FBI Tips and Public Leads

February 2, 2009

Dear FBI:

Re: FBI tips January 31, 2009 The 9/11 Murders Scam, Canoe and Kayak Murder Scam

Please go to http://www.sponsonguy.com and scroll down 15 lines to "FBI Public Safety Warning in America" .

This is rather obvious to even the most trusting, unsuspicious or uncurious FBI employee: See the unusually well-educated, extremely intelligent and famous patriots in law enforcement, the U.S. Military, and Counter-Terrorism. Celebrities, Senators and Congressmen. Attorneys-General and Heads of State. CNN and ABC News Anchors, Decorated CIA veterans and top gun pilots proclaim this notorious scam that has created huge profits for a few at the expense of the National Security of the United States.

The 9/11 Commissioners have complained to the Bush Whitehouse from the start that they were given fewer dollars to investigate 9/11 than President Clinton with Monica Lewinsky!

The FBI has officers with family. The terrors of the now well-exposed transvestite and homosexual J. Edgar Hoover (who indecently blackened the reputations of all gay and transvestite persons), are past. Family members of FBI officers have died in canoes and kayaks as well as 9/11.

You will know personally many of these patriots in counter-terrorism and law enforcement on http://www.patriotsquestion911.com If you do not lay charges against Rudy Giuliani, who has many corrupt law enforcement and political connections, the destruction of America will rapidly worsen at Wall Street and everywhere else the FBI permits this to happen.

I shall send this along to CNN, that already has members on http://www.patriotsquestion911.com

Thank you, Tim Ingram

January 31, 2009

Dear FBI:

         Re: Canoe and Kayak Murders and 9/11 Towers' Murders

I have contacted you numerous times during the G.W. Bush Administration regarding the deadly fraud (at least 100 dead Americans in canoes and kayaks annually: US Coast Guard BARD), perpetrated by the American Canoe Association.

President Obama, even with Hillary Clinton and John McCain, cannot do it all.

The FBI can go to my website (you will also notice my identity filed in several lifesaving patents at the U.S. Patent Office) http://www.sponsonguy.com and click on "Re-opening of 911 Commission, ACA Canoe and Kayak Safety Scam" , after scrolling down eleven (11) lines. This particular 9/11 webpage is sufficient evidence for you to pursue the deliberate endangerment and killing of American citizens both in canoes and kayaks, and 9/11.

Start with Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of NYC who destroyed the 9/11 crime scene, preventing the collection of the large quantities of thermite explosives from the ruins. (Giuliani was nearly bankrupt on 9/11 but is now a millionaire from selling "security" scams. There is much written about him in the American free press regarding this: "Vanity Fair" for example.)

And arrest the head of the American Canoe Association, the organization that has effectively threatened the Boating Safety job positions at the US Coast Guard, in order to murder hundreds of citizens in canoes and kayaks. I have all of the evidence. The US Coast Guard even commissioned a "sponson study" for me; but permitted the American Canoe Association to blatantly lie and misuse taxpayer funds for this study, to perpetuate their murderous scam. The US Coast Guard evidence under G.W. Bush was supressed somewhat; but I can show you (and even introduce you to members of the U.S. Coast Guard, who are mostly decent, patriotic citizens merely afraid to blow the whistle under G.W. Bush because they would have been fired by the lobby group, American Canoe Association, complaining to Homeland Security, congressmen etc.)

You know how this works at the FBI. Today your FBI pensions may be secure but the futures of your kids and millions of other Americans certainly are not! Unless there is complete transparency of these Murder for Profit Scams: 9/11 and Canoes and Kayaks, the American people will not Trust Anything! President Obama is far more skilled, intelligent and morally upright than any president since Lincoln. But he cannot do it all.

The Wall Street Fraud is a national security risk. Pumping trillions of dollars to fix what Warren Buffet called "weapons of mass financial destruction" will result in Massive inflation, finalizing the destruction of America and the world financially. I have a degree in economics among other things and I know most economists are useless in knowing about this. But the simple facts of economics are here: Giving trillions of dollars to Wall Street so they can enjoy billions in bonuses etc. is foolish, and deadly.

Buy Wall Street for the U.S. tapayers now, and put in a transparent Board of Directors at properly modest salaries now. Without transparency you have a nationalized financial system corruptly ruining "Russia" with bribes etc. With transparency you have the careful oversight to prevent corruption, envisioned by Thomas Jefferson and other writers of the Constitution of the United States. Lincoln wrestled with corrupt profits prolonging the Civil War. The FBI needs to act now before things rapidly get worse! Rapid and worse are key words here.

Rapid and Worse. This is an economic certainty without immediate and clear FBI action to punish the fraud that ruins trust in the economic foundation of America, and anything else in America. It is a great country if the Constitution is followed and the FBI, the best law enforcement body to fix this, acts now.

Help the new President before the destruction of America is complete. You cannot fix Wall Street without fixing Wall Street morality, that perpetrators like Rudy Giuliani and the American Canoe Association have used as a model to defraud Americans, and even murder them in large numbers. So complete is their, and accomplices, moral bankruptcy of America.

Please do your duty FBI. See this letter on "FBI Safety Warning for America" on http://www.sponsonguy.com, just below the eleven (11) lines down.

Thank you, Tim Ingram

See my identity at the U.S. Patent Office in Washington

Arrest Rudy Giuliani.

A 100 ton airliner impact is no serious threat, actually a relatively "tiny" impact compared to the structural strength of the towers, the strongest buildings possible: essentially 200 feet of steel/concrete beams in all directions, far stronger than the spire shapes (Chrysler, Empire State, Sears building etc.) Jet fuel burns at far too low a temperature to weaken steel. And of course WTC7 was 47 stories high, not hit by any plane, and collapsed perfectly, symmetrically, into its' own footprint, the signature collapse of any controlled demolition, like the twin towers next door containing nealy 3,000 screaming victims. Samples of thermite were obtained: the explosive cutting the steel girders in the neat cuts shown in hundreds of photos of the girders being quickly loaded onto trucks. The steel was not twisted, but neatly cut in handy lengths for quick disposal.

Notice Victim Edna Cintron waving for help, just before she is blown up by the Bush White House Cabal. Or some cabal.  Re-open the 911 Commission to find out. The Commissioners want this! See her video: http://thewebfairy.com/911/humanwaving/


From http://www.patriotsquestion911.com/survivors.html

Arrest Pamela Dillon, American Canoe Association:

Pamela Dillon, Executive Director of the American Canoe Association, responsible for the agonizing deaths of nearly 2,000 canoe and kayak victims, just under the 3,000 of Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden in the U.S. and Canada; in "Canoeing", her 2008 book with co-editor Jeremy Oyen, has no means to rescue victims from the water (she has none). Instead, victims are to "huddle" in the water, with other victims or individually in a manner to attempt to  reduce body heat loss, until hopefully someone happens by to get them out of the water. Body heat loss in water is 25 times the rate of heat loss in air. They are instructed not to swim to shore unless close enough to be certain to make it. This ensures that they cannot rescue themselves except in the most unlikely favourable circumstances by swimming, and will almost certainly die. If they cannot get out of the water quickly, they will certainly die!

These 2 ten year old girls can rescue themselves within 5 seconds, and any other victims in the water, even large and disabled adults who only need crawl over a submerged gunwale, before the girls paddle them to shore at 2 knots standing up. Normally the girls would be sitting on the seats, body cores out of cold water, and the sponsons would be both clipped to the canoe at a point 4 inches below the gunwale. In this picture one sponson is intentionally set higher to demonstrate 2 knot paddling even with total flooding. (Otherwise, both sponsons 4 inches below the gunwales at the mid-point of the canoe, prevent total flooding through self-bailing by simply leaning the canoe to one side, putting body weight on one sponson.) However, if a large wave should completely flood or swamp the canoe again, it is good to know that the canoe can be easily paddled to shore at 2 knots, completely flooded, by 2 ten year old girls without any instruction or practice:

Notice that one airbag (sponson)  is higher than the other. This is to demonstrate total flooding. If it were set lower, the same as the other sponson or "air bag", most of the water would pour out just by leaning on one Airbag sponson. Also the two girls, 7 and 10 years of age, would normally be sitting on the seats.

However, even standing up they can paddle the canoe that weighs over one ton at a speed of 2 knots. They can also turn and pick up any victims in the water. Even large and disabled adults can be rescued from the water easily, since victims only have to make it over the low gunwale to be in the canoe, so that they can be paddled to shore at 2 knots.

The American Canoe Association's letter in reply June 29, 2001 to the Attorney-General of Florida by Gordon Black, lies extensively, avoiding the defending of paddlefloats and Eskimo rolling, since the American Canoe Association in their "Paddler" magazine had already admitted, many times, that most people could not save their lives with either "rescue". These letters and many others are reproduced in "Canoe and Kayak Scam Kills 1000 Americans", available at Amazon.com and throughout the world. These sponsons take 5 seconds to get victims out of the water and cost 50 cents to make from re-cycled foam.

Only 9/11 has exceeded the Canoe and Kayak Murders (over 100 annually since 1993 for the fraudulent profits of the ACA): Over 1,600 Americans, including hundreds of dead and tortured American children, the largest number of mass murders in America before 9/11.

Emailed to Whitehouse, April 4, 2009:

Why not Free President Obama from 911 lies (The Bush Playbook to go to war)? Go to http://www.patriotsquestion911.com and see Senator Patrick Leahy, Many of the Republican and Democratic 2008 presidential candidates who Pres. Obama knows, retired and decorated CIA and US Military veterans, heads of state, scientists, airline pilots, architects and engineers.

Yesterday, April 3, 2009 on my daughter's birthday, President Obama lied in Europe, referring to the Al Qaeda pilots who went from Florida cessna pilot training to fly into the towers, that no trained American airline pilots can do! Read http://www.patriotsquestion911.com See the Pentagon staffers who saw the hole in the wall of the pentagon, 20 feet in diameter, no debris from tail or wings of an airliner. WTC 7, 49 stories, collapsed as in a controlled demolition into its' own footprint without an airliner strike, like the 911 towers with nearly 3,000 inside.

American people are not stupid, European people even less so. American jobs will not soon return, anger will rise. The 911 Commissioners have called to re-open the 9/11 Commission for years: it is a failed and deceiving report.

Read the links on http://www.sponsonguy.com, see the 9/11 pictures and arrest Giuliani (who destroyed the crime scene, breaking federal and state laws), in the first 15 lines: "FBI Public Safety Arrests" etc. President Obama does not have much time before seething anger and jobless/hopelessness takes over America. Re-open 9/11. Don't give bin Laden credit for pilots so smart they can go from flying a Cessna, to flying 700 series Boeing airliners like no American military or airline pilot can do!

Americans are not stupid. Ask Senator Patrick Leahy.

Tim Ingram, phone 705-549-3722

Read "Wild Pigs of North America", http://www.canoekayaksafety.com/appendix7.html