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April 4, 2012

Dear Commissioner Lewis:

Re: Your Continuing, Deliberate and Deadly OPP Canoe and Kayak Safety Fraud

You have not replied to my registered letter of September 1, 2010 and you continue to allow the cruel killing Ontario citizens and Ontario school children in your deliberate canoe and kayak safety fraud. I refer you to my last letter instead of repeating it. Your OPP Marine Section Officer, Sgt. Brad Schlorff has been protected by the OPP while selling lies: fraudulent canoe and kayak instruction, denying citizens and school children any means to escape death in cool waters. This action has even endangered OPP officers and emergency personnel while trying to rescue canoe and kayak victims, as well as victims falling through thin ice! Sponsons have been recommended for years by the US Military Special Forces and a Newfoundland SAR group (over the Cormorant helicopter alternative). Official lies by your OPP regarding canoe and kayak safety endanger everyone, from your own family and neighbours, to every citizen of Canada and beyond. This is why the OPP should not lie or even tell "small" lies:

Dear Brad:
It is your duty not to allow anyone to lure Girl Guides or anyone else (500 dead Canadians) to their deaths. This is Murder. This will not magically go away. Tim
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Now that I'm part of your "murder clique" I'll not be providing you with any more info
B.R. (Brad) Schlorff T/S/Sgt. # 6087 Specialized Patrol Traffic & Marine Section Ontario Provincial Police 777 Memorial Avenue,Orillia, Ontario
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From: timingram [mailto:timingram@isp.com]
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To: Schlorff, Brad (JUS)
Subject: Re: byers
Brad. Let's please get this murder clique stopped now. I am well prepared for court now. Let's please stop these terrible killings of innocent people now. Thanks, Tim
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From: Schlorff, Brad (JUS)
To: 'timingram'
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Subject: RE: byers
Tim - let me help you get your facts straight - Mr L'Ecuyer is a retired RCMP member
 B.R. (Brad) Schlorff T/S/Sgt. # 6087...tario Provincial Police...329-6129
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From: timingram [mailto:timingram@isp.com]
Sent: Monday, September 27, 2004 9:30 AM
To: Schlorff, Brad (JUS)
Subject: byers

Court Records show that Sgt. Schlorff actually accused me of threatening his life when I attempted to persuade him to stop this deadly fraud by sending the OPP hundreds of pieces of canoe and kayak safety information, like informing Crimestoppers, mainly through email. The records show that I have sent the OPP hundreds of documents as evidence, even an admission by the Ontario Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Association that they have no means of rescue, except for sponsons, that are well known among the military and major authors who do not participate in this obvious safety fraud, to profit from fraudulent canoe and kayak instruction:
" In this book I would like to emphasize rescue techniques other
than the Eskimo roll because a backup technique is mandatory...given
that relatively few sea kayakers will ever roll successfully and
because workable alternative techniques are too often neglected...The
great advantage of the Sea Wing (sponsons) is that it leaves the
paddler in a more stable position than before the capsize." (John
Dowd, Sea Kayaking, 3rd edition, 1997, pp.90-95)

"basic, no nonsense...dramatically increase...safety
and...capabilities... It should be noted that within the North
American civilian sea kayak industry there is some controversy...Sea
Wings' direct competition with...the paddle float...the merits of Sea
Wings...far outweigh those of the paddlefloat...During the IMKP 1994
we used Sea Wings with all our rescue boats as back-up flotation/
stability for awashed kayaks needing assistance pumping out in heavy
seas. In addition, IMKP's rescue kayak was fitted with Sea Wings on a
permanent basis which allowed us to be far more stable in possible
rescue operations...Sea Wings dramatically increase re-entry
operations with capsized boats. Indeed, even with heavily loaded boats
(those approaching 1000 lbs.) most paddlers can easily re-enter the
kayak. However the most notable advantage of Sea Wings is with lightly
loaded boats; ie, those kayaks which are far less stable (more tippy)
than fully loaded boats. Recovery operations are far more difficult in
these boats and most students have extreme difficulty in mastering the
necessary techniques. This is compounded in heavy seas. Sea Wings
offers an almost guaranteed method of re-entering a lightly loaded
kayak even in heavy seas. Stability increase in heavy seas. Paddling
in extremely heavy seas is difficult. Sea Wings offer the crews an
additional method of dealing with such sea states. One of the most
dangerous situations a detachment can find itself in is that of towing
a disabled crew with full operational loads in heavy seas at night.
The employment of Sea Wings dramatically increases the safety margin.
In my opinion, this is one of the sponsons' most important
contributions to MAROPS... As an historical footnote it should be
noted that circumpolar kayakers (Greenlanders and Inuit) employed a
similar sponson/ float for stability. It differed significantly though
from Sea Wings in that it was free floating; i.e., there was
apparently no harness system and stability came from pushing down on
the float on the side of the kayak. In addition, during the late 70's
and early 80's we employed a similar system with our commo boats.
Waterproof bags were blown up and hand held to the sides of the kayak
while communication was conducted. The point here is that the idea of
some sort of support on the sides of the kayak for stability is very
old and universal." Invitational Military Kayak Paddle 1994 Evaluation
(10th Airborne, Fort Devens, MA)

"The Paddlefloat is not really a rough water rescue. During
trials I found the SEA WING (sponsons) ... very comforting. I paddled
out to sea in rough, windy conditions...I was able to sit on my rear
deck-not something I would normally do at sea...The rescue potential
is obvious." (Derek Hutchinson, The Complete Book of Sea Kayaking, pp.

Some of the information that I sent to the OPP referred to the famous Milgram psychology experiments at Yale University. Dr. Stanley Milgram was inspired by the Nuremberg Trials, and searching for answers about the loss of his family to the Nazis, proved that about 65% of any normal population could be rather easily persuaded to render electric shocks to a victim in an experiment, even to the point of death. In countries such as Apartheid South Africa, universities conducting the Milgram experiment found the figure closer to 85%. The Milgram studies used to be taught at police colleges as well as all introductory university psychology courses, for obvious reasons. The OPP has engaged in extremely cruel treatment of Ontario school children in cold waters, even to the point of death in this canoe and kayak fraud. The Nazis conducted extremely painful cold water experiments at Dachau and Auschwitz and today this data are still used by researchers in human hypothermia because the data are so accurate, human life or human pain having been no concern to Nazi science. (Prof. Hayward, University of Victoria.)

Sgt. Schlorff has not only accused me of a crime I did not commit (i.e. threatening his life), he has slandered me and libelled me throughout his career in the OPP, and this false information against me remains in OPP records, despite my obviously very polite attempts to engage Sgt. Schlorff to do his lawfully duty as an OPP officer. I can tell you that most OPP officers off the record are appalled by these actions, as well as the deliberate OPP policy to make canoes and kayaks as dangerous as possible: possibly to increase the OPP marine budget for rescues, many of which involve capsized canoes and kayaks, or simply to protect Sgt. Schlorff and the OPP from embarrassment. Despite my sending to the OPP hundreds of documents regarding this fraud in a systematic way, like informing crimestoppers, the OPP eventually falsely arrested me, claiming that I had libelled the canoe and kayak and governmental organizations that had supported this deadly fraud! However, the OPP could not produce any evidence that I had libelled anyone in hundreds of documents of this plain and obvious fraud. In fact the OPP has proved to themselves that they could find no evidence that I had libelled anyone. The OPP in fact has proved through their investigation that I only spoke the truth about this canoe and kayak safety fraud, leaving innocent Canadian citizens and Canadian children dead in cool waters. The truth here is plain and obvious. I even showed in emails what line of questioning the OPP detectives should pursue with perpetrators to stop this criminal scam! I even used comparisons with water tortures used since the Spanish Inquisition and Nazi Germany to impress upon the OPP how horribly these Canadian schoolchildren die (drowning is painful, like terminal waterboarding), as a result of OPP repeated and deliberate refusal to do their duty! You might find these pictures and text useful: http://www.sponsonguy.com/OPP_Commissioner.html

I have many emails and letters from Canadian politicians of all stripes concerning this fraud. Former Premier Danny Willams had his Attorney General Jerome Kennedy write to federal Attorney General Nicholson regarding this canoe and kayak safety fraud. Both Premier McGuinty and John Tory have written supportive letters and emails to me. This is a very deadly, plain and obvious fraud. I have even saved one former police officer (Dallas, Texas), saved by transforming his kayak into a "fast life raft" when his large sailboat suddenly sank, to paddle through heavy seas about 10 miles off the coast of Texas to shore: "I am Austin Davis. My life was saved by your floats. [See article in Sea kayaker Dec 97] There was no way in my situation that any other means of recovery would have saved me or allowed me to get home upright in my hypothermic condition. Your opinion about the rolls and paddle floats mirror my real life experience. Thanks for the gear that saved my life. I hope the article in sea kayaker helps your cause." This criminal wrongdoing has been so obvious to every Justice of the Peace or Judge whom I have approached that they all have recommended conducting a private prosecution. Apparently even the best-crafted private prosecutions do not proceed very far, although it would seem any judge or jury of reasonably prudent citizens can easily see this fraud and the horribly cruel deaths of Ontario school children, as well as adult citizens.

You and the OPP, Commissioner Lewis, have acted illegally, dishonestly, and apparently, criminally, at all times toward me. You have defamed my character repeatedly while endangering Ontario citizens and school children through blatant lies. Killing dozens of innocents left to die in the waters; although any two Ten Year Old Girls are able to rescue themselves without any instruction or practice (they just clip sponsons onto gunwales in an emergency, within 5 seconds, with 50 cent foam sponsons), then paddle a flooded canoe to shore at 2 knots, even standing up, but normally seated on seats.  You have prevented sales of the sponsons, once recognized worldwide by all major authors who are not involved in the fraud. For example, the OPP telling me to sell these sponsons while endorsing and promoting the canoe and kayak instruction fraud that makes sponsons worthless! I have hundreds of documents of evidence of this OPP perfidy against me. "It's simple, sponsons work, the paddlefloat doesn't." Nigel Foster, Coach, British Canoe Union. "Worked well in heavy winds off Welsh Coast." J.J. Ramwell, Sea Touring. "Sponsons Deliver Safety", Wavelength, Jan/Feb. 1993, p.5. "A Major Development in Kayak Safety", Anorak, Spring 1993, p.7. "I thought these were a better idea, and have turned my old paddle float bag into a camera case." (Dave Harrison, Editor in Chief, Canoe and Kayak Magazine, July 1993.) "Once you have the Sea Wings fitted and adjusted, its advantages over the paddlefloat become clear. To use a paddlefloat, a certain amount of instruction and practice is needed. But with Sea Wings, I simply told my volunteer how to snap the four buckles, inflate the sponsons, and climb back aboard." (Sea Kayaker Magazine, Winter, 1993). Incidentally, regarding rolling myths: Experts at the Greenland Rolling Championships use powerboats to save their own lives when they fail to roll and they consider a paddle float far more unreliable and dangerous, even in calm water. (Sea Kayaker, Feb. 2001, p.41)

You and the OPP, Commissioner Lewis, continue to endanger citizens and allow school children to be defrauded and killed by bogus canoe and kayak instruction that you and the OPP endorse; while continuing the longstanding OPP defamation of myself. You and the OPP have ruined my family financially as well as destroying my reputation. I am left with no recourse but to engage a legal means to compensate for the extreme and apparently illegal OPP activities against me, as well as possibly stopping your extremely cruel and deadly actions against other innocent citizens.

Your truly,

Tim Ingram
231 Gordon Drive
Penetanguishene, ON L9M1Y2

Ontario Girl Guides Just Before Deaths

Letter to New OPP Commissioner

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September 1, 2010

Dear Commissioner Lewis:

Re: Criminal Negligence Causing Death: OPP Schlorff, OPP K.C. Smith, OPP Fantino, Hate Crimes Against 2.1 Million Ontario Schoolchildren, Over 100 Ontario Citizens Murdered by OPP Policy

My local newspaper has reported that one of your concerns as the new OPP Commissioner is the large number of drowning deaths in Ontario. Many of these deaths are due to the longstanding fraud endorsed by your Marine Section officer, Sgt. Brad Schlorff, supervised by OPP K.C. Smith and OPP Fantino. Schlorff, Smith and Fantino deliberately lie and trick innocent victims in canoes and kayaks, to force them to die in the water; despite the recommendations at the Canadian Canoe Museum and the most famous names in the canoeing and kayaking community. Of course most of this is common sense as well: Schlorff, Smith and Fantino deliberately denying victims any means to rescue themselves.

In fact, for most of the past decade the OPP has recommended "putting PFDs on in the water", despite being obviously foolish and deadly: PFDs are not one size fits all, requiring victims to swim around and under capsized canoes and kayaks searching for a PFD to fit them. This OPP safety fraud, part of the OPP endorsed canoe and kayak fraud seen at the Halton District School Board  http://www.sponsonguy.com/grievingfamilies.html    has deliberately killed over 100 Ontario citizens since I first warned OPP Schlorff and OPP Smith years ago. Intially OPP Schorff may have been too arrogant and simple-minded to understand that he cannot rescue himself in a canoe or kayak using the fraudulent "rescues". However Schlorff, Smith and Fantino have now proven that they hold no value for human life while insisting that they can rescue themselves in canoes and kayaks using the fraudulent and very expensive instruction at ORCKA and Paddle Canada. They insist that they are superior to the well loved and very dead Ontario citizens whom they have condemned to death. And of course they cannot rescue themselves, even canoe and kayak instructors admit they cannot rescue themselves using these same rescues at Halton District School Board.
We shall keep these well documented OPP crimes confined to canoe rescues instead of kayak rescues for simplicity's sake in your understanding, although kayak rescues are fraudulent as well. There are many more canoe deaths in Ontario. Nearly 30% of deaths are Ontario school children. This is a hateful OPP crime against children and all Ontario citizens.

Any two Ten Year Old Girls are able to rescue themselves without any instruction or practice (they just clip sponsons onto gunwales in an emergency, within 5 seconds, with 50 cent foam sponsons), then paddle a flooded canoe to shore at 2 knots, even standing up, but normally seated on seats. Both sponsons are normally clipped at both gunwales, like the left sponson, permitting self-bailing of most of the water by leaning to one side. In order to permit total flooding for this picture, it was necessary to clip one sponson 6 inces higher than the other, so water could flow over one gunwale. These girls (or any normal ten year old children) can rescue any other victims in the water, even obese or disabled adults, who only need to crawl over a gunwale, and be paddled to shore at about 2 knots. The canoe weighs at least 2,000 lbs., flooded. Simple: Any suitable buoyancy, like 50 cent foam floats that are clipped onto gunwales in 5 seconds by any two 10 year old girls, who easily rescue themselves and anyone else. Very simple, cheap, 50 cents and a foolproof means of saving themselves, like the universal life rings around any waterfront.

This is what officers Schlorff, Smith and Fantino have denied innocent citizens and their children, in favour of  $600 Canoe Instruction weekends that deny victims any means to escape the water, despite the sponsoned canoe and Bill Mason's books at the Canadian Canoe Museum. School children and Ontario families are cheated of their money and their very lives. Recently OPP Fantino stated that simply wearing PFDs would eliminate most deaths; but most dead school children are already wearing PFDs: They die because they can't get out of the water like the Girl Guides and the Temiskaming Twelve. (Ask OPP Fantino why Ontario citizens should pay for a fraudulent $600 canoe instruction weekend if a $20 PFD will suffice!) Also NOTE most victims falling in the water do not drown immediately but struggle on the surface for a while. This is the purpose of  the universal life rings around any waterfront. This is why simple, buoyant 50 cent, 5 second sponsons, like life rings, clipped on in 5 seconds by any ten year old children, is a good idea: foolproof lifesaving. We know that OPP officers consider their lives to be valuable: why not Ontario school children, Commissioner Lewis?

1. The good news is that most OPP officers believe that the 5 major perpetrators, who so easily tricked OPP Schlorff and the others into thinking that they are superior to the public, using fraudulent instruction that is so ridiculously impossible for any normal persons, should be arrested immediately! Prosecution is also very easy due to the fact that so many admit their "rescues" don't work! Just like the Canadian Canoe Museum.

2. No judge or jury in Canada trying these ideas in a swimming pool, let alone reading them described on paper, can be but amazed at the plain and obvious stupidity of the OPP in this fraud. A few officers make money off-duty through this fraud, but most officers are intelligent enough to see this naked criminal fraud.

3. I can help you prosecute these murderers (I know where they "bury their bodies" and how they contradict their explanations to deliberately and very cruelly kill so many innocents for money), to help protect the reputation of the OPP. These murderers essentially blame their victims for their own deaths: something OPP Schlorff, OPP Smith and OPP Fantino have also been doing for a long time, to end up with over 100 dead.

4. The OPP is vulnerable to trickery if the police force chooses to be wilfully blind, then attempts a cover-up for years despite mounting deaths, even of school children. No police force is perfect. Any Christian or decent human being hopes that you will rectify this horrifying OPP policy. Drowning deaths are agonizing, just as simulated drowning has been a popular torture for the Inquisition, the Nazi Gestapo, the Kymer Rouge, and Guantanamo Bay.

5. Thank you Commissioner Lewis for addressing this greatest OPP scandal; worse than Ipperwash. If you ensure that OPP Schlorff, Smith and Fantino admit their past mistakes over fraudulent PFD, canoe and kayak safety instruction, arrest the 5 major perpetrators of this deadly fraud, who have deliberately killed over 100 since OPP Schlorff and OPP Smith dismissed these horrible killings in 2002 (nearly 30 of these dead Ontario citizens being schoolchildren!!), I shall ensure that Attorney General Bentley is held fully accountable for his hate crimes against children among his peers in the legislature.

It was Bentley's choice to kill another 6 children these past few months, in defiance of Premier McGuinty's letter of March 23, 2010, as Robert O'Brien, aged 17 years of Barrie, Ontario died wearing a PFD, like most school children, on April 25, 2010. From Bentley's office April 8, 2010: "The ministry has received numerous messages from you on this subject.  Please be advised that further communications from you on this issue will be kept on file and will not be responded to. Thank you again for writing. Ministry of the Attorney General www.ontario.ca/attorneygeneral" I shall continue to write until Bentley understands his hate crimes against children. Bentley may be desperately trying to protect OPP Schlorff, Smith and Fantino from exposure. Bentley and the OPP may never be forgiven by the grieving families, but at least Commissioner Lewis, you will now be protecting the lives of school children and other citizens from this horrible fraud.

Yours truly,
Tim Ingram
231 Gordon Drive
Penetanguishene, ON L9M 1Y2
c.c. http://www.sponsonguy.com/oiprd.html


Halton District School Board

Operational Policy

NUMBER:  to be determined
TOPIC:  Canoe Guidelines for:  Part A-Teacher, Qualifications/Supervision;  Part B-Student, Qualifications;  Part C-Equipment
CROSS-REFERENCE:  Halton Physical Education Safety Guidelines - Curricular Module
REVISION DATE:  As required
RESPONSIBILITY:  Superintendent of School Programs

The following procedures are outlined in detail in the Halton Physical Education Safety Guidelines Curricular Module. Please reference these guidelines for additional standards related to equipment, clothing, footwear and facilities, kayaking, white water canoeing, white water kayaking and sailing.
Part A: Teacher Qualifications/Supervision

Teacher Qualifications for Canoe Tripping

Canoe tripping is defined as travelling in groups by canoe through wilderness or semi-wilderness areas for a period of time, which includes at least one overnight camp. Canoe tripping is not recommended below Grade 9.

Teacher Qualifications for Base Camp or Lake Water Canoeing

Base camp or lake water canoeing may or may not involve overnight camping. It must be carried out in water conditions appropriate to the skill level of the group.

Part B-Student Qualifications

Student Qualifications for Canoe Tripping

All candidates for participation in a school canoe trip must meet the minimum standards in each of the areas outlined below:

1. Water Safety
The candidate must be able to:

2. Canoeing Skills
The candidates must demonstrate basic competence in performing the following skills: o padding forward in a straight line;
o sideslip;
o spin;
o figure 8;
o stop;
o power stroke;
o “j” stroke
o sweep stroke;
o draw stroke;
o backwater stroke;
The person in the stern must have mastered the J stroke.

3. Related Areas
Students should be instructed on how to handle unexpected wind or wave conditions.
Candidates must be familiar with:

The trip must be postponed if there is indication of inclement weather or cold-water conditions severe enough to put student’s safety at risk.

Parent permission for participation is required.

Properly fitting and approved lifejackets/PFD with whistles attached must be worn at all times in the canoe and done up properly.

A trip itinerary must be completed and filed with an appropriate school official.

An emergency action plan must be developed and communicated to all involved with the trip.

The supervisor must not lead trips through hazardous moving water.

Canoes under 5m must be limited to two paddlers.

Supervisors must not plan a trip through white water

Student Qualifications for Base Camp or Lake Water Canoeing

A prerequisite for open water canoeing must occur and the student must demonstrate basic competence in:

A rescue craft must be on shore and accessible while students are canoeing in open water.

Students must be able to:

Supervisors must be aware of weather forecast especially wind conditions. Canoeing must be cancelled in adverse conditions.

Part C-Use in School Pools

Schools should: