Largest Post Milgram Psychology Studies in History

Milgram conducted the most famous experiments in modern academic psychology, 1961-1962 at Yale University. He was influenced by the Holocaust and the behavior of seemingly civilized Nazi murderers and torturers at the Nuremberg Trials after WW2. These criminals were able to kill without remorse but show kindness to their own children and families. The Milgram experiments were discontinued at all universities long ago; since subjects were greatly distressed to find how easily they were persuaded in these psychology experiments to inflict severe suffering on innocent victims.

See: "Canoe and Kayak Criminal Rescue Safety Scam: 1500 American and Canadian Adults and Children Die Agonizing Deaths Since 1993"

Now we have Canadian Government officials who willingly torture and kill Canadian men, women and children in cold water without remorse, despite constant warnings regarding their acts. These studies show a cruelty in Canadian Government officials that was previously seen only in Nazi Germany and within other genocidal governments in the world.

Canadian government propaganda has been used effectively to perpetuate (propagate) this torture and murder for many years; since the Canadian Coast Guard, Search and Rescue first attempted, August 1994, to save these lives. (Over 350 canoe and kayak deaths, far larger than Air India or any other single terrorist action in Canada. Canadian Red Cross database.)

My book on these deaths might be titled "Experiments in Canadian Canoe and Kayak Murder Psychology"
There are 3 main factors that 10 years of research  have yielded:

1.Victims Are Degraded To Be Blamed For Their Own Deaths; Whereas Any 10 Year Old Girls Without Previous Experience or Instruction Can Easily Rescue Themselves and Many Others From Deadly Waters, Far Superior To The Most Expert Instructor. Grieving families are similarly degraded (somehow their grief was the fault of their loved one), and deprived of their legal rights and community sympathy.

2. A "Super-race" of canoeists and kayakers is supposed to exist, far superior to the victims, but in fact the super-race cannot rescue themselves or anyone else from the water using a capsized flooded canoe, unlike the 10 year old girls. To become a member of the "super-race", much expensive instruction must be purchased by the public (although it cannot save the purchaser in the water). No matter how "expert", or thousands of dollars spent, or years of practice.
All at the expense of grieving families who are further tortured by Canadian government propaganda that their loved ones were somehow "inadequate" or deserving of their cruel fate: drowning in an agonizing manner in terror and fear of never seeing their families again. Leg-hold traps were banned by veterinarians and the SPCA for the same cruel suffering by drowning. Canadian Government officials and instructors, despite the most powerful weekly email reminders of their cruel actions for 7 months, (and having received other regular warnings since year 2000), continued to torture innocent Canadian citizens to death. A copious record of this exists in the Courthouse of Barrie, Ontario.

3. Transport Canada and the Canoe and Kayak Instructors lobby groups have been conducting this murder scam for over 20 years, killing over 700 Canadians since Air India, and killing over 350 Canadians since the Sponson Airbag Study August 1994 by the Canadian Coast Guard, that recommended airbags for canoes and kayaks; but was destroyed. I have the Transport Canada records. Propaganda has been financed by the Canadian government to spread these deaths in such high numbers. Propaganda is essential to perpetuate, propagate and spread these murders, as in Nazi Germany. I have records of expert instructors, police officers and others admitting that they cannot save themselves; whereas at first they will say that they can, and the victims just needed more (expensive) instruction. Victims are degraded in the eyes of the public and media, as seen at Nuremberg. This is the only way for a deadly scam to propagate (same Latin root as the word propaganda.)  Thousands of Innocent, Grieving Citizens, connected to the dead, have been degraded and cheated of their legal rights.

This is the largest post Milgram scientific study researching human torture and murder patterns in the world. Significantly, Minister of Public Safety A. Anne McLellan (after her involvement Feb. 3, 2004), and the Transport Canada officials show no remorse for these deaths; whereas the subjects in the Milgram experiments often were greatly distressed to find that they were capable of inflicting severe torture etc.

McLellan and those at Transport Canada behave more like Nazi murderers convicted at Nuremburg than Milgram subjects. The Milgram work was begun as a result of the baffling behavior shown at Nuremberg, by Nazis who could be kind to their own familes, but sadistic monsters to others. It is no surprise that this research reveals this scandal: it is a familiar pattern in history, as at Nuremberg. In order for so many victims to be tortured and killed without legal rights, large-scale government propaganda must degrade them, to blame them for their own deaths.


Historical Significance

All reasonable people are aware that these canoe and kayak deaths are cruel and painful. Drowning has been used as a means of torture  for thousands of years. The Nazi Gestapo found drowning  to be an effective torture technique, allowing the victim to live after being held under water for several  minutes, to be repeated  when information was not forthcoming. These painful drowning deaths, in the context of this Transport Canada Canoe and Kayak Murder Scam, are cruel and sadistic. They may not be sexually sadistic like the Homolka crimes, but the victims die just as horribly, their bodies struggling for air, coupled with great terror and fear of never seeing their loved ones again. Most of Homolka's victims experienced this horror as well. Why spend so much energy on protecting the public from Homolka, who will be so carefully scrutinized by the public upon release that she will have no chance whatsoever to kill anyone; whereas we know that about 25 Canadians will have been sadistically murdered in canoes and kayaks within a few more warm weeks this year, 2005. Despite 7 months of weekly warnings to McLellan and top Transport Canada officials.

This death rate is huge, considering that the Canadian canoe and kayak industry is so tiny, operating only 2 warm months and a few warm weekends every year. Reasonable citizens wonder why this industry does not try to sell more canoes and kayaks with built-in, easy, simple, self-rescue safety capability: $25 CO2 airbags below. The canoe/kayak rate of death is over 3 times the rate of death in the US, (not factoring in that they are paddled all year round south of the border by a much larger population). And over 100 times the death rate of cars, in use hours, for the Canadian population.

(The US death rate is also high. US Coast Guard report 071-01: "Canoes and kayaks have by far the highest fatality rates per million hours of  exposure (.42) as any other boat type". Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation of the U.S. House of Representatives, May 15, 2001, BOAT/U.S. "A total of 105 canoeists and kayakers drowned in 1998. Canoes and kayaks have the highest fatality rate of all boat types ñ double the rate of personal watercraft and 4 times higher than open motorboats.")

*It should be carefully noted that the 2 young girls paddling a fully flooded canoe standing up have no previous experience. But they can easily maneuver this canoe to rescue a large and disabled adult or 2 from the water, since the  gunwale is nearly level with the water surface and they can easily slide into the flooded craft. With airbags set normally, like the lower airbag in the picture, the canoe is self-bailing by leaning on one airbag to pour most of the water out. But the canoe is fully maneuverable, rock steady and can be paddled at 2 knots by these 7 and 10 year old girls with no previous experience, even fully flooded.

Without these large airbags, the girls would have no means to escape the water and would eventually die of hypothermia. These pictures were to be published in the Canadian Recreation Canoeing Association's "Kanawa" magazine, by 2 separate editors: in September 2000, "Kanawa Ken", and February 2001, Judy Lord, who replaced Ken. The magazine was not allowed to publish this article and these pictures, as this would negate CRCA/ORCA instruction programs that have no canoe rescues, except to paddle a swamped canoe to shore (impossible) as the dead Girl Guides and 3 Boys north of Winnipeg May 20, 2005 found out, in pain and terror.  (I have these documents, the correspondence and the article for "Kanawa".)

This false, degrading, and deadly instruction has been recognized for many years by famous authors:
" The famous Canadian canoeist Bill Mason reversed his traditional rescue ideas after the Temiskaming tragedy, stating that these rescues simply cannot work, in his last book: "canoe over canoe...I have since changed my mind..." (Song of the Paddle,1988, p.126). A conclusion C.E.S. Franks reached before Temiskaming, in The Canoe and White Water, University of Toronto Press, 1977, p.123: "...nearly useless...On a stormy lake where upsets are likely to occur, the water is often too rough and choppy." The recent 2005 book "Expedition Canoeing" states: "The canoe-over-canoe rescue touted by the Red Cross and Boy Scouts is generally impossible to perform in a running sea. Far better to forget about the swamped canoe and gear and put your efforts into rescuing the paddlers" (p.202, Cliff Jacobson of the American Canoe Association's Hall of Fame.) However, in Deep Waters, James Raffan notes that Jacobson's idea merely capsized more canoes, killing 12 boys and one leader, Ontario's Lake Temiskaming, 1978. Also:  "But on the second fateful night of the camp, July 22, about 7:30 in the evening, Shea-Butcher, another leader, and thirteen boys loaded the big canoe and headed out into Balsam Lake... Somewhere in the middle of the lake, about two miles from shore... the canoe upset. Whether this was from a sudden gust of wind on an otherwise calm summer any case the big canoe upset. It had no air tanks, sponsons, or flotation chambers..." ("Deep Waters", p.108). This book and others recognize that without sponsons victims cannot get out of the water and succumb to hypothermia. Eleven died in those calm, warmer July waters, about one hour's drive from the outskirts of Toronto."

All modern countries have a Level Flotation Law for small boats under 20 feet long, except for canoes and kayaks, that are exempted from this safety requirement by Transport Canada, despite the 1994 Canadian Coast Guard study. If you type "Level Flotation Standard" into Google, you will find within the Office of Boating Safety, Transport Canada website: "44. While floating in calm, clear water, the boat shall not list more than 30° with the weight redistributed." You will eventually find the same law in Australia and the United States, for example:

USCG Level Flotation Standard  33 CFR 183. Issued April 18, 1977; Effective August 1, 1978  "Establishes level flotation standards on rowboats and outboard boats less than 20 feet in length, the boats most often involved in swamping and capsizing accidents, so that the boat will float level when swamped and provide a safe platform until rescue."

The above picture is what the Level Flotation Law looks like for canoes. The $25 CO2 powered Airbags sponsons inflate in a second, like airbags in cars.

Below, these early Airbags (sponsons) were invented in 1987, before car airbags were factory-equipped on even the cheapest cars. These airbags below should be larger, and CO2 inflated for fool-proof self-rescue capability in seconds. The larger airbags enable these little girls to paddle fully flooded to a disabled adult victim who can easily crawl over a flooded gunwale, and then they can paddle the adult victim (even more than one victim with the larger sponsons) to shore, at 2 knots standing up (but preferably sitting down.) The girls are only standing up to simply demonstrate the rock solid stability of a canoe with Airbags (sponsons) and a ton (2,000 lbs.) of water ballast.

Once the victim is inside the flooded canoe, the large $25 CO2 airbag sponsons permit the canoe to be self-bailing, simply by leaning on one airbag. Note that these $25 CO2 Airbags are normally both fitted like the lower large airbag, in the large airbag pictures. One large airbag  is deliberately set higher than normal to permit  total flooding over the gunwale. Otherwise total flooding over either gunwale is impossible, without the weight of a disabled victim crawling over about 3 inches of exposed freeboard above the water, due to the buoyant force of the large airbag  (over 80 lbs.)  It can be easily understood by reasonable persons that canoes and kayaks need not be intentionally so dangerous; and in fact can be superior rescue craft in stability, maneuverability, cost effectiveness, and capacity: Superior to any other small watercraft known to man.

It is also understood by reasonable people that canoe airbags are not sold now because the government prevents $25 CO2 airbags; but permits expensive, fraudulent, difficult and deadly canoe instruction that would have no market if $25 CO2 airbags were factory equipped. Many instructors willingly endanger and kill  innocent citizens and their children for fraudulent instruction dollars. Others will do it freely. Transport Canada and others allow citizens to be defrauded, tortured and murdered; using taxpayer dollars to sell this program, through the Trillium Foundation, and other government sponsors. Some Canadians will kill others eagerly, if simply permitted. All scientific research, like the Milgram work, acknowledges this behavior. These deaths are perpetuated by Degrading Propaganda, a hate crime.

The Nuremberg Trials established that some Nazis, convicted of murder and torture of innocent victims, also showed love and affection for their own families and particular other persons. This baffled prosecutors at Nuremberg, and eventually this phenomenon was studied by Dr. Stanley Milgram 1961-62 at Yale University. This research is probably the most important ever undertaken in psychology. In Canada and the United States, as well as most European countries, it was found that 65% of the population will torture other innocent citizens with severe electric shock simply because they are asked (and permitted by the authority present) to do so. They will do this even if they believe the victim will possibly die. These psychology experiments are no longer permitted since some subjects were greatly distressed to discover that they were capable of torture. This research is used everyday by military and police forces around the world, to prevent commonplace obedience to authority from leading to abuse, malicious prosecution, torture, and murder of innocent citizens.  Transport Canada and A. Anne McLellan have not been careful here.

Instructors now feel permission to degrade newcomers to canoeing and kayaking by making them perform unnecessary, difficult, and expensive "rescue" exercises that are so tricky that they require much time-consuming practice, and don't work in emergencies. Some instructors enjoy creating this artificial sense of  "Superiority" over those they call "Newbies". In contrast, 2 young girls, 7 and 10 years of age, without previous experience, can easily and immediately perform far more effectively than any instructor: maneuvering a totally flooded canoe to rescue themselves and other victims from certain death in deadly waters.

Many instructors state that victims cause their own deaths (by not buying enough expensive "safety" instruction from them), that does not work. Grieving families are made to feel that their loved ones were to blame for their own deaths! Or at least they know government authorities and the media apparently believe that these deaths are inevitable! Degrading Propaganda is an important tool in the perpetuation and spread of any profitable murder scam, whether theft of property and lives in Nazi Germany, or in the relatively tiny Transport Canada canoe and kayak scam, where instruction dollars are stolen, and lives are taken, despite the truth of 2 little 7 and 10 year old girls who can immediately, without previous experience, easily rescue disabled adults from the water; just like modern Canadian Coast Guard Search and Rescue Specialists, who have recognized for 10 years and over 350 deaths, that airbags create a superior and inexpensive rescue craft out of a kayak or canoe.

Psychological Profile of  Four Transport Canada Officials, Regarding these Horrible and Preventable Deaths

The Nuremberg trials and the Milgram psychology research examined how otherwise  reasonable and civilized persons could torture and kill fellow citizens. Goldhagen's book "Hitler's Willing Executioners" was a bestseller in Germany, pointing out that many German people did not obey the Nazi orders despite the pressure to conform, and lethal consequences if discovered.

In this case we have Transport Canada and A. Anne McLellan insisting on the continuing cruel and agonizing deaths of  about 25 Canadians in 2005, perhaps more; despite their full knowledge of  $25 CO2 canoe and kayak airbags. Canadians are not only prevented  from saving themselves and their children from cruel deaths, they are denied their Charter rights to own an inexpensive and superior rescue craft, similar to ones currently deployed by the Canadian Coast Guard in 2005 for tricky ocean shoreline rescues. These Canadian Coast Guard Search and Rescue personnel have asked me why this was not discovered years ago! I did not tell them about the SAR officer in August, 1994 being punished for whistleblowing, over 350 deaths ago, according to the Canadian Red Cross. It is better that they don't know, given the ruthless cover-up at Transport Canada. These Search and Rescue experts can be easily reached to appear for a trial.

Transport Canada Officials and A. Anne McLellan are insisting on even more numbers of cruel and agonizing Canadian deaths; despite no risk to their own lives saving these innocent Canadians and their children. They have no Nazi torturers threatening them if they save these victims. In fact they would be applauded for their courage to expose the cover-up of 350 cruel Transport Canada deaths. This is the duty of their offices. Recently this overwhelming evidence of Criminal Negligence has extended to Michael Bryant, Attorney General of Ontario.

There is simply no other legal or Historical precedent for this criminal action by powerful elected government officials, in Canada or any other civilized country in the world. MP Samuel Plimsoll was nearly destroyed by numerous libel actions from greedy ship owners. But the truth prevailed against private ship-owners.

(Notice that one airbag sponson is higher than the other. This is to demonstrate total flooding. If it were set lower, the same as the other sponson or "air bag", most of the water would pour out just by leaning on one Airbag sponson. Also the two girls, 7 and 10 years of age, would normally be sitting on the seats. However, even standing up and having no previous experience, they can paddle the canoe that weighs over one ton at a speed of 2 knots. They can also turn and pick up any victims in the water. No expert  instructor can do this, no matter how much fraudulent instruction and practice. Even large and disabled adults can be rescued by the girls from the water easily, since victims only have to make it over the low gunwale to be in the canoe, so that they can be paddled to shore at 2 knots.)

I recommend a Search on the internet using "Google", to find "MP Samuel Plimsoll". Mr. Plimsoll accused wealthy ship owners circa 1870 of overloading ships for extra profit, while essentially "murdering" innocent sailors when these unseaworthy and over-insured vessels sank. Eventually the Disraeli government passed the Merchant Shipping Act in 1876. Mr. Plimsoll was repeatedly and maliciously prosecuted for defamatory libel by the greedy ship owners. These libel actions threatened to destroy him and his family.  I have included this information in many emails to A. Anne McLellan, Transport Canada, the OPP and RCMP. The Canadian canoe and kayak death rate is about 1000 times higher than the death rate for British sailors in 1870, and 100 times greater than any car in exposure hours. This Canadian Canoe Murder Scandal is the most deadly in the history of any developed country.
The mother of one of the Girl Guides below could not initially believe that the Canadian government would have deliberately endangered her daughter Megan. This mother told me that her daughter would not want any more children or adults to die in canoes. No reasonable people in Canada want children and adults to die in pain and terror in canoes either:
"Hello, I am a mother who lost her child to hypothermia May 31/2003 and you and everyone else who thinks that canoeing is safe is crazy your telling me that a life jacket and rope is enough bull my 11 year old died because they could not get back into the canoe after capsizing in Lake Huron how can you close the door on these safety sponsons when they really work. Why should they not be on every canoe that camps or organizations take our children out in as safety feature kids that have no idea how to get back in, or even the strength to do it. I am a boater myself and as a adult in a bad situation could not get back into a everturned canoe.I am fine with adults making the decision to go out but to play god with lives is crazy when these safety devices can save lives...realisticly sponsons work, unfortunately it will take the lives of many more before something is done to regulate whos going in these canoes and what safety devices should be used when it comes to children, the canoe and kayak association as well as the government knows that these water crafts are dangerous for adults never mind sending our kids out in them up antil my daughters accident i had no idea how unsafe they were and how little safety precautions are taken not enough in my opinion.I love the water and still do but do we as parents know how unsafe it is out there people must be informed about this.I dare everyone to try to get 3 people back into a canoe adults not even children and then you will know what kind of a chance a child has...but don't agree that some of the stuff he says isnt true do some cheaking of your own about all the dealths that could have been stopped by another safety device being installed whether his or maybe the government should take the time to invent something on there own. Thank-You for reading my post Shelley Mitchell"

Two of these eleven-year-old Girl Guides died an hour later, May 31, 2003.

It should be again noted that instructors degrade newcomers to canoeing and kayaking by making them perform unnecessary, difficult, and expensive "rescue" exercises that are so tricky they require much time-consuming practice and don't work in emergencies. Some instructors enjoy creating this artificial sense of  "Superiority" over those they call "Newbies". In contrast, 2 young girls, 7 and 10 years of age, without previous experience, can easily and immediately perform far more effectively than any instructor: maneuvering a totally flooded canoe to rescue themselves and other victims from certain death in deadly waters. Many instructors state that victims cause their own deaths (by not buying enough expensive, "safety" instruction from them), that does not work. See the famous authors quoted above. Most of the families of 350 dead Canadians are unaware of the cover-up by A. Anne McLellan and Transport Canada; both apparently willing to murder citizens to avoid political scandal.

Many families believe that their loved ones are to blame for their own deaths. This is the natural consequence of the cover-up of the Transport Canada sponsored canoe and kayak scam, where citizens are lied to, defrauded, endangered, degraded; and sometimes they die an agonizing death for which they are blamed. They are denied the truth of any two young girls without any previous experience who can, for the past 10 years or 350 Canadian deaths, rescue disabled adults from the water easily, just like Coast Guard professional SAR specialists. Canadians are denied basic rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, due to the criminal cover-up of the Transport Canada Murder Scam.

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