February 27th, 2009

Dear FBI:

Re: Mass Murders at Homeland Security and the US Coast Guard

Please note the letter below. I have informed Rear Admiral Hathaway and the National Boating Safety Advisory Council regarding these mass murders, many times since 9/11. Some members of the Council have expressed fear of retaliation from the Bush Whitehouse to me, regarding what is now the mass murder of over 1,500 Americans in canoes and kayaks. They have even printed examples of previous actions of intimidation by lobby groups such as the American Canoe Association in the US Coast Guard Canoe and Kayak Sponson Study, on the USCG website.

You can understand this easily as a member of the FBI: You have limited wealth apart from your FBI salary, and you may have family, children and loved ones to support, with only your FBI salary. You have no protection from the FBI or anyone else, if you should choose truth and justice, and attempt to save another 1,500 canoe and kayak victims (if this were against FBI "policy".) Rear Admiral Hathaway is a similarly intimidated American who chose his salary and family. Many Other Americans, patriots like Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Presidential Candidate Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, chose http://www.patriotsquestion911.com

A 100 ton airliner impact is no serious threat, actually a relatively "tiny" impact compared to the structural strength of the towers, the strongest buildings possible: essentially 200 feet of steel/concrete beams in all directions, far stronger than the spire shapes (Chrysler, Empire State, Sears building etc.) Jet fuel burns at far too low a temperature to weaken steel. And of course WTC7 was 47 stories high, not hit by any plane, and collapsed perfectly, symmetrically, into its' own footprint, the signature collapse of any controlled demolition, like the twin towers next door containing nealy 3,000 screaming victims. Samples of thermite were obtained: the explosive cutting the steel girders in the neat cuts shown in hundreds of photos of the girders being quickly loaded onto trucks. The steel was not twisted, but neatly cut in handy lengths for quick disposal.

Notice Victim Edna Cintron waving for help, just before she is blown up by the Bush White House Cabal. Or some cabal.  Re-open the 911 Commission to find out. The Commissioners want this! See her video: http://thewebfairy.com/911/humanwaving/


From http://www.patriotsquestion911.com/survivors.html

You will recall that General Zinni was cashiered by the Bush Whitehouse for stating that Iraq required about 500,000 US soldiers in order for a successful outcome. Rear Admiral Hathaway at the USCG would have been similarly cashiered. Or anyone at the FBI. The Bush Republican Whitehouse was a vicious and treasonous institution, operating against the security of the US and the safety of all Americans.

Canoes and Kayaks are a very simple and very easily understood means of rescue and safety that can be transformed in 5 seconds by 50 cent sponsons (even for any 2, ten year old girls, or any judge and jury without any practice or instruction). Or canoes and kayaks can be weapons of mass murder, by employing fraudulent instruction for profit by the American Canoe Association, or accomplices in the emails below. Instruction that cannot get any judge or jury out of the water in a swimming pool; where of course they will die of hypothermia eventually, if they cannot get out of the water.

Sponsons have enabled safe passage of canoes and kayaks across the Atlantic Ocean (Dr. Hannes Lindemann) and the Pacific Ocean (Ed Gillet). Rear Admiral Hathaway states below that "the overall results of the study are inconclusive. Although highly effective in certain situations (i.e. preserving human life while crossing Atlantic, Pacific, or any small bodies of water), sponsons are not a panacea for the capsizing problem with canoes and kayaks. The study shows that "sponsons", while providing more lateral stability to canoes and kayaks, can interfere with the operation of the craft as well as create potential snag hazards."

Anything can potentially snag on anything: the dead bodies of the victims can snag on rocks, canoes and kayaks can snag on logs; but there is no possibility that sponsons "can interfere with the operation of the craft", crossing Atlantic, Pacific, or a small lake where so many victims die in terror and agony.

The frightened USCG Rear Admiral Hathaway actually is not describing a "study" but rather a "hack job" opinion piece by the American Canoe Association and fraud artists in the email below, among others, who make money murdering American children.

The US Military Special Forces describe my work:

Please note: with sponsons, more water inside creates more weight and therefore more stability. See this stability below in "awashed" U.S. Military kayaks: US Military Special Forces, 10th Airbourne, Fort Devens, MA, 200 mile ocean kayak race, the coast of Maine, between Military Kayaking Teams from about 12 NATO countries:
"basic, no nonsense...dramatically increase...safety and...capabilities... It should be noted that within the North American civilian sea kayak industry there is some controversy...Sea Wings' direct competition with...the paddle float...the merits of Sea Wings...far outweigh those of the paddlefloat...During the IMKP 1994 we used Sea Wings with all our rescue boats as back-up flotation/stability for awashed kayaks needing assistance pumping out in heavy seas. In addition, IMKP's rescue kayak was fitted with Sea Wings on a permanent basis which allowed us to be far more stable in possible rescue operations...Sea Wings dramatically increase re-entry operations with capsized boats. Indeed, even with heavily loaded boats (those approaching 1000 lbs.) most paddlers can easily re-enter the kayak. However the most notable advantage of Sea Wings is with lightly loaded boats; ie, those kayaks which are far less stable (more tippy) than fully loaded boats. Recovery operations are far more difficult in these boats and most students have extreme difficulty in mastering the necessary techniques. This is compounded in heavy seas. Sea Wings offers an almost guaranteed method of re-entering a lightly loaded kayak even in heavy seas. Stability increase in heavy seas. Paddling in extremely heavy seas is difficult. Sea Wings offer the crews an additional method of dealing with such sea states. One of the most dangerous situations a detachment can find itself in is that of towing a disabled crew with full operational loads in heavy seas at night. The employment of Sea Wings dramatically increases the safety margin. In my opinion, this is one of the sponsons' most important contributions to MAROPS... As an historical footnote it should be noted that circumpolar kayakers (Greenlanders and Inuit) employed a similar sponson/ float for stability. It differed significantly though from Sea Wings in that it was free floating; i.e., there was apparently no harness system and stability came from pushing down on the float on the side of the kayak. In addition, during the late 70's and early 80's we employed a similar system with our commo boats. Waterproof bags were blown up and hand held to the sides of the kayak while communication was conducted. The point here is that the idea of some sort of support on the sides of the kayak for stability is very old and universal." Invitational Military Kayak Paddle 1994 Evaluation

These US soldiers are honest, honourable, and genuinely interested in saving their lives on dangerous missions. You can view my patents in Washington, D.C. online at http://www.freepatentsonline.com/6343562.html

I take no money for these inventions. They are free to save human life. I recommend contacting myself before manufacture. Sponsons are very simple, but many people do not understand thoroughly enough the operating principles of buoyancy and gravity. Better to ask me about the details beforehand. Even some engineering professors are donkeys.

I am incidentally a U.S. citizen (Bellefonte, Pa), as well as a Canadian citizen.

Unfortunately the US Coast Guard and Homeland Security have been dis-honoured by the Bush Whitehouse. The American Canoe Association and accomplices are mass murderers. Attorney General Holder has probably been informed by the President Obama White House by now. However FBI, send this to Attorney General Holder now. Only Osama bin Laden is accused of killing more Americans than this canoe and kayak murder scam! Tim Ingram

These 2 ten year old girls can rescue themselves within 5 seconds, and any other victims in the water, even large and disabled adults who only need crawl over a submerged gunwale, before the girls paddle them to shore at 2 knots standing up. Normally the girls would be sitting on the seats, body cores out of cold water, and the sponsons would be both clipped to the canoe at a point 4 inches below the gunwale. In this picture one sponson is intentionally set higher to demonstrate 2 knot paddling even with total flooding. (Otherwise, both sponsons 4 inches below the gunwales at the mid-point of the canoe, prevent total flooding through self-bailing by simply leaning the canoe to one side, putting body weight on one sponson.) However, if a large wave should completely flood or swamp the canoe again, it is good to know that the canoe can be easily paddled to shore at 2 knots, completely flooded, by 2 ten year old girls without any instruction or practice:

Notice that one airbag (sponson)  is higher than the other. This is to demonstrate total flooding. If it were set lower, the same as the other sponson or "air bag", most of the water would pour out just by leaning on one Airbag sponson. Also the two girls would normally be sitting on the seats.

However, even standing up they can paddle the canoe that weighs over one ton at a speed of 2 knots. They can also turn and pick up any victims in the water. Even large and disabled adults can be rescued from the water easily, since victims only have to make it over the low gunwale to be in the canoe, so that they can be paddled to shore at 2 knots. Tim Ingram

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Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2009 9:19 AM
Subject: Re: 1,500 American Canoe and Kayak Deaths Since I met you Personally in Port Townsend, WA, September 1993

The Horodowich rescues without sponsons on www.paddling.net show "mens rea" for the documented canoe and kayak murders of over 1,500 Americans and nearly 300 Canadians, leaving them in the water to die, including many dead children:  http://www.sponsonguy.com/FBI Public Safety Arrests.html

Tim Ingram

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From: timingram
To: timingram ; study@useakayak.org
Cc: feedback@paddling.net
Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2009 8:53 AM
Subject: Re: 1,500 American Canoe and Kayak Deaths Since I met you Personally in Port Townsend, WA, September 1993

Wayne Horodowich and the American Canoe Association of Paddling.net have murdered over half as many Americans as 9/11, in only 8 more years: over 100 dead and dying Americans annually; American children screaming in pain and terror. Drowning is an agonizing death. Waterboarding, a simulated drowning, was the favoured torture at Guantanamo, the Spanish-American war (documented as the favourite torture by Mark Twain, i.e. Samuel Clemens), The Inquisition, Pol Pot, and the Gestapo.

Paddling.net documents the systemic, fraudulent "rescue safety" that murders hundreds of Americans on the US Coast Guard BARD database.

Eventually the economic pain in America will cause all Americans to demand that all criminals who murder American children for profit be punished.

Thank you for my weekly issues of http://www.paddling.net online. This murderous and torturous fraud is thereby also up-dated weekly, in detail, for the authorities. This fraud degrades the dead victims and survivors, blaming them for their own fate; when any 2 ten year old girls without any instruction or practice can save themselves in 5 seconds with 50 cent sponsons, plus rescue any other disabled victims in the water and paddle them to shore at 2 knots. This rescue has been available since 1987. Check my patents at the Patent office in Washington. I don't want any money. I want to see the murderers at paddling.net either teaching their murder technique in Guantanamo Bay or receiving a lethal injection (after a fair trial.)

Any judge and jury can do in 5 seconds with 50 cent sponsons what 2 ten year old girls can do. They cannot save themselves using the techniques of Wayne Horodowich and the American Canoe Association. This murder scam is the largest in US history, by far.

Tim Ingram
phone 705-549-3722

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From: timingram
To: study@useakayak.org
Sent: Thursday, February 19, 2009 8:15 AM
Subject: 1,500 American Canoe and Kayak Deaths Since I met you Personally in Port Townsend, WA, September 1993

Dear Wayne:

Right now a majority of American citizens are aware that their economy was a giant ponzi scheme. If you get in and out with proper timing, you get rich. You have documented well the canoe and kayak ponzi scheme at your "university" for the mentally challenged, with a never-ending "arsenal" of impossible rescues for any judge and jury in a calm swimming pool. Many of your dead victims are American children. I was a YMCA counsellor and instructor, as well as a Scoutmaster, 40 years ago.

Right now American citizens are angry about the fraud artists who have destroyed their economic security and their futures. Your canoe and kayak fraud, shared with the ACA, is documented on http://www.sponsonguy.com

The beauty of your murderous fraud is that it makes a lot less money than Wall Street; but follows the exact same wanton and reckless disregard for the safety and well-being of others, exactly; complete with 1,500 agonizing deaths. Your "rescues" are so ridiculously impossible for any judge and jury in a swimming pool, that the murder of so many American citizens, including American children is very obvious. The ACA scam and your scam are virtually identical. As the Anger of the American Public mounts over the bankruptcy of their country; they will see that your fraud is just as venal as Wall Street, but does not stop at murder. (Fewer murders at Wall Street, but quite a few suicides as a result of Wall Street fraud.)

These facts are well documented by yourself and the ACA, making interesting reading for any academics studying mass murder, or the post-Milgram social psychology experiments.


President Obama Safety Sponsons


Emailed to Whitehouse, April 4, 2009:

Why not Free President Obama from 911 lies (The Bush Playbook to go to war)? Go to http://www.patriotsquestion911.com and see Senator Patrick Leahy, Many of the Republican and Democratic 2008 presidential candidates who Pres. Obama knows, retired and decorated CIA and US Military veterans, heads of state, scientists, airline pilots, architects and engineers.

Yesterday, April 3, 2009 on my daughter's birthday, President Obama lied in Europe, referring to the Al Qaeda pilots who went from Florida cessna pilot training to fly into the towers, that no trained American airline pilots can do! Read http://www.patriotsquestion911.com See the Pentagon staffers who saw the hole in the wall of the Pentagon, 20 feet in diameter, no debris from tail or wings of an airliner. WTC 7, 49 stories, collapsed as in a controlled demolition into its' own footprint without an airliner strike, like the 911 towers with nearly 3,000 inside.

American people are not stupid, European people even less so. American jobs will not soon return, anger will rise. The 911 Commissioners have called to re-open the 9/11 Commission for years: it is a failed and deceiving report.

Read the links on http://www.sponsonguy.com, see the 9/11 pictures and arrest Giuliani (who destroyed the crime scene, breaking federal and state laws), in the first 15 lines: "FBI Public Safety Arrests" etc. President Obama does not have much time before seething anger and jobless/hopelessness takes over America. Re-open 9/11. Don't give bin Laden credit for pilots so smart they can go from flying a Cessna, to flying 700 series Boeing airliners like no American military or airline pilot can do!

Americans are not stupid. Ask Senator Patrick Leahy.

Tim Ingram, phone 705-549-3722



http://www.sponsonguy.com/FBI Public Safety Warning in America.html