Prosecution Information Package, Department of Justice, Canada

A. Anne McLellan, Minister of Public Safety and Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, in the years 2004 and 2005 did commit murder in the second degree and torture of approximately 50 Canadian citizens, including children, crimes against humanity that she was fully aware of committing, and she continues to commit these crimes without remorse; as she acknowledged in her letter to me, October 29, 2004, regarding my correspondence to her February 3, 2004, and subsequent acknowledgements of my many facsimiles, emails and phone calls to her and the Martin cabinet, daily and weekly in the hundreds of pieces of correspondence warning of further torture and murder of innocent Canadian men, women, and children in year 2005, to wit: by means of propaganda and government funding did degrade 50 Canadian victims, to blame them for their own suffering and deaths in canoes and kayaks, denying them any means to save themselves or other victims in the water; markedly departing from the standard of a reasonably prudent person, or any other standard of humanity in Canada, showing wilful and reckless disregard for human life, "committed against any civilian population or any identifiable group", contrary to the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act 2000, c. 24.

Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act 2000, c. 24:

"crime against humanity" means murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation, imprisonment, torture, sexual violence, persecution or any other inhumane act or omission that is committed against any civilian population or any identifiable group and that, at the time and in the place of its commission, constitutes a crime against humanity according to customary international law or conventional international law or by virtue of its being criminal according to the general principles of law recognized by the community of nations, whether or not it constitutes a contravention of the law in force at the time and in the place of its commission.

A. Anne McLellan, in her letter of October 29, 2004 admits full knowledge of the degradation and reckless endangerment of innocent citizens including 2 eleven year old Girl Guides, for fraudulent profits from canoe and kayak instruction since February 3, 2004. Fifty (50) members of this identifiable group of citizens have suffered agonizing and tortured deaths in pain and terror, with the full knowledge by McLellan, as acknowledged by her from October, 2004 through May, 2005.

She has full governmental powers to stop these crimes against humanity immediately, but continues to knowingly and wilfully endorse these tortured and degraded deaths of innocent citizens, for the political cover-up of this scandal of over 350 dead Canadians in canoes and kayaks during the Chretien and Martin governments, according to the Canadian Red Cross database.

A. Anne McLellan uses the power of her office to subject Canadian citizens, including children, to the most cruel and agonizing deaths that can be imagined by reasonable citizens. My attempts to save these victims by means of  the most powerful warnings possible regarding the extreme pain and terror experienced by these victims, as a result of fraudulent canoe and kayak safety, is protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms; as well as being my civil duty to warn of these horrible deaths, through fraudulent instruction that denies any means for victims to save themselves, as described below.

A. Anne McLellan has used cruel, degrading and deadly Propaganda to effectively minimize the horror perceived by normal citizens regarding these agonizing deaths for profit by instructor lobby groups. This propaganda has even convinced some grieving families that the painful deaths of their loved ones were "their own fault". The falsehoods of this propaganda are easily seen in the pictures and text below, and easily proven in any court of law. DegradingPropaganda is an extremely effective weapon in the hands of powerful government officials. The Canadian Red Cross documents over 350 Canadian deaths in canoes and kayaks since August 1994 when the Canadian Coast Guard recommended airbags (sponsons) to save these lives. These deaths exceed the Air India bombing as the largest case of mass murder in Canadian history. Canoes and kayaks are used to murder individuals and small groups during the 2 months and the few warm weekends of a Canadian summer; approximately 25 victims die in this form of mass murder annually in Canada, in pain and terror that is truly horrible to imagine.

The horror of this scandal can be crudely computed by the average number of grieving Canadians as a result of these needless deaths; a conservative estimate of about 100 grieving relatives, friends, classmates, etc. for every death: 2,500 berieved citizens every year in Canada. Over 35,000 berieved Canadians since the courageous Canadian Coast Guard Search and Rescue officer Colin __ blew the whistle at Coast Guard Headquarters in Victoria, B.C., August 1994. This is a horrible indictment of Transport Canada's safety ethics and morality during the Chretien years, and the ensuing cover-up by Minister of Public Safety and Deputy Prime Minister McLellan. About 60 Canadian children have died in pain and terror through the government of Transport Canada since 1994, and their families have been destroyed in consequence. (It is impossible to regard these terrible facts as "defamatory", "false", or "malicious", unless one finds these deaths "acceptable".) This scandal, based on sadistic "safety" lies about canoes and kayaks, is a remarkably horrible criminal accomplishment by a Canadian government.

I have consulted RCMP, OPP and Toronto Police officers, including an OPP superintendent, regarding these horrible and needless deaths. I consulted the Criminal Code of Canada over a year ago to determine my legal rights to accuse government officials and others of not preventing needless and horrible deaths in 2005. I have noted s. 309 and s. 311 allow a citizen to publish what may be regarded by some parties as "defamatory" under the legal justification of publishing matter of public interest and public benefit that one reasonably believes to be true (309), and the publishing of matter that is true and for public benefit (311).

Also s. 310 allows fair comment on performance of public duty of government officials. Yet another justification is s. 315, Publication in good faith for redress of wrong. Qualified Privilege protects a social, legal and moral duty to furnish this information; although the perpetrators may regard the matter published as defamatory. This is the largest Murder scandal in Canadian History, larger than Air India, and the performance of Canadian government officials therefore cannot possibly look "good". But the reputations of these government officials and the Canoe and Kayak Instructors Lobby Groups are not as important as the agonizing deaths of over 25 Canadians a year, including children, who are all deliberately degraded and
blamed for their own deaths.

My published information included historical precedents, as common in legal judgments, including the Nuremberg trials and the Plimsoll scandal in the UK. I pointed out the terrible consequences for Canadian government officials being blamed for such horribly cruel and deliberate degradation of victims. I found great sympathy from all police officers, who were largely unaware of the great death toll in Canada, and the easy airbag remedy, that has been effectively covered-up for over 10 years. I am a former scoutmaster and YMCA counselor. I have never before seen such deliberate degradation and endangerment of innocent citizens, except in evidence at such exceptional legal proceedings as the Nuremberg Trials!.

Numerous authors have applauded the dramatic improvement of canoe and kayak safety by means of simple and inexpensive airbags (sponsons). The US Military endorsed them only a few months before the Canadian Coast Guard officer! These $25 airbags are concealed out of sight before deployment, within the gunwales of canoes or within streamlined containers bolted on both sides of kayaks, and weighing about 1 lb. There is no reasonable argument against this. Only killing for the profits from fraudulent instruction, that enjoys government endorsement. This cover-up is ruthless and an extreme horror for all Canadians when they see these facts. Propaganda is only effective until the true facts are revealed, in the media or within the evidentiary structure of a court of law. Newspaper headlines regarding Gomery Inquiry findings, and my letter from the Gomery Inquiry, indicate that these facts will eventually surface, and some justice in Canada will eventually happen for these victims. I was extremely surprised that the police did not at last charge the perpetrators of this scandal, after my information regarding these extreme horrors, the 3 dead boys north of Winnipeg covered on national news, and the large numbers of innocent victims still to die in agony in 2005!

The only means to stop this murder and torture within Canada immediately is to charge A. Anne McLellan under the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act 2000, c. 24.

Three boys north of Winnipeg died only 3 days after I pointed out this inevitable outcome of criminal actions, to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Safety A. Anne McLellan and other members of the Liberal Party in Queen's Park and Ottawa. The boys apparently believed that they could save themselves by paddling a flooded canoe to shore, as recommended by the ORCA and OPHEA programs (both headquarters are on Eglinton Ave., Toronto), that were funded by taxpayer dollars and sold to the Manitoba school boards as well as all Ontario School Boards. (They teach putting on a PFD in the water too, that killed an RCMP officer, Lake Okanagan, June 3, 2005.) A small percentage of victims sink immediately (heavy boots etc.) Most struggle in the water for varying lengths of time; but are unable to get out after canoes and kayaks capsize, and they eventually die, wearing a PFD or not.

In her letter of October 29, 2004 to me, A. Anne McLellan acknowledges reading: "In a horrible tragedy, 2 eleven year old girl guides died...deliberately murdered, cruelly and intentionally...canoes and kayaks as deadly as possible so they can sell their instruction scam", in my February 3, 2004 correspondence to her, resulting now in about 50 canoe and kayak deaths in Canada since Feb. 3, 2004. But she says this huge rate of death during the few warm months, (Over 350 dead since the August 1994 Canadian Coast Guard Study), innocent victims dying in pain and terror, and families destroyed, is not worthy of concern.

She refuses to even check into these deaths that exceed the recent London Terrorist bombings. She writes: "You may wish to bring your safety Mr. Peter Garapick", who is named in the February 3rd correspondence: "Superintendents Garapick, Churchill, and counsel F. Cote appear to be particularly involved in this murder program...sponsored the deadliest use of canoes and kayaks, resulting in hundreds of Canadian deaths...This Canadian Coast Guard study was covered up."

I recommend a Search on the internet using "Google", to find "MP Samuel Plimsoll". Mr. Plimsoll accused wealthy ship owners circa 1870 of overloading ships for extra profit, while essentially "murdering" innocent sailors when these unseaworthy and over-insured vessels sank. Eventually the Disraeli government passed the Merchant Shipping Act in 1876. Mr. Plimsoll was repeatedly and maliciously prosecuted for defamatory libel by the greedy ship owners. These libel actions threatened to destroy him and his family.  I have included this information in many emails to A. Anne McLellan, Transport Canada, the OPP and RCMP. The Canadian canoe and kayak death rate is about 1000 times higher than the death rate for British sailors in 1870, and 100 times greater than any car in exposure hours. This Canadian Canoe Murder Scandal is the most deadly in the history of any developed country.

Any Two normal 10 year old girls from any school in Canada can rescue themselves and large disabled adults in seconds, without any previous instruction or experience. No canoe and kayak instructors following their deadly, fraudulent and criminal instruction can do this.

No OPP officer can do this either, unlike the 10 year old girls, and all OPP (and RCMP) officers will admit to this in any court in Canada. They know that a flooded canoe having no buoyancy on the beam ends cannot hold their body weight upright, and will only re-capsize if they try to paddle the flooded canoe. They know that $25 air bags with 80 lbs. of buoyancy allow any 10 year old girls to rescue themselves and anyone else without instruction and experience; but no canoe and kayak instructors can do this. All reasonable authors agree. Otherwise a flooded canoe would have to be an anti-gravity machine, in order to provide buoyant force on the beam ends, to be stable enough to be paddled upright with the weight of the paddler inside!
I polled OPP and RCMP officers several years ago, and found only two who at first said that they could paddle a flooded canoe, but then admitted they usually re-capsized within 10 feet. The others agreed that it was a ridiculous notion immediately.

A. Anne McLellan allows authorities at Transport Canada to deny the means to escape a cruel and terrifying death in the water, contradicting: (a) The Coast Guard study, August, 1994. (b) The famous Canadian canoeist Bill Mason reversed his traditional rescue ideas after 12 boys died at once in 1978, stating that canoe rescues simply cannot work, in his last book: "canoe over canoe...I have since changed my mind..." (Song of the Paddle,1988, p.126). A conclusion C.E.S. Franks reached before Temiskaming, in The Canoe and White Water, University of Toronto Press, 1977, p.123: "...nearly useless...On a stormy lake where upsets are likely to occur, the water is often too rough and choppy." (c) The US Military Kayaking Study 1994: "basic, no nonsense...dramatically and...capabilities..." (d) The Transportation Safety Board of Canada Report Number M93W0008 "2.8 Emergency and Safety Equipment: The side sponsons and/or paddle floats were not inflated and installed ahead of time to assist the kayaker to reboard after a possible capsizing or to increase the stability of the kayaks. Consequently, when the kayakers entered an area of rough seas, they had to keep paddling to keep their kayaks upright. Each kayak was equipped with these floats. The secondary use of the sponsons, i.e. to increase the stability of the kayaks, was not foreseen before the kayaks encountered severe weather." A. Anne McLellan markedly departs from the standard of a reasonably prudent person, contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada.

From Feb. 3, 2004 correspondence to McLellan: "Victims have been saved from the water by buoyant objects for thousands of years. City waterfronts...rings and other buoyant objects..People who fall in the water do not usually wear a PFD! And wearing one, like those 2 little Girl Guides, will not get them out of the water and save their lives...All other consumer goods in Canada are sold by required safety!"

Six days after the 3 boys were lured to their cruel and agonizing deaths, in pain and terror, north of Winnipeg, on May 26, 2005, Liberal Attorney General for Ontario Michael Bryant conspired with Liberal Minister of Public Safety for Ontario Monte Kwinter and the Ontario Provincial Police to charge me with publishing a defamatory libel, to protect Liberal A. Anne McLellan from a summons (and embarrassing public exposure in the media for the Liberal government) issued at the Barrie Courthouse Hearing, June 1, 2005, on the charge 220 (b) CCC.

The OPP know that this is a malicious prosecution, fabricating evidence, contrary to s. 137 CCC, to protect Liberal McLellan's deadly behavior and cover-up propaganda at the Barrie Judicial Hearing and elsewhere. (I have advised many officers and one superintendent at the OPP for 5 years about canoe and kayak deaths and over 160 deaths). This action against me has prevented me from contacting the victims' families in Manitoba, and about 20 other families of dead victims, who died in pain and terror this past Summer. This action has prevented me from continuing to attempt to save these degraded victims (contrary to s. 262 CCC) by pointing out these ongoing, deliberate, intentional, cruel and sadistic killings of Canadian citizens to McLellan, Transport Canada and all other concerned parties, including media. This evidence meets the test of culpable homicide (R. v. Nette) and mens rea for second degree murder. All of my telephone calls, emails, and facsimiles warning McLellan and the others, provide my mailing and email addresses, and telephone number, in the hope that McLellan and the others will communicate with me regarding any questions about immediately stopping these horrible killings.

Obviously it is impossible to discuss these cruel, intentional and ongoing killings of Canadian men, women and children without this information appearing to be defamatory regarding the perpetrators! These killings are after all, obviously cruel and sadistic, involving the deliberate endangerment and deaths of young children.

This is the largest mass murder scandal in the history of Canada, and all of these deaths are among the most cruel and agonizing in human imagination, killing individual victims and small groups during the two months and the few warm weekends of a Canadian summer. This number of victims since the Canadian Coast Guard Study of 1994, intending to prevent these deaths, exceeds the Air India tragedy, that was previously the largest mass murder scandal in Canada.

Despite all of my attempts to save these lives (note the correspondence of February 3, 2004 received and acknowledged by McLellan in her October 29, 2004 letter to me), McLellan and Transport Canada insist on continuing to cause horrible pain and suffering to thousands of Canadians affected by these deaths. Many families believe that their loved ones actually contributed to their own deaths, due to Degrading Propaganda regarding dead victims; unaware of the 2 ten year old girls who are able to save themselves and others without instruction or experience, far superior to the most expert canoe instructor.

All of my communication to McLellan and Transport Canada et al. has been intended to persuade them to stop these cruel killings as soon as possible, pointing out historical precedent, the basic duty and honour attached to human lifesaving, and the very real danger to McLellan and other public authorities that they will be perceived in the history books and by all Canadians as cruel killers etc. It will be noted that many times I have pointed out the lack of remorse among instructor groups, for example, hoping that McLellan and Transport Canada will read that and reflect on their own behavior. I have pointed out the Nazi cold water experiments, (80 cold water prosecutions at Nuremberg, the cold water experiments stopping after the Nazis determined that airmen in the Battle of Britain needed a failsafe means to get out of the water to survive); but Transport Canada has denied a failsafe means to live for over 350 Canadians since 1994, and continues to murder them in cold water in pain and terror. I had hoped that they would see the need to save Canadian lives, not leave them to die in cold water! I have pointed out the money to be made from fraudulent canoe and kayak instruction. I have tried to keep this simple for them to understand. See:      (Copy and Paste in your Browser.)

Apparently they believe that the cover of their own Degrading Propaganda will preserve and protect them in continuing to propagate these sadistic deaths. The standard of all reasonable Canadian citizens would be to save these innocent Canadian men, women and children from second degree murder and torture by agonizing death in the water.

It is difficult for a reasonable person to comprehend how A. Anne McLellan could be so arrogant to not take these warnings seriously, and compound her moral and legal culpability by using the Ontario Provincial Police (who possess numerous complaints from A. Anne McLellan), to further degrade the victims, calling this program of sadistic and needless death, "libel": Using degrading propaganda to continue to make canoes and kayaks as deadly as possible, and sadistically kill in 2005 about the same numbers of victims as in 2004, (26 dead in Canada, 23 dead in canoes, and 12 of the dead in Ontario.) Ontario usually has nearly half of the total dead victims in Canada annually.

1. Significantly, all RCMP, OPP and Toronto police officers sympathize with this terrible crime against society, by the governments of Ontario and Canada.
2. The OPP has again been used by the Ontario government to propagate killings of Ontario citizens; but this time these orders from above are not directed against First Nation people protecting their burial ground, these orders are directed against all citizens, including all Ontario school boards regarding fraudulent and deadly canoe programs, as my emails have always indicated.
3. It is no surprise that police officers are sympathetic. The OPP has known about this since year 2000 and over 160 Canadian deaths. But OPP officers must follow orders. In this case, from powerful Liberal government officials.

The arrogance and cruelty of treating all of these strong warnings as "Libel", in the face of the Degradation of the victims, the Propaganda that denies the truth of 2 ten year old girls, and the Deliberate fraud and falsehood of the "super-race of canoe and kayak instructors", is a crime that no other governments in the developed world have managed to perpetrate in modern history!

Publishing a defamatory libel (s. 301 in the Criminal Code) has been found unconstitutional in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and the Supreme Court of Canada in 1992 (since the "libel" is not contested as false, nor is the truth contested by the Crown, infringing on the right to freedom of thought and expression guaranteed under section 2 (b) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.) The right to warn of the horror of these criminal canoe and kayak deaths is protected by the Charter. Especially these warnings extending to Liberal Ministers of Public Safety: Kwinter (Ontario) and McLellan (Canada). McLellan is Deputy PM so she has the power to have Transport Canada stop these terrible crimes immediately if she wishes. It is a murderous cover-up for the Liberals, who Justice Gomery is considering "may have corrupted the 'non-partisan and professional character of the civil service'"...(Globe and Mail, Sept. 10, 2005, p.1)

I have warned McLellan, Kwinter, Transport Canada, Bryant, Cotler (all good Liberals) and others for over a year, (Transport Canada and the OPP for 5 years and over 160 deaths), in the strongest terms stating: When Canadian citizens realize over 700 have died since Air India through violent and agonizing deaths in canoes and kayaks, by means of propaganda and deliberate programs to make them as deadly as possible, Canada will be very angry. Foolishly they have not heeded these warnings, but have arrogantly called them "libel".

The right to warn of the horror of these criminal canoe and kayak deaths is protected by the Charter.
The Duty to Warn Citizens at Risk is the Law!

*If you think that these huge numbers of dead Canadians (many are children) dying in pain and terror in the 2 Summer months and a few warm weekends, somehow deserved this cruel, agonizing death, you believe the Liberal Party propaganda that Transport Canada publishes.

Liberals want to cover-up yet another scandal, after the Sponsorship scandal pointing at them.

All of my email warnings to them were also sent to the OPP and RCMP, who normally would have charged these elected officials, under numerous offences in the Criminial Code, including s. 220 (b) Criminal Negligence Causing Death. Any reasonable person will understand that the grieving loved ones of these innocent victims will likely refer to these officials as "sadistic child murderers" and worse, once they understand the full story:

1. Victims Are Degraded To Be Blamed For Their Own Deaths; Whereas Any 10 Year Old Girls Without Previous Experience or Instruction Can Easily Rescue Themselves and Many Others From Deadly Waters, Far Superior To The Most Expert Instructor. Grieving families are similarly degraded (somehow their grief was the fault of their loved one); and deprived of their legal rights and community sympathy.

2. A "Super-race" of canoeists and kayakers is supposed to exist, far superior to the victims, but in fact the super-race cannot rescue themselves or anyone else from the water using a capsized flooded canoe, unlike the 10 year old girls. To become a member of the "super-race", much expensive instruction must be purchased by the public; although it cannot save the purchaser in the water, no matter how "expert", or thousands of dollars spent, or years of practice.

All this is at the expense of grieving families who are further tortured by Canadian Liberal government propaganda that their loved ones were somehow "inadequate" or deserving of their cruel fate: drowning in an agonizing manner in terror and fear of never seeing their families again. Veterinarians and the SPCA helped ban Leg-hold traps that drown fur-bearing mammals, for the same cruel suffering. Canadian Government officials and instructors, despite the most powerful weekly email reminders of their cruel actions for 7 months, (and having received other regular warnings since year 2000), continued to torture about 25 innocent Canadian citizens to death in 2005. A copious record of this exists in the Courthouse of Barrie, Ontario.

3. Transport Canada and the Canoe and Kayak Instructors lobby groups have been conducting this murder scam for over 20 years, killing over 700 Canadians since Air India, and killing over 350 Canadians since the Sponson Airbag Study August 1994 by the Canadian Coast Guard, that recommended airbags for canoes and kayaks; but was destroyed. The Canadian Coast Guard Whistleblower was punished. I have the Transport Canada records. Degrading Propaganda has been financed by the Canadian government to spread these "murders" in such high numbers. Propaganda is essential to perpetuate, propagate and spread these murders, as in Nazi Germany and elsewhere. I have records of expert instructors, police officers and others admitting that they cannot save themselves; whereas at first they will say that they can, and the victims just needed more (expensive) instruction. Victims are degraded in the eyes of the public and media, as was proved at Nuremberg. This is the only way for a deadly scam to propagate (same Latin root as the word propaganda.) Thousands of Innocent, Grieving Citizens, connected to the dead, have been degraded and cheated of their legal rights.


a) It is impossible to degrade these victims unless a "super-race" is fabricated, to whom the victims are "inferior". The super-race need not be an ethnic or racial entity, merely a group that is "superior" so the victims did not "measure up" and died due to their own failings. Until the level of degradation is significant, most killers find it unpleasant and difficult to kill these otherwise completely innocent victims, of all ages and cultural groups. Also, society will not tolerate the killings until government propaganda has sufficiently degraded the victims so that their deaths, no matter how cruel and agonizing, no matter that they are the children of someone in Canada, are accepted. The victims are to blame when they are sufficiently degraded.

b) All OPP officers and all reasonable Canadian citizens can see that this bogus canoe and kayak super-group cannot rescue themselves or anyone else, unlike Canadian 10 year olds with no deadly and fraudulent instruction, nor previous experience.

c) This fraudulent Transport Canada Murder Scam, that punished the Canadian Coast Guard Search and Rescue Officer August 1994 for whistle-blowing on this scam over 350 deaths ago, has been covered-up by McLellan since February 3, 2004 as her letter to me, October 29, 2004 states. She has now allowed about 50 Canadian deaths and climbing, a greater number than SARS or the London terrorist bombing victims.

d) These officials, who rely on propaganda, not truth, to continue to kill, express no remorse; unlike the subjects in the famous Milgram psychology experiments. These officials treat the victims and their families as if they deserved to suffer, although they represent no ethnic group, only a multi-cultural group of canoe and kayak victims. But once these victims are degraded by the government propaganda (funded by millions of taxpayer dollars over the years), these government officials show no remorse of any kind, like the Nazis on trial at Nuremberg, or the perpetrators of other holocausts throughout history.

e) Numerous OPP and RCMP officers have suggested that my unique study of such modern State cruelty in Canada, degrading and cruelly killing a specific group of citizens without ethnic or racial bias; but targeting them only on the basis of canoe and kayak use (accounting for a high percentage of child victims), deserves a book and/or a documentary film. Eventually that will happen. The grieving families need help, especially when they realize that they have been tricked by government propaganda into accepting that their loved one played a part in their own death. They will feel very guilty for not protesting more, on behalf of the innocent deceased. This is the cruel and overwhelming power of Government Propaganda. The guilt and anger soon to visit these innocent families is a uniquely horrible consequence of degrading innocent Canadian citizens by State officials, against the Canadian Charter of Rights. The families are tortured twice: by the cruel death first, then the government propaganda that their loved one "should have known better."

*Normally, state officials in Canada such as Ministers of Public Safety and Attorneys General do not markedly depart from the standard of a reasonably prudent person, and they quickly move to save drowning and terrorized Canadian children and others of all ages, like other decent Canadian citizens. Normally, state officials elected by Canadian citizens want to show that they are good citizens too, and would not for a second condone the agonizing deaths, alone, and in pain and terror of over 700 Canadians (many children) since Air India.

Unless of course they are deliberately and intentionally acting so cruelly because they believe these victims deserved to die a horrible death, according to their own taxpayer-funded propaganda to degrade these victims, and to protect the Liberal Party from more scandal. Despite the truth of two little 10 year old girls without instruction or previous experience who can immediately rescue themselves and others dying in the water, unlike "the super-race" of canoe and kayak "experts", who cannot even rescue themselves in a flooded canoe.*

In the UK in 1994 a kayak instructor killed 2 boys and 2 girls on a school outing (all 16 years of age). The instructor could not keep them out of the water without airbag sponsons to stabilize the craft. He was convicted of manslaughter after weeks of intense press coverage demanding criminal prosecution. The Principle Marine Surveyor of the UK Coast Guard contacted me (I have his letter) asking how to prevent this again.

In Canada, Liberal Government propaganda ensures that over 350 dead victims are ignored by media and public opinion. I have warned all authorities for years that that their propaganda will eventually backfire when the truth is known. Justice Gomery and Canadians will be more outraged over 350 agonizing deaths than $350 million in a sponsorship scandal. The OPP and RCMP have refused to lay charges against these officials (but follow orders to maliciously prosecute anyone pointing this out.) They know that this is false and malicious. They have seen this fraudulent and deadly scam for 5 years! The best they can do is to tell me to write a book or make a film. They just follow orders. And watch the deliberate killings.

Fraudulent instruction jobs for the "super-race of canoe and kayak instructors" cannot nearly pay the economic costs (let alone the emotional costs) of 350 dead citizens. Justice Gomery needs to see this Liberal scandal!

Note Bene:

I remind everyone that all jurisdictions in Canada have Mandatory reporting requirements for children in danger. Also, warning Bryant, Kwinter and all others of their cruel and unlawful acts is not libel. S. 309 and s. 311 allow a defendent to establish a defence under s. 301 of "legal justification": publishing matter of public interest and public benefit that one reasonably believes to be true (309), and the published matter is true and for public benefit (311).

Also s. 310 allows fair comment on McLellan et al. re: performance of public duty, Transport Canada's wrong-doers, and the canoe and kayak lobby groups, including the deadly actions of the Canadian Safe Boating Council. Another defence is s.315, Publication in good faith for redress of wrong.

S. 300 and s. 301 have changed very little since enactment in 1892. Apparently they were enacted as a legal alternative to prevent duelling. According to the Intervenor's Statement by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, R. v. Gill and Waugh, 1995, from which I derive these facts; I am only the eighth (8th) person in Canada charged under s. 301 since 1892!

Publishing a defamatory libel (s. 301 in the Criminal Code) has been found unconstitutional in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and the Supreme Court of Canada in 1992 (since the "libel" is not contested as false, nor is the truth contested by the crown, infringing on the right to freedom of thought and expression guaranteed under section 2 (b) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.)

The Law Reform Commission of Canada 1985 recommended criminal defamation be repealed due to doubtful constitutionality, particularly regarding mens rea, "complicated, uncertain, confusing, inconsistent" wording, adequate exiting civil remedies for defamation victims, the criminal sanction does not act as a deterrent, and duelling is not a contemporary problem.

Note the defence of Qualified Privilege, a social, legal and moral duty to furnish this information; although the perpetrators may regard the matter published as defamatory. This largest Murder scandal in Canadian History, larger than Air India, and this performance of Canadian government officials cannot possibly look "good". But the reputations of McLellan, 4 Transport Canada officials, and the Canoe and Kayak Instructors Lobby Groups are not as important as the agonizing deaths of over 25 Canadians a year, including children, who are all deliberately degraded in order to be blamed for their deaths.*

*The truth of 10 year old girls saving themselves and others without any instruction or experience, when no expert instructor can do this using the fraudulent instruction they sell to Canadians, is a public safety, moral and legal issue far outweighing the reputation of any government official who actively degrades these dead Canadians, to blame them for their own deaths!

The line between over 45 cases (and climbing) of criminal negligence causing death, a charge acknowledged to be serious and important to the safety of society by 4 Justices of the Peace and one Crown Attorney in Ottawa during the Winter of 2005, and second degree murder blurs; when the repeated warnings to state officials regarding reckless endangerment and these continuing, agonizing, and unlawful deaths, are ignored.

Duty to Warn:

The duty to warn vulnerable citizens is well established in law. Dr Bain was found negligent in not informing Mrs. Pittman regarding her HIV infected husband (Ontario 1994). All jurisdictions in Canada have legislation regarding mandatory reporting of risks to children. The protection of children and other vulnerable citizens, by civil duty to warn, is a well-established legal principle.

Canada's first Whisleblower law, C-25, first reading, is only 15 years late, after the US created the US Whistleblower law, after the Space Shuttle blew up dramatically after many warnings by engineers. With C-25 in place, Transport Canada, McLellan, et al. could not have killed or covered-up the killing of over 350 innocent Canadians in canoes and kayaks, punishing the Canadian Coast Guard SEARCH And RESCUE Whistleblower in August, 1994, maliciously prosecuting myself, and anyone else who blows the whistle!

Bill C-25
Disclosures to Outsiders:
S.13 A public servant may make a disclosure other than accordance with this Act if he or she believes on reasonable grounds that there is not sufficient time...a) a serious being or about to be committed by another public servant...or (b) another public servant is...doing anything or omitting to do anything...creates an imminent and serious danger to the life, health or safety of persons...

Canadian waters are always deadly if victims are denied a means of getting out immediately, according to a Transport Canada publication available on the internet: "Hypothermia is your worst enemy...Even in July, a dunking in the waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence can lead to total loss of manual dexterity within 5 minutes and death within 15 to 20." (Sea Kayaking Safety Guide, National Library of Canada ISBN 2-89101-179-1, 2003, p.55)

This death rate is huge, considering that the Canadian canoe and kayak industry is so tiny, operating only 2 warm months and a few warm weekends every year. Reasonable citizens wonder why this industry does not try to sell more canoes and kayaks with built-in, easy, simple, failsafe self-rescue capability: $25 CO2 airbags below. The canoe/kayak rate of death is over 3 times the rate of death in the US, (not factoring in that they are paddled all year round south of the border by a much larger population). And over 100 times the death rate of cars, in use hours, for the Canadian population.

(The US death rate is also high. US Coast Guard report 071-01: "Canoes and kayaks have by far the highest fatality rates per million hours of exposure (.42) as any other boat type". Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation of the U.S. House of Representatives, May 15, 2001, BOAT/U.S. "A total of 105 canoeists and kayakers drowned in 1998. Canoes and kayaks have the highest fatality rate of all boat types ñ double the rate of personal watercraft and 4 times higher than open motorboats.")

Without these large airbags, the girls would have no means to escape the water and would eventually die of hypothermia. These pictures were to be published in the Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association's "Kanawa" magazine, by 2 separate editors: in September 2000, "Kanawa Ken", and February 2001, Judy Lord, who replaced Ken. The magazine was not allowed to publish this article and these pictures, as this would negate CRCA/ORCA instruction programs that have no canoe rescues, except to paddle a swamped canoe to shore (impossible) as the dead Girl Guides and 3 Boys north of Winnipeg found out in great pain and terror May 20, 2005.

One hour later, two of these Girl Guides died in pain and terror, suffering deaths that are among the most cruel deaths in human imagination. Whereas Any 10 Year Old Girls Without Previous Experience or Instruction Can Easily Rescue Themselves and Many Others From Deadly Waters, Far Superior To The Most Expert Instructor.

"Hello, I am a mother who lost her child to hypothermia May 31/2003 and you and everyone else who thinks that canoeing is safe is crazy your telling me that a life jacket and rope is enough bull my 11 year old died because they could not get back into the canoe after capsizing in Lake Huron how can you close the door on these safety sponsons when they really work. Why should they not be on every canoe that camps or organizations take our children out in as safety feature kids that have no idea how to get back in, or even the strength to do it. I am a boater myself and as a adult in a bad situation could not get back into a everturned canoe.I am fine with adults making the decision to go out but to play god with lives is crazy when these safety devices can save lives...but realisticly sponsons work, unfortunately it will take the lives of many more before something is done to regulate whos going in these canoes and what safety devices should be used when it comes to children, the canoe and kayak association as well as the government knows that these water crafts are dangerous for adults never mind sending our kids out in them up antil my daughters accident i had no idea how unsafe they were and how little safety precautions are taken not enough in my opinion.I love the water and still do but do we as parents know how unsafe it is out there people must be informed about this.I dare everyone to try to get 3 people back into a canoe adults not even children and then you will know what kind of a chance a child some cheaking of your own about all the dealths that could have been stopped by another safety device being installed whether his or maybe the government should take the time to invent something on there own. Thank-You for reading my post Shelley Mitchell"

*It should be carefully noted that the 2 young girls paddling a fully flooded canoe standing up have no previous experience. But they can easily maneuver this canoe to rescue a large and disabled adult or 2 from the water, since the  gunwale is nearly level with the water surface and they can easily slide into the flooded craft. With airbags set normally, like the lower airbag in the picture, the canoe is self-bailing by leaning on one airbag to pour most of the water out. But the canoe is fully maneuverable, rock steady and can be paddled at 2 knots by these 7 and 10 year old girls with no previous experience, even fully flooded.

Without these large airbags, the girls would have no means to escape the water and would eventually die of hypothermia.    These pictures were to be published in the Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association's "Kanawa" magazine, by 2 separate editors: in September 2000, "Kanawa Ken", and February 2001, Judy Lord, who replaced Ken. The magazine was not allowed to publish this article and these pictures, as this would negate CRCA/ORCA instruction programs that have no canoe rescues, except to paddle a swamped canoe to shore (impossible) as the dead Girl Guides and 3 Boys north of Winnipeg May 20, 2005 found out, in pain and terror.  (I have these documents, the correspondence and the article for "Kanawa".) This false, degrading, and deadly instruction has been recognized for many years by famous authors: The Canadian canoeist Bill Mason reversed his traditional rescue ideas after 12 boys died at once in 1978, stating that canoe rescues simply cannot work, in his last book: "canoe over canoe...I have since changed my mind..." (Song of the Paddle,1988, p.126). A conclusion C.E.S. Franks reached before Temiskaming, in The Canoe and White Water, University of Toronto Press, 1977, p.123: "...nearly useless...On a stormy lake where upsets are likely to occur, the water is often too rough and choppy."

All modern countries have a Level Flotation Law for small boats under 20 feet long, except for canoes and kayaks, that are exempted from this safety requirement by Transport Canada, despite the 1994 Canadian Coast Guard study. If you type "Level Flotation Standard" into Google, you will find within the Office of Boating Safety, Transport Canada website: "44. While floating in calm, clear water, the boat shall not list more than 30° with the weight redistributed." You will eventually find the same law in Australia and the United States, for example: USCG Level Flotation Standard  33 CFR 183. Issued April 18, 1977; Effective August 1, 1978  "Establishes level flotation standards on rowboats and outboard boats less than 20 feet in length, the boats most often involved in swamping and capsizing accidents, so that the boat will float level when swamped and provide a safe platform until rescue."

The above picture is what the Level Flotation Law looks like for canoes. The $25 CO2 powered Airbags sponsons inflate in a second, like airbags in cars. Below, these early Airbags (sponsons) were invented in 1987, before car airbags were factory-equipped on even the cheapest cars. These airbags below should be larger, and CO2 inflated for fool-proof self-rescue capability in seconds. The larger airbags enable these little girls to paddle fully flooded to a disabled adult victim who can easily crawl over a flooded gunwale, and then they can paddle the adult victim (even more than one victim with the larger sponsons) to shore, at 2 knots standing up (but preferably sitting down.) The girls are only standing up to simply demonstrate the rock solid stability of a canoe with Airbags (sponsons) and a ton (2,000 lbs.) of water ballast.

Once the victim is inside the flooded canoe, the large $25 CO2 airbag sponsons permit the canoe to be self-bailing, simply by leaning on one airbag. Note that these $25 CO2 Airbags are normally both fitted like the lower large airbag, in the large airbag pictures. One large airbag  is deliberately set higher than normal to permit  total flooding over the gunwale. Otherwise total flooding over either gunwale is impossible, without the weight of a disabled victim crawling over about 3 inches of exposed freeboard above the water, due to the buoyant force of the large airbag  (over 80 lbs.)  It can be easily understood by reasonable persons that canoes and kayaks need not be intentionally so dangerous; and in fact can be superior rescue craft in stability, maneuverability, cost effectiveness, and capacity: Superior to any other small watercraft known to man.

These $25 airbags are concealed out of sight before deployment, within the gunwales of canoes or within protective, streamlined containers on kayaks, weighing about 1 lb. each.

It is also understood by reasonable people that canoe airbags are not sold now because the government prevents $25 CO2 airbags; but permits expensive, fraudulent, difficult and deadly canoe instruction that would have no market if $25 CO2 airbags were factory equipped. Many instructors willingly endanger and kill  innocent citizens and their children for fraudulent instruction dollars. Others will do it freely. A. Anne McLellan not only allows citizens to be defrauded, tortured and murdered by using taxpayer dollars to sell this program, through the Trillium Foundation, and other government sponsors like Transport Canada; she endorses this fraud, murder and torture. Some Canadians will kill others eagerly, if simply permitted. All scientific research, like the Milgram work, acknowledges this kind of behavior in these circumstances.

Yours truly,

Tim Ingram
231 Gordon Drive
Penetanguishene, ON L9M 1Y2
phone: 705-549-3722

    Canoe Rescues and Safety

Rescue Safety for North American open canoes does not exist without sponsons. This safety issue is obvious. No human paddlers can empty loaded canoes in capsizing conditions.  "Canoe over Canoe" Rescues only work reliably with unloaded canoes, in swimming pools. Safety is non-existent in capsizing conditions. Dozens of children and adults die in canoes from this lack of safety thinking.

"Common but nearly useless are the training drills at summer camps, in which a capsized canoe is emptied while it is still in the water by splashing and shaking the water out or by pulling the canoe upside down over a second canoe. On a stormy lake, where upsets are likely to occur, the water is often too rough and choppy for these tactics," p.123 C.E.S. Franks, The Canoe and White Water.

20 Second Sponsons

These are simply sponsons pre-inflated and secured in canoes.

They can be closed cell foam sleeping mats, properly adapted.

Or the inflatable stowage bags shown below.

(Mid-point sponsons are more compact: An inflatable tube, 26 inches long and
10 inches in diameter, and weighing half a pound. Both sponsons roll up 8 inches long and 3 inches in diameter. Compact, light
and $100, to save lives in canoes.)

So after capsize you simply clip on the nearest sponson (each Fastex clip near a sponson end, then shove the remaining sponson under the boat and clip it on.)

A 10 year old child can turn any ACA canoe instructor into a FOOL in 20 seconds.

Clip, clip, the Fastex buckles and any kayak or canoe is stable enough to paddle fully flooded, to safety. The paddler gets warmed immediately. And the body core is out of cold water in 20 seconds. Plus Re-capsize protection.

1. The Instructor is still in the water.

2. The instructor denies the public re-capsize protection, even in a fully flooded canoe or kayak that can be paddled in 20 seconds.

3. The instructor kills people this way.

NOTE Regarding Picture Above:

The nearest sponson is deliberately set higher than the far sponson so one gunwale is always underwater, to create a fully flooded 2000 lb. canoe. Both sponsons set near each gunwale would decrease water inside significantly, and appear less impressive. This canoe was easily paddled over 1 knot, standing up as shown, after clipping on sponsons in 20 seconds.

Rescue Safety is impossible without sponsons because the waves simply refill the open canoes,  negating any attempts in waves and wind to empty canoes. Kids at summer camps die. School canoe trips have fatalities if unpredictable weather catches them. Capsizing winds and waves blow up quickly.

Open, undecked canoes must enable paddlers to quickly re-enter and paddle to safety (self-rescue); otherwise they die of hypothermia. The flooded canoe is stabilized by internal flotation and sponsons, just like flooded but stabilized kayaks with decks, internal flotation and sponsons, (as shown in the website pictures below).

Please note how even a tiny amount of interior flotation plus the "off-the-chart secondary stability" of sponsons and water ballasted load creates a paddle-to-safety craft.

Canoes cannot be rescued and emptied in the rough conditions in which they were capsized, without sponsons. Other canoes cannot rescue paddlers. Traditional Open Canoe Rescues only work in swimming pools or shallow, calm waters; (when they are emptied overhead, or over the gunwales of a rescue canoe), then flipped upright. Obviously these rescues are impossible in waves and deep water.

       Ballast/Buoyancy Rescue Safety

Safety Sponsons  fitted to canoes at midpoint, just below the gunwales and barely touching the waterline, make the usual camp or rental canoes potentially more stable than even sponsoned kayaks. This is because the sponsons are wider apart on canoes for greater secondary stability. (Kayaks fit sponsons half immersed, as pictures show.)

Safety Sponsons are the same size for canoes or kayaks because the extra width of a canoe creates a lever that narrow kayaks don't have (you don't need bigger sponsons) .

You have actually created a water-ballasted kayak out of a common open canoe. This is the maximum safety stability possible in such craft. The canoe can be paddled to safety (or towed) with minimal resistance from the sponsons (assuming adequate internal flotation throughout.)

The canoe can be easily righted before attaching sponsons; since a flooded canoe rolls like a log. If capsized with sponsons already deployed (fairly unlikely assuming a modicum of good judgment), simply kneel body weight on the sponsons to right the canoe, and then re-enter. Sponsons do not have enough buoyancy to prevent righting of the craft. The sponsoned canoe or kayak is easy to right when upside down because there is no water ballast operating.

Kayaks with built-in sponsons are easily righted. Lindemann easily righted his sponsoned kayak when capsized on his successful Atlantic crossing in 1957.

(You could simply deflate one sponson, right the canoe, and re-inflate the sponson in 6 big puffs or 30 secs. approximately for the 1987 non-CO2 sponsons. But that is not neccessary, assuming the stowage packs inside are well tied in and secure, or out of the canoe entirely.)

See for yourselves in calm, controlled conditions. This has been evaluated for over 8 years and is easily proven to save lives. Prove it yourselves. That is the best idea isn't it?

Camps and schools for kids can't afford wetsuits in all sizes; but they already have dry stowage packs. Sponsons in large wholesale volumes are less than $50 pr. Loaded, capsized canoes are impossible for people to flip upright on rough lakes, without water inside. The problem of keeping the canoe group together without more capsizes while trying to rescue one canoe, also applies to kayaks. Canoes and kayaks tend to end up beam-on to waves and they capsize in capsizing conditions. Self Rescue potential for all canoes and kayaks is common sense, putting sponsons on before weather hits, or guides deploying them after a capsize, to prevent it happening again, in the same conditions. Children have died in these situations because guides cannot assist the entire group; only one capsize at a time.

About 100 years ago companies sold canoes in quantity with built-in sponsons. They never had deployable emergency sponsons. The Arctic peoples had "almost" sponsons and the 19th century missionaries wrote about "almost sponsons" on Haida canoes, held down in the water for Stability in huge Pacific ocean waves. (I discovered these anthropological facts years after inventing real sponsons using modern technology.)

(The water inside this canoe is stabilized by sponsons. More interior floatation in the form of well-secured waterproof packs with camping gear etc. makes this canoe immune from swamping, and easily entered from cold water, to save capsized kids at YMCA camps.)

The American Canoe Association does not have a real life safety program for capsizing conditions.  Nor do they seem to want safety, just like the kayak industry, due to the same problems of human nature. They don't intend to kill anyone. They are nice people who need to think realistically.

Stragglers in a YMCA camp trip are at high risk for example, where the young counsellors and older trip supervisors are split between attending to the capsized, while others are herded to the nearest safe shoreline. Thank God for powerboats happening on time. If not the capsized die. How else can the supervisors empty capsized canoes, get kids out of cold water, and safely to shore? The boats must have stability as we know.

Please Note: As you continue through this evolving site please see that the wave photos, with no paddle in the water for bracing to stay upright, do not suggest looking for trouble. If you look closely the kayak is flooded, with no sprayskirt. The sponsons create the final stability, with slight paddler weight toward the waves, to make it possible. This is the stability safety principle: sailboats with ballast keels operate similarly. The heavy, flooded kayak or canoe hull, below the sponsons, acts like a fat and shallow ballast keel. This accounts for the remarkable stability.  Thank you for your careful understanding. (Most of this was written in year 2000.)

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Canoe Sponsons Instructions

1. Fitting to canoe. You might require drilling of 4 small holes in the the canoe gunwales, to create the 4 attachment points referred to in the kayak sponsons instructions. These attachment points are further apart  along the gunwales, than the length of the sponsons. This allows the sponsons to be fully extended along the sides of the canoe, at the widest part of the canoe, for maximum stability. Read the kayak instructions carefully to understand this before drilling.
2. Operation.  You will notice in the kayak instructions that the sponsons can be attached from the water or the cockpit. It is the same with canoes. ( Canoe paddles can push the remaining deflated sponson beneath canoe, as referred to in kayak "cockpit deployment", or deployed on shore before setting out.
Hypothermia kills quickly, even in "warm" 70 degree water. ( Water is always cooler than you and it wicks body heat away very quickly. Only a few degrees of lowered body temperature results in death by hypothermia. See Hawaii deaths.) Many kayakers and canoeists do not wear thermal protection (wetsuits etc.) due to expense or discomfort. It is imperative to get out of water quickly, to maintain normal body temperature. It is imperative also to practise in calm, controlled conditions so you are able to function effectively in emergencies.
3. Deployment.  Sponsons can only rescue an open canoe with adequate, well secured, internal flotation. This means the dry stowage bags, permitting dry gear as well as buoyancy,
must be well tied in by dedicated fastening points inside the canoe. Otherwise a loaded capsized
canoe can be tough to turn upright, and the buoyancy of the bags is lost. Practise to understand this
problem in controlled conditions.
Experienced canoeists know the heaviest gear should be stowed near the midpoint and on the keeline of the canoe. The most buoyant stowage bags should be stowed in the ends and widest points of the canoe interior, for optimal stability.
4.Summary.  Sponsons provide open canoes having proper internal flotation a means to self-rescue and paddle to safety. (The alternative previously was to hold on to the slippery craft awaiting rescue, before death by hypothermia. Even experienced canoeists cannot empty a loaded canoe in waves, in deep water. Flooded canoes are unstable to paddle and recapsize.) Sponsons create a canoe or kayak survival platform following the wisdom of The Coast Guard Level Flotation Standard, for all small craft.

Some people are always at risk in small human-powered craft, even with sponsons. Some should never venture beyond easy swimming distance of an accessible, friendly shore. (Towing a flooded canoe without sponsons is slower, exhausting, sometimes impossible, and risks more danger of death by hypothermia.) User Assumes All Risks of Sponsons and Other  Equipment.  Have fun and take care, Tim Ingram.