President Obama Safety Sponsons

President Obama's Safety Sponsons on will accomplish at least 2 things: a) Raise the intellectual level of the canoe and kayak community from level of the mentally handicapped to more mainstream American citizenry, b) Give President Obama  well-needed intellectual architecture. Sponsons are canoe and kayak safety devices; but perfect intellectual images for President Obama. He is bright but he is young. Obviously he does not understand airplanes (he should talk to his pilots on Air Force One and even ask to try the controls while carefully supervised). April 3, 2009 he spoke in Europe about the "terrorists" who trained on tiny Cessna aircraft in Florida so they could then fly large Airliners into the 9/11 Towers, and even the Pentagon; with a precision that no top gun U.S. military pilots or veteran U.S. airliner pilots could manage, according to these more than 200 expert American pilots:

For the moment we shall ignore the usual canoe and kayak posters on who are not intelligent enough to understand these concepts, any more than simple canoe and kayak safety. You will see how the facts on this web page are President's Obama's Safety Sponsons, just as stability and safety are closely linked to truth and safety. President Obama will not succeed over Bush Cheney if he does not use his Safety Sponsons: The real truth for the American people who voted for him. Ultimately this is their safety too!

President Obama said to the world April 3, 2009 that the Al Qaeda pilots were so special that they can learn to fly simple Cessna aircraft and then fly Airliners into the 9/11 towers and the Pentagon; but no top military or veteran American pilots can do this? Check

If President Obama believes the 9/11 terrorists did not have superhuman intelligence, then he thinks he or anyone can go to a Florida flight school, train on a Cessna like any American teenager, get his pilot's licence; then fly large airliners with far more skill than any top gun American military or airline pilots on

President Obama is talking crazy! Why do top gun and veteran American pilots train for years to fly large airliners, if Obama or anyone can just fly a Cessna first, then fly a large airliner with superior skill to the 200 plus top gun pilots on  ?

We know President Obama is not stupid. We wonder why President Obama talks crazy; unlike the politicians, scientists, and celebrities who he knows on

I have studied President Obama's personality and he definitely is an improvement over Bush, Cheney, McCain or the Alaskan Mooselady. No surprise to Most Americans. But President Obama is very young, very smart in some areas and ignorant in others. Who is perfect? Canoe and kayak safety has obvious problems too.

I don't think that President Obama really believes (when he actually thinks about what he said) that Al Qaeda terrorists are able to be trained on cheap, single engine Cessnas and then fly big airliners into the towers and the Pentagon with much greater skill than any American military pilots or veteran airliner pilots. President Reagan could have believed that perhaps, but not President Obama. (At least not after President Obama visits the cockpit of Air force One and asks his pilots about the difference between flying the big Boeing and flying the Cessnas at their Florida flight school.)

Probably the simplest way to introduce President Obama to Safety Sponsons is this letter to the FBI (FBI Public Safety Arrests), scroll down a few links on

"Dear FBI:

Re: Mass Murders at Homeland Security and the US Coast Guard

Please note the letter below. I have informed Rear Admiral Hathaway and the National Boating Safety Advisory Council regarding these mass murders, many times since 9/11. Some members of the Council have expressed fear of retaliation from the Bush Whitehouse to me, regarding what is now the mass murder of over 1,500 Americans in canoes and kayaks. They have even printed examples of previous actions of intimidation by lobby groups such as the American Canoe Association in the US Coast Guard Canoe and Kayak Sponson Study, on the USCG website.

You can understand this easily as a member of the FBI: You have limited wealth apart from your FBI salary, and you may have family, children and loved ones to support, with only your FBI salary. You have no protection from the FBI or anyone else, if you should choose truth and justice, and attempt to save another 1,500 canoe and kayak victims (if this were against FBI "policy".) Rear Admiral Hathaway is a similarly intimidated American who chose his salary and family. Many Other Americans, patriots like Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Presidential Candidate Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, chose

A 100 ton airliner impact is no serious threat, actually a relatively "tiny" impact compared to the structural strength of the towers, the strongest buildings possible: essentially 200 feet of steel/concrete beams in all directions, far stronger than the spire shapes (Chrysler, Empire State, Sears building etc.) Jet fuel burns at far too low a temperature to weaken steel. And of course WTC7 was 47 stories high, not hit by any plane, and collapsed perfectly, symmetrically, into its' own footprint, the signature collapse of any controlled demolition, like the twin towers next door containing nealy 3,000 screaming victims. Samples of thermite were obtained: the explosive cutting the steel girders in the neat cuts shown in hundreds of photos of the girders being quickly loaded onto trucks. The steel was not twisted, but neatly cut in handy lengths for quick disposal.

Notice Victim Edna Cintron in the very stable, ROCK Solid concrete and steel 9/11 tower, waving for help, just before she is blown up by the Bush White House Cabal. Or some cabal.  Re-open the 911 Commission to find out. The majority of the 9/11 Commissioners have wanted this to be re-opened for many years! See the video:



You will recall that General Zinni was cashiered by the Bush Whitehouse for stating that Iraq required about 500,000 US soldiers in order for a successful outcome. Rear Admiral Hathaway at the USCG would have been similarly cashiered. Or anyone at the FBI. The Bush Republican Whitehouse was a vicious and treasonous institution, operating against the security of the US and the safety of all Americans.

Canoes and Kayaks are a very simple and very easily understood means of rescue and safety that can be transformed in 5 seconds by 50 cent sponsons..."

Note: President Obama and anyone else should only refer to
for references to the facts of 9/11! Otherwise there are so many contradictory and confusing pictures and speculations about "what really happened". Clearly calls for a Re-Opening of the 9/11 Commission, that the Commissioners have been calling for for years, and have been denied by Bush Cheney, should be heeded!

I Warned President Obama and the Whitehouse sent me a nice email referring to something completely Irrelevant to 9/11 and my Warning!

Emailed to Whitehouse, April 4, 2009:

Why not Free President Obama from 911 lies (The Bush Playbook to go to war)? Go to and see Senator Patrick Leahy, Many of the Republican and Democratic 2008 presidential candidates who Pres. Obama knows, retired and decorated CIA and US Military veterans, heads of state, scientists, airline pilots, architects and engineers.

Yesterday, April 3, 2009 on my daughter's birthday, President Obama lied in Europe, referring to the Al Qaeda pilots who went from Florida cessna pilot training to fly into the towers, that no trained American airline pilots can do! Read See the Pentagon staffers who saw the hole in the wall of the pentagon, 20 feet in diameter, no debris from tail or wings of an airliner. WTC 7, 49 stories, collapsed as in a controlled demolition into its' own footprint without an airliner strike, like the 911 towers with nearly 3,000 inside.

American people are not stupid, European people even less so. American jobs will not soon return, anger will rise. The 911 Commissioners have called to re-open the 9/11 Commission for years: it is a failed and deceiving report.

Read the links on, see the 9/11 pictures and arrest Giuliani (who destroyed the crime scene, breaking federal and state laws), in the first 15 lines: "FBI Public Safety Arrests" etc. President Obama does not have much time before seething anger and jobless/hopelessness takes over America. Re-open 9/11. Don't give bin Laden credit for pilots so smart they can go from flying a Cessna, to flying 700 series Boeing airliners like no American military or airline pilot can do!

Americans are not stupid. Ask Senator Patrick Leahy.

Tim Ingram, phone 705-549-3722

Obama's 9/11 Background, Why Obama does not understand No Expert Top Gun American Pilots Can Do what "superior terrorist pilots" can do after Cessna airplane training. Obama is very polite, at least, if not astute:

"Dear Penny:

Thank you for contacting me regarding your belief that the U.S. government was complicit in the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. I appreciate hearing your passionate views on this matter.

While I do not believe the U.S. government was complicit in the attacks, I do think it should be held accountable for the unacceptable mistakes it made in the run-up to that terrible day. The blunders that occurred prior to the 2001 attacks were inexcusable and often outrageous. The series of clear warnings about the potential use of hijacked planes as weapons is just one example of why the "surprise" of 9/11 should have been anticipated. In my view, proof of government complicity is not necessary when making the argument that the U.S. should accept some responsibility for what happened on 9/11.

Thank you again for writing.


Barack Obama
United States Senator

"It is no surprise then that Obama dismisses the claims of complicity out of hand and cites the official conspiracy theory that 'mistakes' and 'blunders' account for the full stand down of U.S. air defenses on 9/11, the desist orders to FBI officials investigating Bin Laden immediately prior to the attacks, and the vast amount of insider profiteering that occurred - to name just a smattering of the core issues.

The Senator is more than willing to say that the U.S. should bear some responsibility for the attacks yet stays silent on whether a true independent investigation should be carried out to, at the very least, punish those responsible for said 'blunders' and, at most, uncover the truth that has been hidden behind a wall of whitewashing.

The fact remains that the only Presidential candidate who would seriously consider a new 9/11 investigation is Texas Congressman Ron Paul. Appearing on The Alex Jones Show last month [MP3 link] he had the following to say about 9/11:

CALLER: I want a complete, impartial, and totally independent investigation of the events of September 11, 2001 . I'm tired of this bogus garbage about terrorism. Ask Michael Meacher about how he feels about this bogus war on terrorism. Can you comment on that please?

HON. DR. RON PAUL: Well, that would be nice to have. Unfortunately, we don't have that in place. It will be a little bit better now with the Democrats now in charge of oversight. But you know, for top level policy there's not a whole lot of difference between the two policies so a real investigation isn't going to happen. But I think we have to keep pushing for it. And like you and others, we see the investigations that have been done so far as more or less cover-up and no real explanation of what went on." From:

Today, my email to President Obama:

July 10, 2009

Dear People at the Whitehouse:

Please stop President Obama from using the Bush Cheney playbook for war, torture (including the rapes and sodomy of young men in front of their mothers at Abu Ghraib, described by General Taguba and Seymour Hersh among many others), and the economic destruction of America. Please stop President Obama from protecting Bush Cheney in their crimes against humanity and the American people. Voters are becoming very disappointed in what they see as blatant lies from President Obama, who has repeatedly protected Bush Cheney from investigation of terrible crimes!

Please tell President Obama to read Obama Sponsons.html

President Obama is saying crazy things to the world: April 3, 2009 on my daughter's birthday, President Obama lied in Europe, referring to the "terrorists" who went from Florida cessna pilot training to fly into the towers, that no trained American airline pilots can do! Read See the Pentagon staffers who saw the hole in the wall of the Pentagon, 20 feet in diameter, no debris from tail or wings of an airliner. WTC 7, 49 stories, collapsed as in a controlled demolition into its' own footprint without an airliner strike, unlike the 911 towers with nearly 3,000 inside.

President Obama seems to think flying an airliner is so simple that anyone can do it; either that or he thinks the "terrorists" were far superior to the best and most decorated American pilots on

If President Obama is afraid of Bush Cheney, tell him to go to Senator Patrick Leahy and Congressman Ron Paul who are with many other American politicians he knows on

These people are among the most intelligent and best educated Americans, pilots, scientists, and world leaders. President Obama must not talk crazy to protect Bush Cheney any more. If he protects them President Obama will lose respect in the whole world (he is dropping in popularity quickly for doing this), and then Bush Cheney will eat him and his family alive, leaving Mr. Biden as President. President Obama must protect himself, his family, and the American people who voted for him. Shame!

Please read Obama Sponsons.html
and look at the pictures of the Pentagon where no Airliner could have hit. (To believe that you would have to be crazy or treasonous.) Please contact me with any questions.

Tim Ingram, phone 705-549-3722

Thank You Whitehouse People:

July 12, 2009

Cheney linked to concealment of CIA project
Former vice president told agency to hide it from Congress, 2 sources say

updated 1:47 a.m. ET, Sun., July 12, 2009
"The Central Intelligence Agency withheld information about a secret counterterrorism program from Congress for eight years on direct orders from former Vice President Dick Cheney, the agency’s director, Leon E. Panetta, has told the Senate and House intelligence committees, two people with direct knowledge of the matter said Saturday...."

Now, no more protection of Cheney Bush by President Obama; otherwise his speeches about democracy and transparency in Africa  yesterday are hypocritical, and President Obama's actions are seen as treasonous to the American people (who haven't seen much transparency or democracy from Bush Cheney).  And torture policy by AG Holder:

Of course, most importantly, re-open 9/11 (as the 9/11 Commissioners have been calling for years); if anyone is going to believe transparent U.S. democracy as a real concept!

Tim Ingram

Pentagon Hit by Airliner Flown by Pilot Trained on Cessna? How Stupid are You?

In the above slides, see the blurred silver image (above the right orange marker) in the top slide, notice the total absence of the silver blur in the last slide above (above the right orange marker): Something silver much smaller than an airliner (that all the expert pilots point out would be impossible to to fly in this way using an airliner on )

Don't confuse President Obama but ask him how the 49 story WTC7 was supposed to collapse (looking like a perfectly controlled demolition), although it was not struck by an airliner. Does not President Obama want to know? He is going into Afghanistan without knowing all the facts of the Bush Cheney playbook to war?

------------ Truth is Safety and Safety is Truth---------

Now, after these 9/11 pics, I suggest that President Obama read the following article to achieve economic stability. These facts on this webpage are President Obama's Safety Sponsons. Just as Safety Sponsons transform any canoe or kayak into a lifesaving device, so these facts are President Obama's Safety Sponsons, to transform his lifesaving powers and increase his political powers. Ask Senator Leahy and Congressman Ron Paul or a thousand other intelligent Americans! This is all good.  Obviously the analogies to buoyant stability from Sponsons flow from the words describing economic stability, (or any kind of stability within the human experience) in the following article:

I found this above article yesterday in Huffington Post. Huffington Post over the past few months has encouraged the re-opening of 9/11, as encouraged by Senator Leahy and many other elected members of the U.S. government:

And just as interesting to President Obama is this following article. The American people are not stupid. As a group the American people are far more intelligent than represented by the media!

Cheney Discussed Inquiries into Plame Leak- Obama Administration Trying to Keep Details Secret

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It is becoming painfully clear that Obama is just Bush Lite. We all had hopes that honor and intergrity might be restored. We thought that this president was something different because of the firsts it represented. Well, we all have learned a lesson on race haven't we, that in spite of a political candidates race or lofty talk, they are just hubris filled liars who pamper the well connected at the expense of the little guy, aka the American Public. I thought Clinton was a little bit Republican, but now Obama is more than a little bit Bush.

Lets compare, Guantanamo- what has really changed? They are still torturing according to many reports.
Wall Street Big Wigs getting rich off of tax payer subsidized welfare for the ultra-wealthy.
Haliburton still has the worlds largest no bid contract, Cheney's company.
The School of Americas is still open, teaching torture and how to overthrow democratically elected governments.
Obama still pursues a failed drug policy that costs the US almost the same amount as the Wall Street bail outs EVERY YEAR, over 450 Billion according to the CDC.
Obama is still supporting Israel with billions and billions of dollars, so Israel can afford national health care and money to keep the Bulldozers gassed and ready to demolish Palestinian homes and property.
AND The executive branch is as secretive as ever, even protecting Cheney's treason against a US operative which could have cost peoples lives.

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AND TODAY, More Bush Cheney Scandal that President Obama is at risk to cover up, lest Obama will soon become so unpopular that Bush/Cheney and his GOP enemies will eat President Obama up alive, in gratitude for President Obama protecting their Criminality, Copy and Paste into your Browser:

President Obama needs to get Smart, fast. The above link is just one more National Security Issue! But apart from American Security, not that it is unimportant: the jobless economy will soon be blamed on him, and when they get rid of him: No America at all. To say nothing of those decent Americans who believed in Obama and were cheated by President Obama's reckless stupidity, in this particular case. No-one wants Mr. Biden as President!

Yes, Americans are not living in Iran or China, and are grateful for that no doubt: But Americans deserve better from Obama.

More Bush Cheney CIA stuff from The Washington Post:

Sponsons are very simple and very concrete safety images for President Obama, to help him understand 9/11 and his own powers, and President Obama's own safety. Stability is a word that is synonomous with what is real, "truthful" and safe. Canoes, kayaks, poiltics, economics or national security, sponsons connote truth.


Note: In any further reading, in view of the extremely emotional facts of 9/11, And so many apparently confusing points of view; it is best to have a main reference site with real persons and irrefutable facts: always refer to

Further interesting 9/11 reading, plus a British perspective on world power games, the Queen, nuclear energy and war:

Good pics of the 9/11 Pentagon hole:

Bad, Unpatriotic Obama Moves:

See the families:

Scroll down to Bush timeline at Florida school:

Obama bailout:

NORAD Drills on Morning of 9/11:

A private pilot's pictures on 9/11:

Even the Japanese Parliament Questions 9/11 for Obvious Reasons:

The Real Problem With Mr. Spitzer:

9/11 Censored:

President Obama safety sponsons (Obama can fix this, yes he can):

Bush Martial Law:

More on economy:

Cheney Profits:

America Psychologists for Torture instead of safety sponsons:

War Protest:

President Obama and safety sponsons:

Top 25 Censored Stories in 2009:

One honest Texas Congressman:,tx14_paul,blog,999,All,Item%20not%20found,ID=080707_2130,TEMPLATE=postingdetail.shtml

8. U.S. and British forces continue use of depleted uranium weapons despite massive evidence of negative health effects.

Former Sergeant First Class Carol Picou will never be the same after serving in the first Gulf War. On the frontlines with a mobile medical unit, "I noticed that all the bodies that were on the highways and tanks and all the armament that was damaged was burnt," the veteran nurse told Hustler magazine last spring. "It was actually literally black, and I thought the Iraqi people were black-skinned. It amazed me that they were burnt that bad,­ that we would have used some type of armament that would actually melt these people into their vehicles."

Picou began experiencing serious health effects almost immediately. Back in the United States, her muscles were deteriorating. She permanently lost control of her bowels. She suffered from 104-degree fevers, and her skin would break open and bleed. Rather than take care of Picou, who had served in the armed forces since 1978, the Army medically discharged her against her wishes in 1995.

"More than 9,600 of the relatively young Operation Desert Storm veterans have died since serving in Iraq, a statistical anomaly" wrote Dan Kapelovitz, the reporter who interviewed Picou. Of those still living, more than a third,­ upward of 236,000, have filed Gulf War Syndrome-related claims with the Veteran's Administration....Obama Safety Sponsons:

9/11 For Dummies:

Some good facts on this web page, only a couple of discrepancies; but this is why a real "truth commission" is necessary to accommodate all facts:

U.S. Military Suicides May Surpass Combat Deaths:

President Obama Safety Sponsons:
Rudolph Giuliani deliberately destroyed the 9/11 crime scene, breaking the law: