Re-opening of 911 Commission, ACA Canoe and Kayak Safety Scam

Trickery and Treason

Yesterday, January 22, 2009 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton introduced her staff to President Obama as part of their "smart" administration, capable of understanding diplomacy and intelligence as well as military power; to be used in the interests of the American people. Part of this "smart" behavior will re-open the 911 Commission, that the original Commissioners have complained has badly served the nation, along with over 1000 famous patriots, airline pilots, engineers, decorated U.S. military and CIA veterans, news anchors, celebrities and even foreign heads of state:

A first reading of
reveals some of the most intelligent and best educated citizens of America, on the record regarding the simple scam of controlled demolition of the towers with nearly 3,000 citizens inside, including 47 story WTC 7, that was not struck by any plane. You will see that No American airline or military pilot can pilot such airliners at that speed into such relatively narrow (200 feet) targets. (The 700 series Boeing airliners have a GPS-based autopilot system that successfully flew and landed a 737 airliner decades ago: GPS offering precise handling co-ordinates to the computerized controls that no human pilot can match, even if trained in Florida on a Cessna.)

The 911 attacks, like the Gulf of Tonkin attacks on destroyers Maddox and Turner Joy, allowed unscrupulous political and police operators to go to war for more power, just like the Viet Nam War. In Perilous Power, p.13, Professor Noam Chomsky states: "Every power system in the world gained from 9/11." In part, this is why the blatant 9/11 scam has been so readily accepted and built upon by so many corrupt politicians and police; although clearly contradicted by the authors of the 911 Commission, almost all expert engineers, pilots, CIA and Military veterans, and even many 2008 Republican and Democratic Presidential candidates. (Even Senator J. McCain; although he did not sign onto  for many good political reasons.)

The American public has been tricked so badly by this scam! And so much of the population is in denial that anyone in America would allow this trickery into the Iraq war, let alone the huge current economic destruction of America in trillions of dollars through bank and financial markets, like giant and hugely-leveraged Ponzi schemes. (Warren Buffet's autobiography reveals that he helped the SEC, at their request in 1991 with the potential collapse of a ridiculously-leveraged, major Wall Street player in 1991: "The Snowball.")

The Obama Presidency, while immediately signalling great changes in the first hours of taking office, will take some time to organize the government of the nation into investigating 911 properly. The huge emotional task, involving both denial and treason, is not a simple formula. For example, even the illustrious M.I.T. Professor Chomsky, author of "The Manufacturing of Consent", and numerous books against Zionism in Israel, does not understand how modern airplanes fly, how modern skyscrapers are built, and how government conspiracies are so easily perpetrated. Former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Hellyer (probably the oldest and earliest signatory on this website years ago, decades ago retired from office), did understand 911 years ago, and was even joined recently by Vladimir Putin and numerous retired and decorated CIA veterans. Russian KGB and American CIA patriots have a common interest here: Even they are offended by too much treason and corruption!

Of course the canoe and kayak safety scam is a very simple experiment, modelling the 911 scam pattern in simple, obvious trickery and showing that the American Canoe Association has murdered nearly 2,000 Americans and Canadians, including hundreds of children, since: "Once you have the Sea Wings fitted and adjusted, its advantages over the paddlefloat become clear. To use a paddlefloat, a certain amount of instruction and practice is needed. But with Sea Wings, I simply told my volunteer how to snap the four buckles, inflate the sponsons, and climb back aboard."(Sea Kayaker Magazine, Winter 1993). The pattern is similar to the American Tobacco Industry murdering thousands by "bait-and-switch" safety, "We are introducing new improved safer filter cigarettes," just as the American Canoe Association murdered thousands, "We have assisted rescues in case the paddle-float rescue doesn't work", (although the wet, weak, hypothermic and terrified victims simply re-capsize flooded kayaks and canoes and die, without 5 second, 50 cent sponsons, or any kind of sponsons.)

It has generally been recognized for many years that kayaks are impossible to pump out through a sprayskirt, even in small waves. You need hands for the paddle, pump and sprayskirt, but you still can't seal the sprayskirt, so water comes back in. This has been openly acknowledged: "...It has two fairly serious shortcomings: You can't seal the sprayskirt, and you can't keep both hands on the paddle while pumping." (Sea Kayaker Magazine, February 2003, p.29) "The most effective way of using a handheld bilge pump in rough seas is to lift the bottom of your PFD up and shove the pump down between the spray skirt and your belly. This way is slow and awkward, but you can pump with the spray skirt completely sealed. Practice it." (p.27, Sea Kayaker Magazine, June 2006.) Matt Broze, "Pumping Out after Paddle Float Rescue", Paddlewise, Wed, 20 Jun 2001 02:36:43 -0700: "...obviously there are going to be certain combinations of clothing and spraydecks that don't allow a pump down the front. Please try it and report back (if you don't knock yourself out and drown after hitting your chin)." The idea to shove the pump down the top of the sprayskirt requires unfastening the PFD, since the tops of sprayskirts normally extend some distance underneath the PFD.

Pamela Dillon, Executive Director of the American Canoe Association, responsible for the agonizing deaths of nearly 2,000 canoe and kayak victims, just under the 3,000 of Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden in the U.S. and Canada; in "Canoeing", her 2008 book with co-editor Jeremy Oyen, has no means to rescue victims from the water (she has none). Instead, victims are to "huddle" in the water, with other victims or individually in a manner to attempt to  reduce body heat loss, until hopefully someone happens by to get them out of the water. Body heat loss in water is 25 times the rate of heat loss in air. They are instructed not to swim to shore unless close enough to be certain to make it. This ensures that they cannot rescue themselves except in the most unlikely favourable circumstances by swimming, and will almost certainly die. If they cannot get out of the water quickly, they will certainly die!

These 2 ten year old girls can rescue themselves within 5 seconds, and any other victims in the water, even large and disabled adults who only need crawl over a submerged gunwale, before the girls paddle them to shore at 2 knots standing up. Normally the girls would be sitting on the seats, body cores out of cold water, and the sponsons would be both clipped to the canoe at a point 4 inches below the gunwale. In this picture one sponson is intentionally set higher to demonstrate 2 knot paddling even with total flooding. (Otherwise, both sponsons 4 inches below the gunwales at the mid-point of the canoe, prevent total flooding through self-bailing by simply leaning the canoe to one side, putting body weight on one sponson.) However, if a large wave should completely flood or swamp the canoe again, it is good to know that the canoe can be easily paddled to shore at 2 knots, completely flooded, by 2 ten year old girls without any instruction or practice:

Notice that one airbag (sponson)  is higher than the other. This is to demonstrate total flooding. If it were set lower, the same as the other sponson or "air bag", most of the water would pour out just by leaning on one Airbag sponson. Also the two girls, 7 and 10 years of age, would normally be sitting on the seats.

However, even standing up they can paddle the canoe that weighs over one ton at a speed of 2 knots. They can also turn and pick up any victims in the water. Even large and disabled adults can be rescued from the water easily, since victims only have to make it over the low gunwale to be in the canoe, so that they can be paddled to shore at 2 knots.

To Dillon's credit, she refuses to claim that victims can paddle a swamped or fully flooded canoe to shore. Obviously, without sponsons she would immediately re-capsize, since the buoyancy of the thin wooden gunwales on a flooded canoe is not sufficient to resist her immediate re-capsize. But other ACA instructors do persist in this lie; although most people know that even a few inches of water sloshing side to side in the bottom of a canoe or kayak is very de-stabilizing. This is obvious. "A capsized paddler who Eskimo rolls is still in the same conditions that capsized him  or her in the first place, and with each roll he or she will take on more water, lessening the kayak's stability." Matt Broze, Deep Trouble, p.91

However Dillon and others have killed hundreds of kayakers using sprayskirts, knowing that a 2 handed pump cannot be shoved down a 2 handed sprayskirt while leaning on a 2 handed paddle with a paddle float on the end. It has generally been recognized for many years that kayaks are impossible to pump out through a sprayskirt, even in small waves. You need hands for the paddle, pump and sprayskirt, but you still can't seal the sprayskirt, so water comes back in. This has been openly acknowledged: "...It has two fairly serious shortcomings: You can't seal the sprayskirt, and you can't keep both hands on the paddle while pumping." (Sea Kayaker Magazine, February 2003, p.29) "The most effective way of using a handheld bilge pump in rough seas is to lift the bottom of your PFD up and shove the pump down between the spray skirt and your belly. This way is slow and awkward, but you can pump with the spray skirt completely sealed. Practice it." (p.27, Sea Kayaker Magazine, June 2006.) Matt Broze, "Pumping Out after Paddle Float Rescue", Paddlewise, Wed, 20 Jun 2001 02:36:43 -0700: "...obviously there are going to be certain combinations of clothing and spraydecks that don't allow a pump down the front. Please try it and report back (if you don't knock yourself out and drown after hitting your chin)." The idea to shove the pump down the top of the sprayskirt requires unfastening the PFD, since the tops of sprayskirts normally extend some distance underneath the PFD.

My May 2001 letter to the Attorney-General of Florida documents the ludicrous: "...the Eskimo roll being the most famous and effective. It's also the hardest...An outrigger rescue with a paddlefloat..." (Canoe and Kayak Magazine, Kayak Touring 2001, p.53) How can the "hardest" rescue be the "most famous and effective"? The World Champs in Greenland require a rescue boat at their Annual Rolling championships (Sea Kayaker Magazine, Feb. 2001, p.41).

The American Canoe Association's letter in reply June 29, 2001 to the Attorney-General of Florida by Gordon Black, lies extensively, avoiding the defending of paddlefloats and Eskimo rolling, since the American Canoe Association in their "Paddler" magazine had already admitted, many times, that most people could not save their lives with either "rescue". These letters and many others are reproduced in "Canoe and Kayak Scam Kills 1000 Americans", available at and throughout the world. Tim Ingram (

The most popular type of kayaks, called "recreational" kayaks", sold at Walmart and sporting goods stores from $300 to $700, 10 or 12 feet long, with a very large cockpit, too large to fit a sprayskirt effectively, has no ACA rescue at all! Victims simply die in the water; although the Search and Rescue groups of the Canadian Coast Guard use these kayaks with sponsons and no sprayskirt (to ensure interior flooding for extra stability from the water ballast), for rocky surf rescues, clipping victims to fore and aft decks and paddled back to the mothership.

Dave Harrison started this whole story in the largest canoe and kayak magazine, stating the obvious below. Then the advertisers, the ACA instructors and their allies, threatened him with a financial boycott. See the original letter in my book "Canoe and Kayak Scam Kills 1000 Americans". It would be the same result if the likewise ethical editor of Sea Kayaker Magazine were to attempt to do the same. Dead bodies are good business for the fraudulent rescues of the American Canoe Association: "I thought these were a better idea, and have turned my old paddle float bag into a camera case." (Canoe and Kayak Magazine, July 1993.)

"Every serious kayaker should learn the Eskimo Roll. It is by far the quickest, most reliable method of rescue (Obviously this statement is untrue, as contradicted above, by the need for back-up rescues, that in turn are not reliable.).... Its only disadvantage is that some find it difficult to learn.... Until you find the blade’s glide angle all attempts to complete a roll will fail and you may pick up several habits that might need to be laboriously broken before you will be able to succeed... Once you master the Eskimo roll make sure you can do it with the equipment you will actually be using. (Why do the Greenland Champs require a rescue boat? Who can trust an Eskimo roll with their life, if the World Champs are failure-prone.) When you get a new boat, paddle, PFD, drysuit or anything else that might affect your roll you should practice rolling with it. It's not enough to be a pool roller, you must also be capable of rolling the kayak as you would be paddling it. That is with a gear load, bag on the back deck, your life jacket on, etc. You need to be successful in whatever conditions (cold water, waves, turbulence, etc.) you may find yourself. " (This recommendation for the Eskimo roll is so qualified and demanding of special considerations, that it cannot be trusted with human lives. It is a "show off" trick.) (

"However Reimer was an experienced sea kayaker...His Eskimo roll was not strong, so there was only his paddlefloat." He was unable to get back in, like most experienced paddlers. He died an agonizing death:
"Hanging onto his upside-down boat, he lifted his paddle over his head. In spite of the rough seas, he waved it back and forth..." (Sea Kayaker, June, '01, p.54).

"For paddlers with good rolling skills, this is the quickest way to recover from a wet exit. You can be back in the boat and rolled up within a minute." (Jonathan Hanson referring to yet another unlikely "rescue", the "re-entry and roll", Complete Sea Kayak Touring, 1998, p.85) You will also have a boat full of water obviously! And no way to stabilize it while trying to pump it out. Pumping requires at least one hand, holding a paddle at least one hand, and the sprayskirt is generally at least a one hand operation. In Fact: It is impossible to pump out the flooded kayak through an opening between the sprayskirt and the cockpit rim. "...It has two fairly serious shortcomings: You can't seal the sprayskirt, and you can't keep both hands on the paddle while pumping." Sea Kayaker Magazine, February 2003, p.29.)

Homeland Security, that controls the U.S. Coast Guard, has ensured "safety exemptions" for canoes and kayaks, despite attempts by the FBI and The Consumer Product Safety Commission to change this. Men, women and children, an average of 100 annually are killed in canoes and kayaks in America. Brought to you by Homeland Security that has not rebuilt New Orleans nor secured the border with Mexico. American lives are for sale in America to the ACA and other lobby groups. This will likely improve with an election change in Washington this year.

The same long, blue, thin, sponsons close up:

The newest CO2 inflatable sponsons are not long and thin, and easily rescue any victims within 5 seconds, no practice or instruction needed; giving 2 knot speed and re-capsize protection in big waves (that have not suddenly disappeared, nor the suddenly appearing, capsizing winds.) These sponsons can be made at kids' camps from 50 cents worth of used, closed-cell foam and an 8 foot length of cord connecting the sponsons and tied to the middle canoe thwart. Very simple, as long as 2 things exist: these exactly same specific points of attachment to the canoe are made, and the foam contains the same, equal buoyancy to the green pillow sponsons below. Foam will require more volume to equal an air-filled or CO2 filled, Fat pillow sponson in buoyancy, due to the extra weight of the foam. See this most recent patent at the U.S. Patent Office in Washington:

You will notice a Big difference between the 2 sponson pictures above. The long, narrow sponsons have only about 60% of the buoyancy of the pillow-shaped green sponsons. The green pilllow sponsons are much more powerful and inflate instantly by means of a CO2 cartridge. They can also be inflated orally in about 10 puffs of air from a normal adult. They are manufactured identically to CO2 PFDs, but are made of much more rugged materials. (They can also be made at kids' camps from 50 cents worth of used, closed-cell foam and an 8 foot length of cord connecting the sponsons and tied to the middle canoe thwart. Very simple) See the most recent patent at the U.S. Patent Office in Washington:

Note that historically, Paddle Canada (until recently the Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association) advocated safety flotation for canoes through revered member and famous Canadian canoeist Bill Mason, who reversed his traditional rescue ideas after the many dead schoolchildren (12) in the 1978 Lake Temiskaming tragedy, stating that these rescues simply cannot work, in his last book: "canoe over canoe...I have since changed my mind..." (Song of the Paddle,1988, p.126). Mr. Mason advocated extra interior flotation; otherwise a flooded canoe cannot be paddled and no self rescue is possible. Extra interior flotation is not as effective as sponsons because it negates the water ballast/buoyancy couple that allows:

1. Any 10 year old kids to get out of the water within 5 seconds,
2. As well as rescue others from the water immediately, even large disabled adults from the water in wind and waves.
3. Bail the flooded canoe by simply leaning on one sponson to allow water to pour out, the sponsoned gunwale being slightly above the exterior water level.
4. Re-capsize protection even if large waves completely refill the canoe (or kayak) since the water within is actually water ballast, created by the leverage of the water ballast/sponson buoyancy couple. More water inside creates more stability through more weight. Without sponsons, water inside canoes and kayaks sloshes from side to side, as revealed by any expert paddler, as well as Bill Mason.

You will notice that Dillon attempts to mislead the safety of the public by saying that 4 (count 'em) ACA instructors on and in the (perfectly calm) water in the pictures in her book can rescue themselves; if they don't panic, have 2 lightweight and completely empty canoes, have at least 4 strong, experienced and well-practiced canoeists, and no winds, waves, or any other condition except calm, perfect luck to accompany their deceit and stupidity in showing the "rescue" that has also murdered hundreds, including dozens of school children! Follow the experts over the years, although the foolish and calamity prone ACA Dillon rescue is obvious:

Famous Canadian canoeist and film-maker Bill Mason, reversed his traditional rescue ideas after the dead schoolchildren (12) in the 1978 Lake Temiskaming tragedy, stating that these rescues simply cannot work, in his last book: "canoe over canoe...I have since changed my mind..." (Song of the Paddle,1988, p.126). Mr. Mason advocated extra interior flotation in this book instead, but died suddenly of stomach cancer just before the first sponson patent became known. C.E.S. Franks reached Bill Mason's conclusion just before Temiskaming, in The Canoe and White Water, University of Toronto Press, 1977, p.123: "...nearly useless...On a stormy lake where upsets are likely to occur, the water is often too rough and choppy." Note: American Canoe Association Hall of Fame member Cliff Jacobson in the 2005 book "Expedition Canoeing" states: "The canoe-over-canoe rescue touted by the Red Cross and Boy Scouts is generally impossible to perform in a running sea. Far better to forget about the swamped canoe and gear and put your efforts into rescuing the paddlers" (p.202.) However, in Deep Waters, James Raffan notes that Jacobson's idea merely capsized more canoes, killing 12 boys and one leader, Ontario's Lake Temiskaming, 1978.

See page 108 of "Deep Waters": "Somewhere in the middle of the lake, about two miles from shore and too far from the camp to be seen with the naked eye, the canoe upset. Whether this was from a sudden gust of wind on an otherwise calm summer evening, or from a novice paddler "catching a crab" (a paddle) on the water and shifting position, is not clear, although there was a tendency for some newspaper writers (as there would be with Timiskaming fifty years later) to concoct a violent storm to overturn the canoe. There was likely no storm. In any case the big canoe upset. It had no air tanks, sponsons, or flotation chambers,..."

Dillon published her book in 2008 anyway. Oyen and Dillon are deliberately wanton and reckless with regard to human life, despite the above book comment by even their own ACA Hall of Fame member Cliff Jacobson!

Please note: with sponsons, more water inside creates more weight and therefore more stability. See this stability below in "awashed" U.S. Military kayaks: US Military Special Forces, 10th Airbourne, Fort Devens, MA, 200 mile ocean kayak race, the coast of Maine, between Military Kayaking Teams from about 12 NATO countries:
"basic, no nonsense...dramatically and...capabilities... It should be noted that within the North American civilian sea kayak industry there is some controversy...Sea Wings' direct competition with...the paddle float...the merits of Sea Wings...far outweigh those of the paddlefloat...During the IMKP 1994 we used Sea Wings with all our rescue boats as back-up flotation/stability for awashed kayaks needing assistance pumping out in heavy seas. In addition, IMKP's rescue kayak was fitted with Sea Wings on a permanent basis which allowed us to be far more stable in possible rescue operations...Sea Wings dramatically increase re-entry operations with capsized boats. Indeed, even with heavily loaded boats (those approaching 1000 lbs.) most paddlers can easily re-enter the kayak. However the most notable advantage of Sea Wings is with lightly loaded boats; ie, those kayaks which are far less stable (more tippy) than fully loaded boats. Recovery operations are far more difficult in these boats and most students have extreme difficulty in mastering the necessary techniques. This is compounded in heavy seas. Sea Wings offers an almost guaranteed method of re-entering a lightly loaded kayak even in heavy seas. Stability increase in heavy seas. Paddling in extremely heavy seas is difficult. Sea Wings offer the crews an additional method of dealing with such sea states. One of the most dangerous situations a detachment can find itself in is that of towing a disabled crew with full operational loads in heavy seas at night. The employment of Sea Wings dramatically increases the safety margin. In my opinion, this is one of the sponsons' most important contributions to MAROPS... As an historical footnote it should be noted that circumpolar kayakers (Greenlanders and Inuit) employed a similar sponson/ float for stability. It differed significantly though from Sea Wings in that it was free floating; i.e., there was apparently no harness system and stability came from pushing down on the float on the side of the kayak. In addition, during the late 70's and early 80's we employed a similar system with our commo boats. Waterproof bags were blown up and hand held to the sides of the kayak while communication was conducted. The point here is that the idea of some sort of support on the sides of the kayak for stability is very old and universal." Invitational Military Kayak Paddle 1994 Evaluation

Without sponsons no canoe or kayak of any type can be "pumped out", resulting in instability, re-capsize and death. Escape from certain death is the main reason for the "life raft platform concept" in the United States:
USCG Level Flotation Standard  33 CFR 183. Issued April 18, 1977; Effective August 1, 1978  "Establishes level flotation standards on rowboats and outboard boats less than 20 feet in length, the boats most often involved in swamping and capsizing accidents, so that the boat will float level when swamped and provide a safe platform until rescue." The US Coast Guard report 071-01 reveals: "Canoes and kayaks have by far the highest fatality rates per million hours of exposure (.42) as any other boat type". In use hours, canoes and kayaks have a far higher death rate than the deadliest vehicles. "Canoes and kayaks have the highest fatality rate of all boat types." (Before the Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation of the U.S. House of Representatives, May 15, 2001, BOAT/U.S.)

Canoes and kayaks, the earliest and most primitive form of watercraft, are capable of 5 second transformation into the patented and most advanced form of active-rescue life raft:

Kayaks are generally narrower than canoes, but are transformed into the most advanced form of active-rescue life raft just as easily as canoes. The Canadian Coast Guard Search and Rescue in Newfoundland use $600, 10 foot recreational kayaks with sponsons to paddle into rocky surf zones, clip victims to fore and aft decks, and paddle back to the big "mother ship" (usually a twin-engined large Zodiac or other rigid-inflatable powerboat.)

See this drawing of a foam sponsoned kayak. These sponsons, made from 50 cents worth of  re-cycled foam, are clipped to the kayak below the small "wing" protruberances that serve to widen the distance between the sponsons to about 3 feet, the usual distance you see in the canoe pictures above:

The foam sponsons can be clipped to 25 cent clips C, or be connected to the kayak instead by a strap or cord B running under the kayak or canoe. The foam sponsons are stowed securely on the rear deck before deployment. The CO2 sponsons can be rugged enough to be "almost bulletproof", like modern liferafts, yet fit into tiny containers molded to the sides of any canoe or kayak. They are an obvious means to save lives. Otherwise victims in the water will soon die, even in 70 degree Fahrenheit waters, where body heat is lost at a rate 25 times the rate of heat loss in air.

You can have 3 very simple types of inexpensive sponsons:

1. Solid closed-cell foam sponsons (larger than inflatable sponsons that contain about 10 adult puffs of air.)
2. Inflatable sponsons that are already pre-inflated (10 puffs) by mouth and stowed securely within the canoe or on the rear deck of a kayak.
3. CO2 inflated sponsons within a protective container molded sleekly within the gunwale of a canoe or the hull of a kayak, inflating in 5 seconds upon pulling a cord.

Of course the major authors are both intelligent and genuinely interested in human lifesaving: "After Lyme Bay (and to avoid further attention from the British Press that tore into this terribly tragic story for weeks and ensured the Manslaughter conviction), the famous UK author Derek Huthchinson wrote: "The Paddlefloat is not really a rough water rescue. During trials I found the SEA WING (sponsons) ... very comforting. I paddled out to sea in rough, windy conditions...I was able to sit on my rear deck-not something I would normally do at sea...The rescue potential is obvious." (Derek Hutchinson, The Complete Book of Sea Kayaking, 1994, pp.104-111) Capt. D.C.S. Thompson, Principal Marine Surveyor, UK Coast Guard (re-named MSA under Margaret Thatcher), contacted me after this tragedy, following the huge media coverage in the UK. Capt. Thompson told me that he was acting on the recommendation of Mr. Derek Hutchinson that sponsons were necessary to prevent the continuing re-capsize of the students' kayaks, after the guides got them back in. Capt. Thompson mentioned that some UK experts complained that sponsons increased the "righting lever" of kayaks so much that kayaks with sponsons were in fact less stable in waves. (The US Military Kayakers did not complain of this! In fact their evaluation stated the obvious: Sponsons make kayaks much more stable in heavy seas or in surf landings when kayaks are more in danger of broaching and capsizing in large, breaking waves.) There is some "expert" propaganda in Paddle Canada about narrower canoes and kayaks being more stable in waves. This is not supported by either science or commonsense.

The famous Canadian author John Dowd, in his book "Sea Kayaking", 1986, p.227 states: "I was once with a group of Outward Bound boys...fourteen boys, 16 to 19 years old...a savage squall capsized nine of them in one blast... any form of group rescue using the techniques...was out of the question. There were two instructors with the group and myself and another instructor in a 24 foot jet rescue boat, watching through binoculars from a distance of half a mile. we picked less than twenty minutes. Without the rescue boat, we would have needed a 1:1 staff to pupil ratio...and even then the result would have been in doubt." With the invention of sponsons in 1987, John Dowd stated: "The great advantage of the Sea Wing (sponsons) is that it leaves the paddler in a more stable position than before capsize." (Sea Kayaking, 1997, pp.90-95) In "Deep Trouble", 1997, sponsons are mentioned for emergency stability on pages 140, 153, and 182. These sponsons or "airbags" can be different shapes and CO2 inflated for immediate rescue from deadly waters in a few seconds, without any instruction or practice, on any kind of canoe or kayak. These sponsons or airbags can be rugged enough to be "almost bulletproof", like modern liferafts, yet fit into tiny containers molded to the sides of any canoe or kayak. They are an obvious means to save lives. Otherwise victims in the water will soon die, even in 70 degree Fahrenheit waters, where body heat is lost at a rate 25 times the rate of heat loss in air.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada Report Number M93W0008 still exists:

"2.8 Emergency and Safety Equipment: The side sponsons...were not inflated and installed ahead of time to assist the kayaker to reboard after a possible capsizing or to increase the stability of the kayaks. Consequently, when the kayakers entered an area of rough seas, they had to keep paddling to keep their kayaks upright. Each kayak was equipped with these floats. The secondary use of the sponsons, i.e. to increase the stability of the kayaks, was not foreseen before the kayaks encountered severe weather."

Unfortunately the young man in the above report, on a commercial kayak touring trip in the Queen Charlotte Islands, paid with his life in 1993, mainly because the full use of sponson safety was not appreciated: deploying them before inevitable capsize in an approaching storm on the open Pacific Ocean. After all, Dr. Hannes   Lindemann crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1956 with a sponsoned canoe, amd then survived a Hurricaine crossing the Atlantic again in 1957 with a sponsoned Klepper kayak. The tour group did not take paddle floats with them because it was well known that paddle floats were both ineffective at providing stability on both sides of the kayaks (in fact actually creating a capsizing lever on one side); but also they could not continue to paddle to a safe shore with paddle floats obviously. But sponsons of course permit steady paddling to safety in heavy winds and capsizing waves flooded with water or not!

Two of these 11 year old Girl Guides below died horribly and slowly, crying and wishing to see their families again. They had no means to escape the water.

I include the record of intent at Kanawa Magazine, 2001 about 200 Canadian deaths ago:
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  I am not sure just how to "Canadianize" but I'll just write "off the cuff" now.

  How is this:

  Commonsense Canoe and Kayak Safety
  by Tim Ingram

  It's pretty simple. When canoes and kayaks capsize, people are most at risk of bad experiences. A general, acceptable statement of fact. Right? Ok, swimming pool capsizes don't count.

  In emergency capsizes, canoes and kayaks are not only threatened by water flooding the interior (and causing more instability), getting back in the craft doesn't change the circumstances (that have not magically disappeared.)  People need a Much more stable craft than the one that capsized in the first place, a much more stable craft even filled with water.

  Pumping out flooded kayaks and canoes in capsizing wind and waves is an extremely optimistic idea. (Yes we have heard of ramming a 2-handed bilge pump down a 2-handed sprayskirt, while balancing on a 2-handed paddle with a float on the end.) But eventually you have to retrieve the paddle in the same capsizing conditions. And then you have no paddle to brace with. You are Less stable than before capsize. Paddling a flooded open canoe to safety is impossible for anyone. Try it in a pool. Then take a 17' 9" canoe. (This picture probably shows a ton and a half of water in this big Bluewater expedition.) But the girls get it going well, after overcoming inertia.

    Pic 1

  The reason the girls can do this: 10 adult puffs of air encased within two, 400 denier nylon urethane bladders. The bladders resemble the 5,000 year old Bering Sea double floats, shown on models of kayaks found in ancient graves.

  Ten puffs is a powerful fix of tranverse emergency stability, as you can see. Try it yourself in a pool. Please do not rig your own sponsons for actual conditions. There are many critical and technical aspects for safe sponsons, even though they look simple. But you can have fun in a safe pool just to see the 10 puff power for yourself.

  David Zimmerly, a Canadian anthropologist, wrote that Russian military officers reported double floats used by Aleut kayakers, in the 19th century, for stability in storms. Ditto for Greenlanders seen by Danish observers,  5,000 years after Bering Sea double floats. Missionaries in the 19th century were relieved to see big marine mammal floats, held down into the water for stability in furious storms, on those big dugout Canoes of the Northwest. (The Canadian Canoe Museum notices their Haida canoe is quite unstable in waves. All Dugouts are unstable. That's why the Haida had floats, and the Polynesians had outriggers.)

  I might add that canoe and kayak rescues require one thing the aboriginal floats did not incorporate. That is the ability to paddle to safety. That is what differentiates the meaning of the word "sponson" (an extension of the hull) from "double floats". The Aleut and the others just held floats down in the water for stability and capsize protection. NATO military kayakers recently did the same thing until the modern yellow, patented sponsons, shown in this picture of Jack, were made in dark blue:


Here is a picture of Jack  8 years later taking a different sponson model for a spin.


Now he needs a rest. (We are all getting a little older.)


  You know, feedback from instructors as far flung as Australia, England and California indicates fear that sponsons make them obsolete. Nothing could be farther from the truth. They can't meet the need now. And safety can be used to sell the amazing benefits of canoes and kayaks. And free instructors up to teach some of those amazing experiential benefits, with the safety bases covered better. Safety now sells cars. Any marketing expert will tell you: Better Safety Will Sell Canoes and Kayaks much better than the rather disorganized marketing to date. Have a great Fall season. Thanks, Tim

  PS: Ken the Pics are in order: canoe girls(1), jack on deck(2), jack paddling (3), jack on tilt (4)

   ----- Original Message -----
  From: Judy Lord
  Sent: Monday, February 05, 2001 5:57 PM
  Subject: Safety

  Hello Tim....I am guest editing Kanawa, and in Ken's files, found a copy of some correspondence from you.  There is a story -- which looks like a good bet for Kanawa -- but unfortunately, it is a bit garbled.  I'm wondering if you could send the file to me again.  There are photocopies of photos here, too.  Did you send jpegs?  Unfortunately, I did not inherit the computer or any electronic files.

  Can you fill me in on the background?  I like the idea of a story on "10-puff power" -- but I'm not sure I completely understand how the sponsons work.  In fact, I'm sure I DON'T understand.  Where are they located and how are they put into action?  (Sorry to be so dense about the topic!~)

End of email, with repetitive matter deleted.

Most of the pictures are already in the book below: The little girls in the big flooded white canoe, and the CO2 kayak sponsons.

This article was not ever published in "Kanawa", nor any similar article in US magazines. However we can see the conscientious and ethical intent among these editors. They were prevented from publishing by the Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association (CRCA) in Canada, just as an editor might have been prevented from publishing a similar safety article in "Paddler" by the ACA, in the US. We are all familiar with the canoe and kayak industry, and it's deliberate marketing of the most dangerous canoes and kayaks possible, to sell expensive gear and instruction that cannot get victims out of the water.

Trickery and Treason

This evidence of the Canoe and Kayak Torture Safety Scam is plain and obvious to any judge and jury, just by reading this page; let alone trying the fraudulent instruction in a swimming pool: paddle-float, assisted rescues, canoe over canoe etc. Nearly 2,000 victims tortured to death in American and Canadian waters since 1993. Many are children. Compare with Osama bin Laden (3,000) since 2001.

See the  American Psychological Association respond to the Canadian government regarding Citizen Torture:

CNN recently revisited the Milgram experiments regarding torture etc. The Canoe and Kayak Torture Experiments are far larger than any scientific experiments ever conducted, with the exceptions of Nazi experiments at the death camps and the CIA experiments with LSD on unsuspecting citizens at McGill University, Montreal, Canada, that resulted in a few deaths by suicide.

I shall keep you informed. It is wonderful that the U.S. now has a "smart" government. I have always kept the FBI and Homeland Security informed in the past. Nice to have Hillary Clinton now on side.

Tim Ingram


Trickery and Treason

"Fatal Tide" is the subject of the book review: "There is even an interesting look at the development and vitriolic promotion of sponsons as safety devices for kayaks and canoes." p.53, Sea Kayaker Magazine, February 2009. If you scroll down 11 lines at, you will see the words from the Sea Kayaker book review, and a link to Obama, 911 Commission etc.

Now is the time to recognize the existence of intelligent life on the planet, at Most people are too "stupid" (in contrast to Hillary Clinton describing her State Department as part of a "smart" administration, reported on CNN and all major news networks), to know how airliners fly or that skyscrapers like the towers were the strongest buildings possible, essentially 200 feet of steel/concrete beams in all directions, far stronger than the spire shapes (Chrysler, Empire State, Sears etc.) A 100 ton airliner impact is no serious threat, actually a relatively "tiny" impact compared to the structural strength, and jet fuel burns at far too low a temperature to weaken steel. And of course WTC7 was 47 stories high, not hit by any plane, and collapsed perfectly, symmetrically, into its' own footprint, the signature collapse of any controlled demolition, like the twin towers next door containing nealy 3,000 screaming victims.

Notice Victim Edna Cintron waving for help, just before she is blown up by the Bush White House Cabal. Or some cabal. Re-open the 911 Commission to find out. The Commissioners want this! See her video:



Notice how many "retired" people on are "patriots", to avoid firing by nasty people in either denial or treason mode. Many don't want their perfidy broadcast now, having profitted greatly: e.g. Mayor Giuliani, friend of OPP Fantino and RCMP Zaccardelli, who destroyed the crime scene (Although samples of thermite were obtained: the explosive cutting the steel girders in the neat cuts shown in hundreds of photos of the girders being quickly loaded onto trucks. The steel was not twisted, but neatly cut in handy lengths for quick disposal.)

President Obama and Clinton don't want to look bad like Giuliani either. Or stupid. They don't have the bodies to go into Afghanistan (requiring far more than Iraq). No Europeans are so stupid either. So it is in their interest to get the real evidence in the 911 Commission, like the Commissioners have been asking for years.

"Fatal Tide" reads like Unger's "The Perfect Storm". Exciting and well-spaced with facts chapters along the route. Good enough for a movie! The young guy Chris McQuarrie who wrote "Valkyrie" (the new but bad movie about Tom Cruise as a Nazi), would be the best screenwriter because he has already studied Milgram and the Stanford Prison Experiment. If he already likes reading about evil, it is no leap to "Fatal Tide" and the extremely callous and negligent behaviour toward human life exposed there.

"Fatal Tide" does an excellent job of showing just how commonplace everyday risking of human life for no good reason is! Dr. Milgram of Yale wanted to show just how ordinary Nazi thinking was (and is!) See for email to Zimbardo et al.

The Sea Kayaker book review is a little bit of larceny, the "assisted rescue" posited as a great alternative to the "paddle-float rescue" when of course there was no way to pump out Rene Arseneault's kayak even with him sitting in it, since it would just refill; and even if that were overcome, without emergency stability (sponsons, any kind of sponsons) he would have just re-capsized. Mr. Boon Kek was lucky he wasn't capsized by the swimmer-on-rear-deck rescue, so popular in ACA instruction. Or there would have been 2 dead.

So Sea Kayaker uses the old bait and switch scam in the book review. Otherwise it would face a financial boycott from the American Canoe Association's angry instructors. It is tough under oath in court to get a pass on this. ACA Dillon, Oyen, Broze, Moyer, Harrison and so on may just get sued, jailed or worse someday. The American people, now faced with a financial nightmare, are not tolerant of the 100 dead bodies paid annually (see the U.S. Coast Guard statistics), to the American Canoe Association Safety fraud. Are they mad (delusional) or bad? I have the evidence from talking with them as "bad". Dr. Milgram of Yale would not have been surprised.

Today January 29, 2009 President Obama said Wall Street bonuses using $20 Billion of taxpayer bail-out funds was: "Shameful". Indeed. The murders in canoes and kayaks of nearly 2,000 people, over 1,500 American and over 350 Canadian dead and tortured victims, (documented in the U.S. Coast Guard BARD database, including hundreds of children) is even worse for President Obama's condemnation!

When you have some time is it worthwhile to read the Brooklyn rabbis at The original history of Golda Mier(son) and Menachem Begin, Ben Gurian, Wiezmann et al. selling Jewish victims, when money was already raised to buy their lives, according to the rabbis: the old bodies and the very young feeding Hitler's machine, to jump start the Jewish State in Palestine, with mostly military aged bodies. It has been very profitable. In only 50 years the 4th largest military power, nuclear armed with the finest intelligence and internet-based snooping capability in the world. The Extremely profitable arms industry selling American missile and submarine technology to China despite extreme national security risks to America.

There is no end to commonplace evil like Hitler's Nazis, as my Canoe and Kayak Safety Death Study shows. I have studied History intensively for over 50 years. As Faulkner said: "History is not dead, it is not even passed." The financial destruction of America is now, January 30, 2009 (CBC), rumoured to go past $$$ 1 Trillion $$$, perhaps 2 to 3 $$$ Trillion $$$, meaning nationalization of the banks. Why pay $$ 1 trillion $$ including bonuses, for Wall Street, if you don't own it? Welfare for Wall Street millionaires while taxpayers now have no future, no pensions, no college funds for their kids? And no jobs.

The entire financial system has collapsed. But you can read here that much money has been made killing Americans in canoes and kayaks as well as 3,000 on 9/11.

If you do not fix murders in canoes and kayaks and murders on 9/11, you cannot fix Wall Street that uses Trickery and Treason in the same manner. Just not so many dead bodies.


Trickery and Treason

You will notice that the extreme economic woes of America will eventually precipitate large numbers of very angry Americans "looking for justice", and politicians will begin to encourage prosecution of these criminals, the American Canoe Association and other murderous criminals. See Vincent Bugliosi (prosecutor of Charles Manson): "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder". Mr. Bugliosi is a well-researched and very sharp prosecutor. Unfortunately his book on the JFK Assassination is flawed because he has never studied the problems of snipers firing off several shots at a moving target. Prosecutors may understand very complex laws, but they may not understand simple physics or ergonomics as well as a high-school gym teacher.

Fidel Castro was a sniper long ago (50 years ago.) In his autobiography "My Life", he makes this point. Fidel has the paranoia of most dictators but he is extremely intelligent. Hellyer, Putin and the decorated patriots on understand both sniping and the difference between flying a Cessna and a modern jet airliner. This is pretty obvious now; but it is very easy to trick most of the people most of the time.

President Obama will find it easier to re-open the 911 Commission. See all of the Republicans on They want President Obama to Re-open the 911 Commission too. All Americans want the Truth! Otherwise, President Obama will be blamed for Afghanistan, which promises any competent military observer to make Iraq look easy. Europeans are not as foolish as Americans in this regard.

Put an Army in and pretty soon some civilians die; Army is blamed and pretty soon we have a healthy insurgency from normal outraged civilians who have no other option. Nobody likes to be invaded, especially by a foreign army "no spaka da english" etc. Even if they speak the language and are from the same country but a different province or county they will not be welcomed.  For a test (if you don't believe what happened in Iraq), put the American soldiers into say, Wyoming (any State will do); search all of the public every day at all checkpoints for weapons etc., hands up and down civilian bodies etc.You will have much resentment immediately, IEDs eventually. (How would you like even one body search a day?) How would you like being a body-searching soldier. It is demeaning, both ways. Then up the body searching to torture and you have a destroyed soldier with post traumatic stress syndrome who cannot perhaps live safely in any civilian population ever again. Far more American soldiers died of suicide from Viet Nam than 58,000 officially dead in Viet Nam.

Trickery and Treason

Simple and obvious trickery is a common thread here, among 911 murderers and the canoe and kayak scam: It is very easy to trick most of the people most of the time. Then Denial makes it hard to "untrick" them. Finally, tricking them is so profitable that many corrupt politicians and others want everyone to "stay tricked". Unfortunately America's Financial system will not revive until trickery for treason is effectively punished. Until 911 and the Canoe and Kayak Murders are resolved, and the American People are protected, the trillion dollar $$$$ financial destruction of America will continue. (Email this link to your Congressman and Senator. They need help here NOW! A trillion dollar bail-out $$$ will not work against trickery for treason in the marketplace in America. Only rule of law, justice and punishment.)

Simple and obvious trickery is a common thread among 911 murderers and the canoe and kayak scam, any scam:
1. Rene Arseneault could not save his life, nor could Mr. Boon Kek without some easy, foolproof way to stabilize the kayaks and paddle them to shore (sponsons are pretty simple here, so liars are easily punctured.) 2. Lee Harvey Oswald was not likely any more skilled than a trained sniper like Fidel Castro, who said snipers would have a lot of trouble making these JFK shots. 3. The Cessna-trained Al Qaeda pilots could not do what Top Gun U.S. military and airliner pilots say they could not do at that speed on .  These points are obvious; So the inclination for most people to believe  obvious lies to permit the murder and torture of thousands is Very Strong. Dr. Milgram of Yale would not be surprised. Nor the rabbis at

Thank you. Email the White House Now

Contact Your Congressman and Senator Now

Stop your Financial Destruction!

Thank you, Tim Ingram (American citizen, born Bellefonte, Pa., 8th generation Canadian citizen as well.)


Emailed to Whitehouse, April 4, 2009:

Why not Free President Obama from 911 lies (The Bush Playbook to go to war)? Go to and see Senator Patrick Leahy, Many of the Republican and Democratic 2008 presidential candidates who Pres. Obama knows, retired and decorated CIA and US Military veterans, heads of state, scientists, airline pilots, architects and engineers.

Yesterday, April 3, 2009 on my daughter's birthday, President Obama lied in Europe, referring to the Al Qaeda pilots who went from Florida cessna pilot training to fly into the towers, that no trained American airline pilots can do! Read See the Pentagon staffers who saw the hole in the wall of the Pentagon, 20 feet in diameter, no debris from tail or wings of an airliner. WTC 7, 49 stories, collapsed as in a controlled demolition into its' own footprint without an airliner strike, like the 911 towers with nearly 3,000 inside.

American people are not stupid, European people even less so. American jobs will not soon return, anger will rise. The 911 Commissioners have called to re-open the 9/11 Commission for years: it is a failed and deceiving report.

Read the links on, see the 9/11 pictures and arrest Giuliani (who destroyed the crime scene, breaking federal and state laws), in the first 15 lines: "FBI Public Safety Arrests" etc. President Obama does not have much time before seething anger and jobless/hopelessness takes over America. Re-open 9/11. Don't give bin Laden credit for pilots so smart they can go from flying a Cessna, to flying 700 series Boeing airliners like no American military or airline pilot can do!

Americans are not stupid. Ask Senator Patrick Leahy.

Tim Ingram, phone 705-549-3722