deaths: something OPP Schlorff, OPP Smith and OPP Fantino have also been doing for a long time, to end up with over 100 dead.

4. The OPP is vulnerable to trickery if the police force chooses to be wilfully blind, then attempts a cover-up for years despite mounting deaths, even of school children. No police force is perfect. Any Christian or decent human being hopes that you will rectify this horrifying OPP policy. Drowning deaths are agonizing, just as simulated drowning has been a popular torture for the Inquisition, the Nazi Gestapo, the Kymer Rouge, and Guantanamo Bay.

5. Thank you Commissioner Lewis for addressing this greatest OPP scandal; worse than Ipperwash. If you ensure that OPP Schlorff, Smith and Fantino admit their past mistakes over fraudulent PFD, canoe and kayak safety instruction, arrest the 5 major perpetrators of this deadly fraud, who have deliberately killed over 100 since OPP Schlorff and OPP Smith dismissed these horrible killings in 2002 (nearly 30 of these dead Ontario citizens being schoolchildren!!), I shall ensure that Attorney General Bentley is held fully accountable for his hate crimes against children among his peers in the legislature.

It was Bentley's choice to kill another 6 children these past few months, in defiance of Premier McGuinty's letter of March 23, 2010, as Robert O'Brien, aged 17 years of Barrie, Ontario died wearing a PFD, like most school children, on April 25, 2010. From Bentley's office April 8, 2010: "The ministry has received numerous messages from you on this subject.  Please be advised that further communications from you on this issue will be kept on file and will not be responded to. Thank you again for writing. Ministry of the Attorney General" I shall continue to write until Bentley understands his hate crimes against children. Bentley may be desperately trying to protect OPP Schlorff, Smith and Fantino from exposure. Bentley and the OPP may never be forgiven by the grieving families, but at least Commissioner Lewis, you will now be protecting the lives of school children and other citizens from this horrible fraud.

Yours truly,

Tim Ingram
231 Gordon Drive
Penetanguishene, ON L9M 1Y2


August 30, 2010

Dear Premier McGuinty and Robin McBride at OIPRD:


Please read the letters to the Ombudsman and OIPRD at

OIPRD to date has evaded responsibility for the obvious criminal actions of OPP Commissioner Fantino, who has now, since the OIPRD legislation Oct 19, 2009, deliberately endangered and killed 11 innocent victims in Ontario (including 4 schoolchildren), perhaps in an effort to cover-up the negligence of OPP Sgt. Schlorff and OPP K.C. Smith, responsible now for over 100 dead Ontario citizens in canoes and kayaks; since Schlorff and Smith were first aware of this deadly fraud.

OPP Fantino, OPP Schlorff and OPP Smith have recklessly endangered and killed numerous citizens since October 19, 2009 with the full knowledge and approval of OIPRD; as well as defaming and possibly threatening myself (secretly planning to prevent my whistleblowing on the OPP). The OPP has acted secretly and dishonestly toward me in the past. The OPP has deliberately refused their duty to warn of no canoe and kayak rescues that are remotely possible for normal people. The OPP has used illegal police powers in the past to falsely defame me and shoot others to death, according to recent SIU controversy allowing officers to collude with the same lawyer to present the identical false story to the SIU. Unfortunately the OPP cannot be trusted to be honest; although most  individual OPP officers agree with me that the 5 main perpetrators of the canoe and kayak fraud, that has murdered over 100 in Ontario since 2002, must be arrested immediately.

OIPRD has falsely claimed that I am not directly affected by the OPP! However the OPP cannot help but notice my whistleblowing on them! Indeed this naked fraud has killed more citizens than any criminal act in Canadian history (more than 400 across Canada since 1994 and the criminal actions of Jon Churchill toward the Canadian Coast Guard Sponson Study, August 1994, Victoria B.C.)  The RCMP has ignored this crime that has killed more victims than Air India. Premier Williams and Mr. Kennedy, Attorney General of Nfld. and Labrador, wrote to federal Attorney General Nicholson about this; but were similarly ignored.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada Report Number M93W0008 still exists: "2.8 Emergency and Safety Equipment: The side sponsons..were not inflated and installed ahead of time to assist the kayaker to reboard after a possible capsizing or to increase the stability of the kayaks. Consequently, when the kayakers entered an area of rough seas, they had to keep paddling to keep their kayaks upright. Each kayak was equipped with these floats. The secondary use of the sponsons, i.e. to increase the stability of the kayaks, was not foreseen before the kayaks encountered severe weather."

OIPRD perhaps fears Attorney General Bentley who has endorsed this naked fraud like Michael Bryant before him.
Perhaps OIPRD is merely another false pretence in the Justice Ministry.

Most citizens understand that no normal persons can reach over the gunwale of their canoe to grab the bow of an overturned canoe, in order to lift the heavy, overturned canoe over the gunwales of the upright canoe, turn it upright and return it to the water; no matter how much help from other victims, without likely capsizing their own canoe! The experts report the impossibility of this "rescue", even for very expert paddlers, in their books. The late Bill Mason, who is famous and revered in Canadian canoeing circles, condemns this; recommending sufficient flotation to create stability  instead. The impossibilty of this "rescue" has lead many experts to recommend just getting the victims into uncapsized canoes; however, this usually leads to victims in the water capsizing these canoes too, in an effort to get out of the water to save themselves! This lead to 12 dead school children capsizing more canoes, Lake Temiskaming 1978.

The Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough, Ontario features Bill Mason's canoe and films, and displays a 1910 Chestnut canoe with sponsons, but it is far too heavy for modern use; unlike 5 second 50 cent sponsons. However, the 1910 Chestnut allows victims to get out of the water into the fully flooded canoe and paddle immediately to safety, like many canoes rented in public canoe liveries in 1910, and just like the 50 cent sponsons below. Any victims in the 1910 Chestnut could rescue other swimmers in the water, bail out most of the water by leaning the canoe to one side, and stay alive for days out of the water, like any Life Raft. This lifesaving safety is deliberately denied to Ontario citizens by the OPP and Attorney General Bentley. You had better hope that a wealthy grieving family, able to afford the best lawyers and the best access to the modern media, does not see this:

Any two Ten Year Old Girls are able to rescue themselves without any instruction or practice (they just clip sponsons onto gunwales in an emergency, within 5 seconds, with 50 cent foam sponsons), then paddle a flooded canoe to shore at 2 knots, even standing up, but normally seated on seats. Both sponsons are normally clipped at both gunwales, like the left sponson, permitting self-bailing of most of the water by leaning to one side. In order to permit total flooding for this picture, it was necessary to clip one sponson 6 inces higher than the other, so water could flow over one gunwale. These girls (or any normal ten year old children) can rescue any other victims in the water, even obese or disabled adults, who only need to crawl over a gunwale, and be paddled to shore at about 2 knots. The canoe weighs at least 2,000 lbs., flooded. Simple: Any suitable buoyancy, like 50 cent foam floats that are clipped onto gunwales in 5 seconds by any two 10 year old girls, who easily rescue themselves and anyone else.  Very simple, cheap, 50 cents and a foolproof means of saving themselves, like the universal life rings around any waterfront.

The "grieving families" link below  shows clear evidence of this naked fraud, to murder hundreds for profit in Ontario and throughout Canada. Evidence is also shown on the Halton District School Board webpage, including the deadly Put-a-PFD-on-in-the-Water scam, courtesy of the Canoe and Kayak Fraud perpetrators.

TRUTH is found by any jury in any court. And any jury or any judge or justice of the peace sees the plain and obvious truth that they cannot rescue themselves in any canoe or kayak, even in a swimming pool. Kayaks are even more complicated, but most deaths occur in canoes. It is also plain and obvious that any of the 4 dead Ontario schoolchildren in 2010 can clip on 50 cent sponsons in 5 seconds, like the girls above, without any expensive instruction. No $600 canoe instruction weekends are necessary in Ontario. This is naked fraud. The idea to put a PFD on in the water, in this canoe and kayak fraud, on the Halton School Board webpage, shows there is no limit to these murderers. They enjoy killing.

Note that I have already determined that most justices of the peace seeing this information immediately recommend
private prosecutions. However private prosections are then stopped by the Attorney General, they are pointless. Canoe and kayak instructors, confronted with their "rescues", admit they don't work, sometimes express anger at being found out, but quickly see the futility of promoting blatantly ridiculous "rescues" for the public, especially in view of most expert books (also at the Canadian Canoe Museum) specifically warning against trying these rescues! This is rather obvious. These rescues have only existed due to OPP endorsement! There are actually OPP officers promoting these lies, sometimes for off-duty profit.

Please save these innocent lives. The murderers thoroughly enjoy this amount of risk free, OPP endorsed, murdering. Serial killers enjoy it too.

I can help the OPP explain their actions in order to avoid very unpleasant public scrutiny; but they had better soon come clean. They have knowingly engaged in false arguments instead of arresting some of the most cold-blooded murderers in Canada. There is a limit to OPP Sophistry. Attorney General Bentley is here advised that he is no more immune from the law than Michael Bryant. Bentley's actions are blatantly hateful toward children.

Tim Ingram

P.S. Why not inform the new OPP Commissioner immediately?

August 18, 2010

Dear Ombudsman Office:


Please read the below to OPIRD regarding the continuing endangerment and killing of 2.1 million Ontario schoolchildren, 3 of whom have died in canoes since April this year, among 10 dead Ontario citizens in canoes and kayaks. Read the letter from Premier McGuinty March 23, 2010 directing Attorney General Bentley in this deadly scandal since my Registered Letter to OPP Commissioner Fantino December 7, 2009, addressing this OPP scandal involving OPP Sgt. Schlorff and OPP Superintendent K. C. Smith:

"You understand Commissioner Fantino that any canoe or kayak is tippy, requiring careful use; but extremely tippy if filled with water. You understand that this fact is due to no buoyancy contained on both gunwales of a canoe or kayak, so a canoe or kayak filled with water will naturally roll over, capsizing the victim. (The wooden gunwales of a canoe are not buoyant enough to prevent this overturning, only sponsons on both gunwales will provide sufficient buoyancy to create a canoe rescue craft, like the Canadian Coast Guard sponsoned kayaks.) The 2 sponsons cost 50 cents, made from re-cycled closed-cell foam, and in emergencies the sponsons are clipped to the canoe or kayak within 5 seconds; even by any normal 10 year old children with no practice."

In addition I explained to OPP Fantino that OPP Schlorff accused me of "threatening his life", that in some cases is a pretext for the OPP to shoot Ontario citizens to death in their homes, like the SIU controversy in nearby Elmvale. Potentially creating a pretext for assassination, let alone the defamation of the character of Ontario citizens like myself. This is only one reason for contacting the Ombudsman. This information is in OPP records as well as the 10 Ontario deaths (more deaths to come), that I warned OPP Fantino about in December, 8 months ago.

The numbers of dead in this criminal fraud endorsed by the OPP actually far exceeds 100, going back to 1994 and Jon Churchill of the Canadian Coast Guard: over 400 canoe and kayak deaths across Canada. Larger than Air India. But I believe Canadians are well aware now of the perfidy of disgraced RCMP Commissioner Zaccardelli, friend of OPP Fantino. I was extremely polite to OPP Fantino in my registered letter despite my knowledge of the OPP and RCMP link in this scandal. Note that both the RCMP and OPP have been recommending for over 10 years not wearing PFDs always, but putting PFDs on in the water, included in the Boating Operators Exam and in the Halton District School Board as part of the Canoe and Kayak Fraud. This is obviously an extremely deadly and false idea, that most police officers apparently do not support, nor most citizens.

You will note that most OPP officers wish to press criminal charges against the 5 main perpetrators of this most deadly criminal fraud in Ontario history, (and Canadian history!)

Premier McGuinty, Former AG Vic Toews, Former Ontario Conservative leader John Tory, former PM Joe Clark, Senator John Reynolds, Premier Danny Williams and his Attorney General Jerome Kennedy are among the politicians who have acknowledged this scandal. Obviously it is not good policy to lie to 2.1 Ontario schoolchlildren about their safety, killing some in Ontario every single year! This criminal fraud essentially recommends "rescues" that deliberately risk further capsizes of canoes and kayaks attempting these "rescues", such as the 4 dead schoolchildren at Lyme Bay in the UK, 1994, (I was approached by the Coast Guard in Margaret Thatcher's government for advice at that time), or the 12 dead students in Ontario in Lake Temiskaming, 1978. On Thanksgiving Day 1997 at a sports camp near Parry Sound, the counsellors were not able to rescue one boy in a kayak: trained counsellors! I contacted Chief Coroner Young regarding this death (who recently was disciplined by the College of Physicians and Surgeons, and forced to promise not to renew his licence.) Coroner Young refused contact on this matter! In 2003, only weeks before the 2 Girl Guides died, I was brushed off by Dr. Porter of the Coroner's Office, then prevented by Dr. Porter and Dr. Legge from testifying at that Inquest, despite the protests by the mother and aunt of the dead victims.

I fear that OIPRD is about to behave much like the Coroner's Office, the OPP, and even disgraced pathologist Dr. Charles Smith, in fabricating reasons for not addressing this most deadly scandal in Ontario history.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Tim Ingram

July 29, 2010

Robin McBride, Case Management Department

Dear Robin:

Re: OIPRD COMPLAINT #E-201005201105410781

Thank you for your reply below. However, there are several mistakes. First, OPP Brad Schlorff is spelled incorrectly, perhaps a typo, so OPP Fantino may simply say: "No-one of that name works here." OPP Fantino has refused to reply to polite registered letters and faxes regarding this deadly OPP fraud since October 19, 2009, resulting in numerous deaths in Ontario since then. Many of the recently dead victims are school children in Ontario, as I have told the OPP.

You will note under Section 60(6) that I am directly affected by the illegal and cruel behavior of OPP Schlorff, OPP K.C. Smith and OPP Fantino. You will see the emails from OPP Schlorff, who accused me of  "threatening" his life, in a paper submitted to Superior Court in Ontario, defaming myself and my lifesaving efforts at This defamation is contained in OPP records gathered since October 19, 2009, falsely accusing me as a threat to the life of OPP Schlorff.  The emails show the sort of plain and courteous requests that I make of Police or other persons. I do not threaten anyone. Defamation of this sort could also be used by any armed OPP officer as an excuse to shoot me dead in my own home. See the SIU controversy on police actions when officers "feel threatened" and shoot citizens literally full of holes, (5 shots into a 57 year old mentally handicapped Elmvale resident recently).  This is an infringement of my constitutional rights, defamation alone, let alone the risk of violence to me at the hands of police who are falsely informed by the lies of OPP Schlorff, regarding myself as a "threat" to police officers. As a former Scoutmaster and YMCA counsellor it is emotionally draining to watch these cruel and illegal OPP actions against myself and other helpless citizens.

Finally, it is not pleasant to watch the Ontario schoolchildren die, deliberately lied to, defrauded of their money, and their very lives stolen, by OPP actions. Image this in your mind: Hold a struggling puppy or kitten in the water and watch the drowning process. This cruel and illegal action is identical to the human drowning process. This process is used as torture at Guantanamo Bay and was popular in Nazi Germany, Cambodia, and Spain under the Inquisition. In my efforts to impress upon the OPP the urgency of proper action in a series of Crimestopper type of disclosures, I pointed out the successful prosecutions at Nuremberg for both drowning and cold water tortures. In addition I provided in these emails to the OPP and others, the written evidence from the Ontario Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Association that they had no working canoe and kayak rescues, despite the lying assertions of OPP Schlorff.

Most OPP officers off the record do agree with me about preventing this deadly fraud. Unfortunately this fraud has been an endorsed OPP policy for so long, involving more than 100 dead in Ontario alone; deadly, cruel and criminal cover-up is the official OPP policy by Commissioner Fantino since October 19, 2009.

Please refer this complaint to your supervising body at OIPRD immediately in order to stop these cruel deaths, restore my good name, and prevent any potential risk of police violence toward myself, as a result of defamation by OPP Schlorff as supervised and permitted by OPP Superintendent K.C. Smith and OPP Commissioner Fantino.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Tim Ingram


POtJCEREV~WDH~ECTOR 655 Bay Street 10th Floor Toronto, ON M7A 2T4

July 23, 2010

Mr. Tim Ingram
231 Gordon Drive
Penetanguishene, ON L9M 1Y2
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Dear Tim Ingram:

Re: Public Complaint - Ontario Provincial Police
OIPRD Complaint Number: E-201 005201105410781

The Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) has carefully reviewed your complaint about the conduct involving Commissioner Julian Fantino, Superintendent K.C. Smith and Sergeant Brad Scholorff of the Ontario Provincial Police.

The OIPRD is aware of your concerns however, we have decided not to proceed with your complaint as we have determined that you are not a person affected by the alleged conduct as defined under Section 60(6) of the Police Services Act (PSA).

Moreover, the concerns you have raised are ongoing matters, the origins of which predate October 19, 2009, the date on which the legislation that established the OIPRD was proclaimed in force. We have forwarded a copy of your complainant to the Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police.

The Police Services Act sets out screening criteria for public complaints and allows the OIPRD to decide which complaints should proceed and which should not proceed to investigation. To find out more about OIPRD screening process and the Police Services Act, please visit our website at

I regret that we cannot help you at this time.

Yours truly
Robin McBride
Case Management Department
LQcal:~j~24~ZQfl,A~. 11 72
Toll-free: 1-877-411-4773, ext. 1172
www.oiprd . on. ca

FAX 416-326-8332, 1-877-415-4773   June 27, 2010


Re: OPIRD COMPLAINT #E-201005201105410781

I have already sent you the following reply on June 15, 2010. Please advise:


I am submitting the circumstances leading to the complaint as indicated by yellow highlighting on the pdf file below:
I have informed OPP Sgt. Schlorff and OPP K.C. Smith about this deadly fraud since 2002, numerous times, including a period from September 2004 to May 2005 when I submitted to them thousands of pages of email information detailing the cruelty of these deaths and the perpetrators, in the spirit of Crime Stoppers, regarding their duty to investigate and stop this deadly and criminal fraud denying citizens any means to get out of the water after capsizing a canoe or kayak. This fraud sells deadly instruction, including "put a PFD on in the Water", "paddling a flooded canoe to shore", and "canoe over canoe", among other proceedures that cannot get victims out of the water in a normal lifesaving manner, like other plain and obvious lifesaving proceedures.

OPP Schlorff, OPP K.C. Smith, and more recently OPP Fantino continue to engage in unlawful protection of this deadly fraud, refusing to stop it in a dutiful manner while over 100 Ontario citizens in canoes and kayaks have died in the water: constituting Criminal Negligence causing death. These officers continue to lie, obfuscate and obstruct the basic right to lifesaving of these citizens in Ontario and throughout Canada. Most school boards are also victimized by this fraud, like the Halton board, exposing 2.1 million Ontario school children to these deadly lies, for maximum profit by about 2 dozen small, part-time, Summer businesses in Ontario.

This is an egregious breach of police duty as well as a breach of common sense and humanity by police officers.
Please advise me if any more details are required in this complaint.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Tim Ingram
231 Gordon Drive
Penetanguishene, ON L9M 1Y2
phone: 705-549-3722

On 6/14/10, JUS-G-MAG-OIPRD Complaints (JUS) < <>> wrote:  Dear Tim Ingram, Please find attached a copy of your acknowledgement letter regarding the complaint you filed with the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) on May 20, 2010 Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) 655 Bay St, 10th Floor Toronto ON M7A 2T4 Ph: 416-246-7071 1-877-411-4773 Fax: 416-326-8332 1-877-415-4773